Thursday, May 18, 2017

Check out Upstream Games House

Hi All,

  Do you like cool zombies made from original art with their own unique backstory? Do you like Kev Adams sculpts that scale with your classic Oldhammer miniatures? Do you like supporting good people who are trying to make their own dreams come true and share that with the community? If so, look no further,

Screen Cap of the mobile website
As a reader of this blog you are probably peripherally aware of Brian, he is one of the regulars of the East Coast Oldhammerers and responsible for GMing many of the games at Oldhammer Weekend USA events. You may remember such scenarios as Frog Hunt, Remember the New Alamo, The Sword of Light and Good, Santa Orka 3 and Battle at the Farm.

So what I'm trying to say is this dude knows how to game.

Anyway check out the new website Upstream Games House and join the Facebook Group: Zombies of Karr-keel.

Do it!


  1. We loved this blog so much, we decided to give it a coupon code. Use SEANSDEAL10 to get 10% off orders of $75 and up. Have a great weekend! -Sarah and Brian

    1. This is going to require it's own post. Thanks Sarah (and Brian), I'm glad you liked my little post.