Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Splintered Light Miniatures Sale

Hi All,

Even with the best intentions i seem to have trouble posting as frequently as I would like.

I wanted to draw your attention to a sale going on over at Splintered Light Minatures. In addition to some sale items on the front page you can also enter the code xmas14 at checkout. If I recall correctly it will give you a 20% discount (I could easily be misremembering the amount, but a discount is a discount.) I've got my eye on some 20mm Kobolds and Goblins and am considering the Hill Giants from the 28mm line.

Check them out. As you know I'm a fan of their sculpts, I wish they had more 20mm versions of their 15mm stuff.

In Painting Challenge news I'm going to varnish and flock my entry today. I've been good about painting every day, something I lacked last go round. For me it's color choices and technique that really hold me up. I seem to be unable to lock onto a palette before I begin. I only had to paint over a couple of areas that didn't work. But of course I also came up against the issue of "that moment when" the flesh color I've painstakingly mixed and layered, ends up looking like I painted it with another color straight out of the pot. :p

I hope to get on a bunch of figures for the next steps in the challenge. I have one outstanding order that I need to track down.


  1. Splintered Light are great figures. I am mostly using theirs for my Dark Ages figures.

    1. Hi Chris, I had forgotten about their Dark Age stuff. I probably shouldn't have looked at it.

  2. All very tempting, but I must resist.

    1. Hi Michael, stay strong! I don't want to bean enabler.



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