Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interesting painting site

Hi all,

I'm pretty sure that the Colonel posted this already, but it didn't sink in until today.

I was looking for ideas about creating my own Devlan Mud wash and found this resource here. Now when I was painting I had all Citadel Colour paints with the pop tops and I don't recall them having any washes for sale. I started using Windsor Newton Inks for that purpose. But I digress.

Les made a bunch of washes, shows you how, and if you are too lazy you can buy them. Pretty sweet. I then went to his blog where I saw his painting station here. Pretty nice setup. Anyway, I'm now following his blog.

Over on the THW yahoo group, Nicholas asked if I could make a tutorial for the map I'm working on. I will do that, but I'm going to be busy the next few days and then on vacation with the family for the following week. I will have my computer and some internet access, but I can't guarantee I'll get anything done. We shall see.

And now I have something to read on the plane:

Thanks Ray!


  1. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. No probs!!! hope you find them useful!!!!!

  3. Have a good one and I too would like to see how you made the map as Franonia needs one....

  4. TY for the shoutout :)

    I use the 'LB Recipe' to make washes.

    You can search for the story and find videos/tutorials on the fora (as you found :) ).

    LB's original recipe became the Secret Weapon washes, but, it is not known how much the original recipe was modified - I suspect not a lot.





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