Monday, September 26, 2011

Quis Sanguinis

All the posts of late about Blood Bowl posted on and have got me thinking about playing this game. I highly recommend these two blogs, but specifically Captain Arjun's post

He has lots of good suggestions for making pitches, dugouts and figures inexpensively. This got me thinking, why couldn't I convert 1/72 figs just as easily as 28mm? I believe you could keep all the dimensions the same, you would just have smaller figures on slightly smaller bases.

Mind you, I have never been great at conversions and have never even painted let alone converted a 1/72 fig. But I think it might be worth a try.

So I'm going to call this project Quis Sanguinis or blood bowl in Google Translate from English to Latin. Note: Google Translate did not like capitals at all.

I got the rules from here on that site version 5 was the latest.

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