Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eorund's map

Here is a map I whipped up (actually a couple of hours) to give a rough lay of the land for my campaign.


  1. Cool map, how did you make it?

    I look forward to following Eorund's saga as well as the development of your blog.

  2. Thanks Dan,

    I made it using GIMP and a few techniques that I could remember from making other maps. I think I over shrunk it for the blog, oh well.

    The basic outline and bump map come from screen caps I took of this site:

    I used the Old-Paper script to make the parchment, but it's not too hard to make it from scratch. Then it's just text, an outer glow and some noise and blur to make it look a little like ink bleed. Then some blood splatter brushes because it is, after all, Age of Blood.

    If I agonized over it and really remembered all the techniques I could do a better job, but I just wanted to get something up.

  3. Looks very good...I really like the idea.
    One small thing...get your friend followers function to work...(your avatar shown on other followers list...when it´s clicked on it should show a profile of your blog and within that the link to your blog) It´s in the design part under settings
    Luckily I have found you...I looked and looked but nothing, then I have just seen the link at Dan´s blog.
    Anyway....technical stuff over...Welcome to the world of blogging...:-D

  4. What a great idea - I love it!

    If you dont mind other susing it, could you post a bigger res version without the title text in the left hand corner pls?



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