Friday, March 30, 2012


Just had to re-blog this from Paul over at the man cave.

You'll either go mad from the revelation or be on your knees begging for a new dark age! (Sounds like my last relationship before I met my wife.)

Any how, I'm working on a screen cast of the flag ripple tutorial. Why do one new thing when you can do two at once?

Welcome to mauther from papermau. If you're in to paper models you probably already know about this blog. It is chock full of amazing stuff and I'm not sure what took me so long to follow it. Thanks for the follow back.

I also noticed that I lost Fran in the followers list, weird, as he seems to still be following. Oh well, you just tend to notice these things when you only have a few followers. As I may have mentioned before, I appreciate you all.

Oh, I also downloaded the demo PDF from Strange Aeons, need to get some pulp horror figures, perhaps Red Box or Elhiem.


  1. I checked out papermau. Cool site. Thanks for the link Sean.

  2. I've played that demo for SA, too. Seemed as a great game, but it seems hard to get your hands on it. Also had some wicked expanisons, but those are unreachable. An author did say he might put them as PDF in near future, but I don't know whats with that now.



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