Friday, June 27, 2014

Before I go completely insane, here's some progress.

Well I started making a list of the colors from the various catalogs and so far I have this.

Brand Color Name Swatch R, G, B Hex
Vallejo German Dark Grey (995)
26,48,45 1A302D

Grerman Field Grey (830)
94,88,67 5E5843

German Uniform (920)
36,94,77 245E4D

Russian Uniform (924)
99,108,79 636C4F

German Dark Green (896)
47,80,71 2F5047

Desert Yellow (977)
180,144,67 B49043

German Camo Red Brown (826)
110,41,38 6E2926

Flat Brown (984)
117,67,57 754339

Luftwaffe Camo Green (823)
87,104, 57 576839

Light Grey (990)
158,161,154 9EA19A

German Camo Black Brown (822)
91,54,37 5B3625

Deck Tan (986)
199,205,184 C7CDB8

Folk Art 450 Parchment
228,211,189 E4D3BD

939 Butter Pecan
223,192,150 DFC096

942 Honeycomb
184,132,68 B88444

Delta Ceram. Trail Tan 02435
220,181,139 DCB58B

Spice Tan 02063
186,143,98 BA8F62

Territorial Beige 02425
162,132,86 A28456

Using Color Hexa I calculated the Nordalia mix that is supposed  to be the equivalent of Field Grey:

Apple Barrel Delta Ceram. Americana
Color Hexa
Pewter Grey Wedgwood Green Lamp Black

20580 02070 DA067

109,110,112 116,158,118 0,0,0
100, 113, 103
6D6E70 749E76 000000

6 parts 3 parts 1 part

60.00% 30.00% 10.00%

So we see that it is not an exact match.

What has occurred to me during this exercise is that there discernible patterns in the RGB color codes that could be helpful to approximate shades. Right now I have been stumbling about looking for a way to approximate Deck Tan (986). I've been inputting percentages of wedgwood green(there is no second e in the official name) and parchment. It may need a darker tan, I'm not sure.

So all that's left on these guys is the camo on the helmet and smock of Schurrbart and the Zeltbahn of #2, who I like to think of as Lieutenant Meyer. The last two are Steiner and Stransky, well sort of.

I've got to run, I'm late for our next session of Call of Cthulhu.


  1. As a confirmed member of the 'near enough' school of painting, I really admire your dedication. People have been awarded Phd's for less!

    1. Thanks Gary, I get obsessive about these things and I can't let go. Right now it's sort of a catalog of paints and an exercise in trying to push myself past "straight out of the pot" painting. Although I must say I'm beginning to feel like that is still the way to go.

    2. Oh my, that's an impressive piece of work! I'm a bit like Gary insomuch that I pick up a bottle of paint, squint and say, "that should work."

    3. Have to say that I am like this too! "Near enough is close enough"! I do admire what you are doing though Sean, just the same!

    4. Thanks Michael and Rodger. I will most likely transform this from a mixing color to a "which color off the shelf will get me in the ball park" project. One of the issues is that looking at computer generated colors and images of colors is never going to get it exactly right.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran, I console myself in the fact that, during the war, all nations had issues with color and the uniforms changed a lot.

  3. There are some paints that I've used heavily, typically for base colours. It bothers me when I cannot replace then and cannot find an alternative either, so any work that helps me to figure out an appropriate blend of more readily available paints is good!

    (I have a particular need for Decoart Tan and Decoart Americana Cocoa. If anyone can suggest other ways of achieving the same colours then I'd be grateful!)

    1. Hi Hugh, thanks for letting me know the colors you are interested in. I'll look them up. Americana, by Decoart, is weird in that they only have an online catalog. And I'll be damned if I can find a catalog for Anita's paints. It's a shame because they are decent paints and readily available here.



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