Friday, February 21, 2014

I am a world class procrastinator

Well I've done it again. I've put off working on the casualty round until the last minute. I only cleaned the figures yesterday and need to get them done before 11pm Saturday night my time. Fortunately it is another small project, consisting of only three figures. We shall see what I can achieve.

I have a lot of figures half to almost completed for the Talomir campaign. Steve and Ruarigh have fought out the invasion of The Abyss by Mirish, with Mirish being victorious. It hasn't been posted to the blog yet, they may be waiting on me. The main reason I'm holding off on fighting the battle is I don't want to mix up the started figures with the strictly legal figures for the challenge. I've put too much work in not to get any points.

Since I posted about Anonymous posts I have been deluged by 20+ emails from various blogs. I have unsubscribed from the posts in question. I am considering whether or not to take the extra step of making an exit comment, just to get across the point. I don't know. I personally wonder if it is worth the effort to block out anonymous comments. Obviously some of you do feel that it is.

And if you are looking for the followers widget it can be found at the bottom of the first page of "More Gadgets" when you go to add a gadget in layout view. I read about it here.

I also think that I mentioned a review in the last post, and then didn't really review anything. So I'll owe you one.

I actually started writing this this morning. I planned on posting during the day but got caught up in things. The casualties are based and primed now. I hope to color block them while I watch Game of Thrones Season 3 with my wife.


  1. tick tock that clock is counting down Sean. Good luck fella

    1. Thanks Andrew, I appreciate it. I didn't do anything fancy and they are just waiting on the varnish to dry, then flock and photograph.

  2. Have you ever read that story by Anatole France, "The Procrastinator of Judea"? If not, you should get around to it one day ;-)

    Good luck with the painting!



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