Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chibi submitted

Hi All,

Made it in to Imperial Outpost today and submitted my figure in the Intermediate division.

Of course I had not one, but two dead camera batteries so these cellphone pictures will suffice. It does take decent pictures when you clean the lens. The only post processing was sticthing them together and adding the blog logo in photoshop.

I can see some errors here nad saw some more at the shop in their lighting, but the bugger's done. I bought the next one and will start on it next month.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 172 - More Chibi Madness

Hi All,

Quick one before heading out the door.

Some issues with the craft paint on the cloak. I'm using mid, wash with shade, reapply mid technique. I've also used some glaze medium on the cloak.

Coming along. My hope is to be able to take it into the store and buy the next figure on the 21st.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Oldhammer - Character Injury Charts

Hi All,

Been noodling around with a full write up of the Emporium of Rogue Dreams full Abdul Goldberg contest. My work on the North American submissions got me fired up to do a separate piece on the whole thing.

But on to the main thrust of today's post.

Injury Charts

So, if I recall correctly, Bulldog was talking about Rogue Trader campaigns and how to deal with casualty recovery. He said something about using a chart from Mordheim and I made a comment that I thought there was some such thing in 3rd Edition Warhammer, but I didn't know where since I haven't actually read all of my books.

So I did a little research.

In the Advanced Gamer section of Rogue Trader we find a casualty recovery system on p239.  Using percentile dice (d100) you roll for each fallen figure after the scenario. They have a 50% chance of being fine, 25% chance of being injured (roll on the injury chart) and a 25% chance of being outright dead. Sounds pretty useful.

For 3rd Edition I discovered the Casualty Recovery Chart on p73 of Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned. This one is also d100 but has the injuries folded in the table, no secondary rolls. The chance of outright death has also been reduced to 10%.

 By the time we get to Mordheim we have changed to the d66. I guess it's handy since we tend to have a lot of d6 for playing GW games, but it seems a little weird. It also reminds me of my d666 or d108 post here. Anyway, here again we have the results all in one table, no re-rolling. Each individual value has a 2.8% probability of coming up (thanks Troll Dice) so about a 14% chance of death and then some interesting ideas like being sold into slavery or to be sold as a pit fighter. I don't have a physical copy of these rules but I found it on p80 of something called the Living Rulebook and p174 of something called the Updated rulebook.

 Lastly, Necromunda is essentially the same as Mordheim. There is an almost 17% chance of death and no mention of pit fighting but more talk of scars. It is on p84 of that rule book.

I also have the much newer system, Inquisitor, lying around but Mordheim and Necromunda are Newhammer enough to me that I don't feel the need to look any further. (I just peaked, the system is so different that it doesn't really apply to the older rules at all. Probably more like WFRP.)

So any experience using these various systems? Have a favorite?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 171 (?)

Hi All,

I've been meaning to post to Pant Table Saturday for over a month. Laziness/ Business has seen me miss it each week.

So here's a picture of what I'm working on, sort of.

Please ignore the terribleness of this photo, it was taken with my Surface Tablet main camera. We see here the two gretchin with very little done to them. Reaper: Grim Reaper 25th anniversary figure for January. He's had his scythe re-bent and a few little flash pieces trimmed. He still needs mold line clean up. The Super Dungeon Explore: Herald of Vulcanis. I should be further along but have dragged my feet. I need add a tiny bit more greenstuff to the slot in his base to hide it better and clean up his mold lines. I also pulled out my Chaos centaurs, I can never make a tiny enough batch of Greenstuff so I try to have figures i can use the excess on. As you can see, they needed pinning.

So that's it.

I'll be proof reading the Oldhammer zine and may "publish" it today or tomorrow morning.

Hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

WFRP - Escape from Nuln

Hi All,

Not a whole lot of hobby going on. I'm jumping around from figures to the zine to role playing. Not getting any one thing really finished. I do have an idea for a blog post, but something keeps coming up. I'd also like to do another Paint Table Saturday one of these days, but I keep on being very busy on Saturday and don't plan ahead enough.

Any way, here's my write up of the latest episode of our Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 2nd Ed. game.

