Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 149 - Getting Stuff Done

Hi All,

Busy week last week and a ton of stuff to share.

First, if you're going to Oldhammer weekend you need to get some figures together for this:

Forgive the Google Translate French, but it's better than I could do.

Next up, what's on the table for this week:

The mix of Circle of Chaos and Eureka "Beastmen" for my Herohammer Tzeentch Army.

My Dragon Bait Halfling Barbarian. Hopefully he will be appearing in some of the open gaming during Oldhammer Weekend. Oh and those are Shogun Miniatures magnetic bases on the right and under the Barbarian. He threw in a couple with that order of plates and movement trays. I'll be ordering some more.

A size comparison of some recent purchases of Halflings. Left to right: Dark Heaven Legends (Reaper) Halfling farmers, Dragon Bait Halfling Barbarian, Effin Cool Halfling Billman, Pathfinder (Reaper) "Halfling" Illusionist.

(Hmm that last picture looks like I need to clean my lens. As a side note I've begun appreciating the camera on my cellphone a little more since I actually cleaned it. Made a big difference.)

It also looks like my current impulse buys on ebay and the like are coming to an end. Although I did get a part time job at my son's school, my truck ended up needing $1500 worth of repairs.

Not pictured is all the stuff I need to paint for Blood Bowl and Epic looks like it's not going to happen.

Crunch time!

I'll try to post more frequently to keep myself on task.

Oh yeah and new round of t-shirts. Crap. I need to get on it.


  1. Some cool looking minis waiting to be painted. Look forward to seeing them done.

    1. Thanks Simon. I'm stuck doing house cleaning today, but my wife is out of town the beginning of this week so I may be able to get some hardcore hobby time in after the kids are fed.

  2. An interesting set of figures, for sure. A halfling barbarian doesn't sound like a long-lasting career choice, mind.

    Magnetic bases, eh? Tell us more...

    1. Hi Hugh, thanks. I really need to catch up with your blog. Halfling Barbarian makes no sense, but I loved the sculpt. I'll detail the magnetic bases soon.

  3. The frenc part made me laugh I have to say.
    Can't wait to see the entries :

  4. These will look rather good when painted up, I'm sure of it.

    Wish I could attend the event... so much cool stuff going on.



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