Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eorund, Hersir from Odolfrlundr

Eorund1, Hersir from Odolfrlundr2

Now a discussion of the warband I created for my Age of Blood Campaign.

Hersir: Eorund (Sword, Axe, Shield, Chain Hauberk, Helm) Cost: 79 Upkeep: 8
Champion: Gautar (Axe, Spear, Shield, Chain Hauberk, Helm) Cost: 150 Upkeep: 6
Champion: Canute (Broad Axe, Bow, Chain Hauberk, Helm) Cost: 154 Upkeep: 6
Berserk: Ottar (Broad Axe, Axe, Sax) Cost: 69 Upkeep: 8
Berserk: Haddings (Sword, Axe, Shield) Cost:74 Upkeep: 8
5 Huscarls: Jorund Hothbrodsson3, Kyi, Stakard Haraldson, Randver Sigarson, Haakon
(Axe, Bow, L. Jerkin, Shield) Cost: 190 Upkeep: 10
5 Huscarls: Jorund Hognason, Hysing, Haki, Rorek, Khoriv
(Axe, Spear, L. Jerkin, Shield) Cost: 175 Upkeep: 10
5 Carls: Hogni, Stakard Svendson, Askold, Edda, Thrand
(Axe, Shield) Cost: 20 Upkeep: 0
5 Carls: Olof, Kjotve, Magnus, Gautrek, Randver Hvitserkson
(Axe, Shield) Cost: 20 Upkeep: 0

Totals: Men 25 Cost 931 Upkeep 56

Remaining Funds: 69

Vessel: Lt Drakkar.

Since the group is from Norway they have Sailing as their special trait, and Carls cost 20 instead of 25. For Eorund himself I rolled a 5-Renowned, so he started with a Renown of 11 instead of 10.

      1. I felt like the characters needed to be from somewhere, besides just Norway, so I generated 10 names of Norse towns on ( and then rolled a die to select. (1) Beinilundr, (2) Kinnbholm, (3) Olfrvik, (4) Odolfrlundr, (5) Arunlundr, (6) Arnlavklif, (7) Tirrbekkr, (8) Horgudrsetr, (9) Frostitoft, (10) Molfnbyr.
      2. Because I was ending up with several repeats I decided to add some Patronymic surnames. For help with form I used ( as a guide.


  1. Dont forget that your Hersir and Champions are level 1 characters and therefore start with 1 random trait each.

  2. Thanks Paul, I missed the reference to rolling for it on pages 35 and 36 respectively. I only recalled seeing the rule on page 50 where it says the characters can only have 4 traits, one each at levels 2 - 5. Seems contradictory.



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