When we next see our party they are all at Nero's Tavern, Gallow's Humor, in the Faulestadt section of Nuln. A Summer Storm rages over the city as the group feasts with Nihilus in celebration of a job well done. Nihilus and Nero have put on a feast and Nihilus has paid for a prosthetic foot for poor Genaro. It is articulated and probably cost a small fortune.

After much feasting and drinking Nihilus announces "I am sending you to Talabheim!" The group are to deliver a scroll to someone named Dead Eye. He reminds them that, "Talabheim is a city of laws, they are very strict." As he gazes directly at Sally he says "Don't get into trouble!"

Nihilus tells the group that he has arranged for a coach to meet us outside the Griffon gate in the morning. It will be fully stocked with provisions and "extra payment" for the party.

At that moment one of Nero's informants bursts in from the rain. He informs the table that city is on lock down over stolen blue prints from the Engineering College of Nuln. They are searching for a Dwarf Slayer and his accomplice, a certain "Accursed Deriosh!"

Nero and Vincent admit to a side deal to steal the plans for the Engineering College of Altdorf. The fact that the competitor is part of the Empire is the only thing that keeps Nihilus from running them both through.

It appears that the Ironsides regiment is leading the militia's search of the city. They have Vincent's name and description. Lukas says to Vincent, "You should shave your beard and change your hair color." A discussion begins on how best to make it back to the safe house in the Kaufman district. The docks will be one of the first places they search, the sewers are too dangerous, we formulate a plan to try and sneak past the Iron Tower to Der Halbinsel and from there steal a boat to cross the Aver and land in the Kaufman district.

While we discuss what to do there is a pounding on the door. "Open up in the name of the Countess!" It is the guard! Sally frantically tries to punch Vincent in the face crying, "I'll explain later!" He hurts his hand on Vincent's forehead, it is assumed he is trying to improvise a disguise. With a quick glance at each other, everyone bolts for the back door, Vincent trying to saw off his beard with a dagger as he runs.

Although he has a new prosthetic foot, Genaro is not used to it and is greatly slowed. Lukas tries to assist him and the party starts to spread out. Vincent and Leopold leading the way with Lukas, Sally and Genaro a few yards behind. Aside from the lightening it is almost pitch black and the rain mixed with ash quickly covers or group in a filthy mess.

Leading the way, Leopold almost stumbles onto a patrol of Ironsides. Their polished breastplates glint in the lightning, alerting him to their presence. After a short discussion the group chooses to stick to the back alleys. They are even darker and filled with mud, trash, sewage and bodies. Both living and deceased.

As the group gets near to the street leading to the Great Bridge, Leopold trips over an old beggar. The old man starts to raise a fuss, cursing Leopold loudly, "Sigmar damn you!" In the distance can be seen more lanterns and breastplates of the guard. In a panic, Leopold tries to jump on the vagrant and put his hand over his mouth, but all he succeeds in doing is falling into the muck in front of him. The man is now hollering and cursing while he beats Leopold with his crutch. Quickly thinking, Vincent pulls out a copper and gives it to the old beggar, buying his silence. The guards shine their lantern down the alley way, but the light does not reach the party.

Lukas puts forth the idea that he and Genaro should split up from the rest and try to pose as beggars or drunks caught out in the storm. He reasons that neither of them fit the descriptions of the thieves and Genaro's foot will make the journey too difficult otherwise. His other stipulation is that, to complete the impoverished look, Genaro take off his new foot and have someone else carry it. Genaro refuses but is unable to resist everyone else and Vincent takes his foot and puts it in his backpack.

Lukas checks to make sure the coast is clear and he and Genaro hobble off down the main street towards the Great Bridge. Once there they are accosted by 6 guards in full Ironsides regalia. They are frisked and have lanterns shined in their faces. Lukas spins a tale of ex "Free Company" soldiers caught in a storm after a night of heavy drinking. Genaro convincingly plays an unintelligible drunk. "Where did you serve?" asked the Lieutenant. "Talabheim." Lukas replied. "Oh then you must have fought for Kristof Von Drach." Some blustering and a story of drunken debauchery ensues. It is enough to convince the officer that these wretches are not ones he wants to swap war stories with. He leaves them by saying "Jubal Falk himself is offering 50 crowns a head for the Slayer and Deriosh. He wants to hang their heads from the Iron Tower." Lukas and Genaro are allowed to pass. As they make their way across the bridge they see at least 100 soldiers. It appears to be the command center for the search. No one pays any further interest in the two beggars and they slowly make their way to the Reik Platz.

