Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Hamlet of Eadagbrycg

As I flail about, trying to play my first raid, I made this map. As usual I am trying to learn several things at once and not fully accomplishing any.

Eorund had decided that in order to test the mettle of his band he would perform a raid along the coast of England.

So the trip is successful on a roll of 3+ and I rolled 3 (+1for Norse sailing, +1 for Gautar's Navigating skill. The trip thus costs 25, 1 for each man and so the band has 44 left in it's coffers.

They will attack the sleepy Saxon hamlet of Eadagbrycg (to me sounds like Eat a Brick).

The idea is to be representing a 3' x 3' table (bounded by cobblestones). The rough patch at top right is a hill and the river is fordable at the road. I used THW (Two Hour Wargames) terrain table to roll it up and then added the two buildings. Each square in the grid represents an inch of table top.


  1. Nice looking map (what program did you us) I am looking forward to seeing your report on the battle!

  2. This is maptool, free from I'm still trying to figure out how to make the maps and import objects, let alone play out the battle.



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