Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year in review

January saw the start of a new project, the Blod Orn campaign which was to be a WHAA and RRtK linked campaign. I did some prep using random tables and mythic but never got beyond the planning stage.

February was slow, not much progress. I turned off captcha for blog comments. I still think it was a good move.

March was a high point in terms of posting. After winning Lord of the Rings rules from Ray I did my own prize give away of THW rules. I wrote one of my top posts “Another Post Apocalypse err.. Post” and I went down the rabbit hole of Cthulhu with a game of Arkham Horror. I also did my first tutorial on making a ripple effect for flags.

April was another slow month. For me the high point was making the 80's fanzine of my blog. I also bought THW's Civil War title Rifles & Rebels. I still need to play that.

May saw me get a Kindle Fire and Elder Sign. Still love the Kindle and use it every day. I like Elder Sign but it is very difficult.

In June I joined the Talomir Tales campaign and started playing RRtK in earnest. I had hoped to game some WHAA, linking my Blod Orn campaign to it, but that still hasn't happened. I also did a step by step tutorial of the flag ripples because the video was too long and not as helpful as I would have liked. June is also the month of my bloggiversary so I set some rather nebulous goals. They were basically to double my stats, 180 more posts, 12,000 more views, and 86 more followers. So if we take that to mean I had 90 posts, 6,000 views and 43 followers how am I doing? In 6 months I've written 57 posts, had 9,900 views and added 35 followers. So the views a above target while the posts and followers are below.

July was card stock month, I still haven't built all those models. I produced another, actually better flag ripple tutorial and a giveaway for my 100th post. I also dabbled in rules adaptation for a MOMBAT game using Lord of the Rings Risk. Bob Cordery's original post, and my take here.

August saw my hard drive begin to fail and difficulties in managing my projects. Posted about mixing and thinning paint and participated in the 20 questions post.

September was a busy month. Two games of RRtK and a big push to paint a little over 100 figures, which are still only partially painted.

October was a water shed month as I received 1600+ page views. I passed the 10K views milestone and  gave away a copy of THW's ATZ-FFO. I also went down the rabbit hole of 18th century imaginations, another project that is on the back burner. I also seemed to be feeling a little poorly, perhaps a fore shadowing of the illness to come.

November was way down in progress. I contracted Valley Fever but didn't know it until the end of the month, or was it December? The pneumonia, however, got my attention. Played another game of RRtK. I also purchased a copy of the board game Age of Conan.

December has been a very busy month. Two games of RRtK, the Boobs post experiment which saw me garner almost 900 hits in one day, my series on Fantasy Heraldry and  7 games of Joust to determine my champion for the Talomir Winter Tournament. Cthulhu by Christmas was the only bust of the month.

Hazard a guess when the boobs post occurred?

I like the trend.

So there seems to be a definite uptick, besides the illness, on the hobby and blogging front. I hope to carry this forward into 2013 and set myself some goals to try and reduce project creep and reduce the plastic and lead pile of shame.


  1. Nice review Sean! Happy painting in 2013!


  2. Very through review of the year. Somehow I missed the "boobs experiment". Just read your post now... very funny.

  3. That's a bloody professional review of the year mate, a good year in my opinion.

    1. Thanks Fran, high praise from one of my blog heroes.

  4. A great review Sean! So tell me again about the boobs......

    1. Perhaps we'll have to have an annual boobiversary.

  5. 2012 sounded pretty good; here's to 2013!



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