Meanwhile Sally, Vincent and Leopold see a patrol heading East at the crossroads to the South of them. While they wait for the patrol to pass they discuss how best to continue sneaking towards their objective, the Iron Tower. Before they can fully decide, Sally bolts across the street towards the Industrielplatz. Once inside the area they come upon a plaza filled with men and horses. They decide to try their luck and sneak across. Sally is like a ninja and becomes one with the shadows. On his trip across he overhears the soldiers grumble about wanting to hang Vincent from the Iron Tower. Vincent is next across but is almost caught when a lantern nearby is unexpectedly lit. He is able to dive behind some nearby crates and escape detection. Leopold almost gets caught as well but is able to stick to the shadows, he overhears a Lieutenant talking about the "Accursed Deriosh."

Meanwhile, Lukas and Genaro pass by the Great Elm in Reik Platz and see the militia rounding up and detaining anyone on the street, a mere 50m ahead. Thinking quickly, Lukas sees lanterns for a tavern out of the corner of his eye. He starts hustling Genaro in that direction, but quicklyscoops up the big man isn his arms and runs for the door when it is clear Genaro will not make it on his own. Once inside they quickly sit down and order two beers.

Shortly thereafter the militia, led by two Ironsides, come in and demand to know who has just entered the tavern. For some reason the barkeep lies. The guards go around and question all of the patrons. Lukas is given another opportunity to lie. He is now Marcus Aurelius and his companion Wilhelm Podolsky. The free company lie is used again. "Talabheim eh? You must know Stefan Stoppenheimer." Genaro almost blows his cover when he starts to get angry at being called an imbecile, but the lie holds long enough and the guards leave.

Sally, Vincent and Leopold make it to the bridge over the Reik to the Iron Tower. It appears to be empty. Sally once again expertly sneaks up to the bridge and realizes that it is a trap. He moves to the West, downstream, side of the bridge but Vincent and Leopold do not see him. Vincent goes next, but falls and lets out a yelp. Salloy is able to get his attention and he crawls to the side of the bridge. The guards appear to have not noticed. Leopold is unaware of the whereabouts of his friends, but also sees the trap before he blunders into it. He then locates his friends and makes it safely to their side. Sally, with his good low light vision has found some catwalks under the bridge. They look dangerous but the group feels they have little choice. They carefully shimmy across the slippery planks and struts until Leopold slips. Sally watches in horror as Vincent tries to grab Leopold and they both plunge into the seething Reik with an audible crack of the catwalk plank. The guards hear the sound and cries of "they're under the bridge!" ring out as flares light up the night sky.

Back at the Reik Platz, Lukas and Genaro venture out again and head towards the High Gate. To the South East flares light up the night sky causing Genaro to exclaim "Ooh, pretty fireworks!" Lukas is more dubious, "That can't be good." As they approach the High Gate they are stopped by none other than Jubal Falk himself, head of the Ironsides and the College of Engineering. Lukas says they are just drunk servants trying to make their way back to their master's home. Lukas gives the name Markus Lowe and Genaro is dubbed Joakim Mueller. After a brief back and forth and more comments about heads on pikes, they are let through. It takes them another hour, but they manage to hobble to the safe house.

​Sally has seen his friends disappear into the swirling depths and has little time to react. He scuttles along the catwalk until he makes it to the Iron Tower island. With only seconds to make a decision he strikes out for the North West side and finds a small fishing boat moored nearby.  He jumps in and cuts the line, the swift current quickly drags him to the West downstream. By some miracle he bumps into two things floating in the water as he is pushed along. Somehow Vincent and Leopold have not drowned in the mighty Reik. (Fate points were used) Leopold and Vincent manage to pull themselves into the boat without capsizing it and Vincent grabs the oars. With the aid of Leopold the pull for dear life against the current and manage to make their way to the Aver and the shore of the Kaufman district. Shortly the three join Lukas and Genaro at the safe house.

​As soon as the trio enters Genaro demands to have his foot back from Vincent. Vincent then proceeds to shave off his beard and uses the last of the ink in the house in an attempt to darken his light brown hair. While this is happening Sally retrieves his stash from under the floor boards; 17 crowns, 10 shillings and some madman's cap mushrooms. The group then sits down to eat the last of the food n the house and drink up the wine. Genaro drinks several extra cups.

​Suddenly there is a knock at the door. "Open up in the name of the Countess!" Lukas takes his time while Sally and Genaro jump into nearby beds. Thinking quickly, Vincent somehow manages to squeeze into the void beneath the floor boards. Leopold tries to hide the fifth glass and puts his feet up on the table, pretending to sleep in the dining chair. Once the door is opened a Captain and his men push their way in. Lukas immediately offers the Captain wine. He is not mollified and the questioning begins. Lukas is the caretaker of this house. His master, Merchant Joakim Mueller, is in Altdorf away on business. He has invited his friends to stay in and drink after seeing the lock down of the city and the terrible storm. Sally sits up and is immediately questioned. He is Odo Rumpins, cook. The Captain says they are looking for the "Atrocious Deriosh!" The soldiers rudely awaken Leopold and Genaro while sending Sally off to the kitchen to get them food. Genaro is the drunk Mario Luigi, veteran of the Free Company who lost his foot in the war. Again he is unintelligibly drunk. Leopold, not so adept at lying, is Hans Lieberman a fellow caretaker from down the street. Leopold successfully sticks to his story, but the Captain is not buying it. He says "Look, I know you guys are smugglers. The deal was 10 Crowns a month, don't mess around." The group look at each other dumbstruck. "Next month it will be 50 Crowns for lying to me! Have it ready on time!" The guards pick up the food and wine and leave. All inside breath a sigh of relief.

​Our heroes spend the last few hours before full daylight making themselves ready to leave the city. At the Griffon Gate the guards are obviously fatigued from being on duty all night. Vincent's appearance change, coupled with the poor likeness of him distributed throughout the city, allow our adventurers to pass through unmolested. In short order they find the carriage that will take them to Talabheim. It is driven by the imposing Olesia. She has a heavy accent the group cannot place and is wearing a fur trimmed cloak in the height of Summer. Inside the carriage is richly appointed and filled with food for the journey. In addition each person finds a healing draft, Nihilus's special present.

​What adventures will the road hold for our weary travelers?

​So there you have it. Not as glamorous as the last episode, but hey, we're alive.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Zine Contents, WFRP art, and Imperial Outpost figure

Hi All,

I'm probably a little behind on the zine but here is what's in the contents so far.

Obviously the page numbers past Old Met'l are bunk and I have to nudge things around some more. I also hate the white frames around the pictures, so I'll be changing that. Serif has some useful features, but I hate most of their picture frames. For some things I need them though.

J. Brisken was at it again and made this sketch of the climactic battle from the end of our last WFRP adventure.

We see Vincent delivering the death blow as Leopold reels back to dodge the acid spurting from his one successful attack.  I've been dragging my feet on spending his xp on his next career. I need to get on it as we are playing this Sunday.

Lastly, here is the figure I'm set to paint for the February painting contest at Imperial Outpost, my local game store, about a 25 minute drive from my house.

It's a Herald of Vulcanis from Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop miniatures. I must paint a chibi for my crimes. Anyway, I'llcheck in periodically with this guy as I paint him. I already have a scheme in mind. I won't start him until Wednesday, since it's supposed to be a monthly contest.

Wish me luck with all this.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What's on the Table - painting and terrain

Hi All,

Time seems to be speeding by and I'm not really getting important things done. One of those things, obviously, has been blogging.

So here's a quick post to show what I'm up to.

The Gretchin I owe Dave B are out. I need to somehow get those tiny little spaces where the black primer has not seemed to stick.

Got my terrain books out, I finally remembered what box I'd shoved them into during the last tidy up. I also want to use techniques from the Terrain Tutor, Terragenesis and Terrain Thralls.

So with that in mind I've been saving various plastic tubs for building and bought a mini hole punch at the craft store, the intent is to punch rivets out of plasticard.

I got a couple more Abdul's for the magazine article so I'll have a fairly good representation, but I could use more.

I could also still use Sci-Fi terrain, Vehicle and figure pictures.



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