Saturday, February 16, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 276 - Cultists, Orks and Beastmen join the Undead

Hi All,

With Track Season in full swing I seem to have less time to actually blog. Last Saturday my son ran a 5K and this Sunday he will be running a 3K.

So I've been plugging away at the plastic zombies

and skeletons.

I should have been prepping the Skull and Crown "archers" but I took the path of least resistance and kept on working on things that were primed/started.

I also started digging through the collection to look for the bits I need for this summer's Realm of Chaos renegade game at Warhammer World. A couple of Orks

and some plastic Cultists made it onto the table, [In both cases they came with paint jobs that will need to be stripped.]

as well as a box of Gors I purchased to convert into "Beastmen in Spaaaaace!"

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Amburger Hill

Hi All,

Well I got my first game in with the local group, and got my ass handed to me. It was fun though. Two things. Vehicles are powerful! I don't think I have ever played a game of RT with combat vehicles before. The few times I've seen robots I've been fortunate to be on the opposite side of the table.

I also made the decision to "roleplay" them as cocky, gung ho types. So, although they tried to stay out of sight, they got caught running around in the open and were... I'll let the comic explain it.

More photoshop filters and added some effects in photoshop as well. The source photos were a tad blurry, I didn't spend any time sharpening this time around. So there's that.

So, what did I learn? I need some kind of vehicle with heavy firepower. I have a Leman Russ built up, but not sure exactly how to stat it up for RT or if I can afford it by jettisoning the command section. I have a sentinel or two that I could build. I need to check the cost, but they are fairly affordable. I also have those plastic flyer kits from Russia that I could press into service. Again, I have to read up on the vehicle build rules and points cost. The command section is 280 points in the Compendium.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 274 - Actual painted figures

Hi All,

It seems like I always finish models sometime during the week and then always forget to share them with you all on PTS.

I have had to wait 24 hours to share them here due to the rules of the Old World Army Challenge. If you like seeing painted figures you should check that blog out.

So here they are:

5 Death Riders. From a black base coat I drybrushed using my Reaper Bone Triad. I enjoyed doing the verdigris helmets and skull design, although in a rush to finish the shields I seem to have wiped off the Spectral Glow wash a little more than I'd like.

The Skull Chucker and crew were also built up from a black undercoat. For my rusted metal effect I used craft paint (Charcoal Grey, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Orange, Bright Orange) followed by a drybrush of Blackened Steel.

Lastly, 3 Skeleton Warriors from the old Skeleton Regiment box. The person who sold me these also had the metal command conversion blister and the metal coffin lid shields. These were base coated in white and, more or less, painted following the Skeleton Painting guide in White Dwarf 142.  I put a 2 part Sepia, 2 part Yellow Orange and 1 part water; ink mix onto these. I then went back and slathered them in Burnt Umber ink because the Yellow overpowered the Sepia. Then the figures were drybrushed up the same as the ones that were undercoated black. I like this method of painting bone better as I feel like it gives a more, flesh off the bone look.

With all the figures I used my Grunge wash recipe liberally over everything to give them that dirty look. I ran out of time late Thursday night to finish the flocking on the bases. I will rectify that.

What's on the table this week?

I'm thinking of painting the Zombies and the Skeleton Archers. As you can see, I still need to prep the Triumph of Death figures I'm using. Perfect project for watching a Super Bowl with two teams I couldn't care less about.

The Advanced Heroquest figures, or perhaps even the Harlequins in the background, still stare accusingly at me. I do need to keep working on my Imperial Guard (whose ignominious defeat will be chronicled soon) as well as some projects for later this Summer.

So stay tuned, and thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 272 - Skeletons and IG on a Sunday

Hi All,

Well, it was not my intention to go over a week before my next post but that's how it goes sometimes.

I got a little bit of work yesterday. Painted Earth Brown on some bases and stuck down sand on the IG bases. During the week I knocked out a bunch of dry brushing on the bone stuff, primed some skeletons in white, and finished building the last few figures of the Imperial Guard Command Section I need for next weekend. (Typing that out makes me nervous.)

Death Riders and Skull Chucker.

Skeleton Regiment.

Lieutenant and Command Section, plus Grenade Launcher Guardsman that I need.

Anyway, I need to go off and take another training course for coaching. They're wanting us to all have accreditation as well as background checks etc.

Happy painting everyone.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 271 - Guard and Skeletons

Hi All,

A lot of prep going on this week. Well maybe not a lot, but zero painting occurred.

I continued assembling the Lieutenant and command section for my Imperial Guard for the local Rogue Trader campaign at the end of the month. I still need to build a guy with a grenade launcher for the squad and build a Sergeant for the command section. Still not sure what to do about the Vox Caster guy. Pictured above is the Lt, two man Lascannon, Medic and Orderly (carrying the platoon banner. Still not sure how to handle the difference between the old shoulder mounted lascannon (laszooka) and the 2nd Ed forward crew served Lascannon.

Death Riders basing is finally finished. I need to base coat that and some of the missed spots on teir under carriages.

I also did some base work on the catapult crew. I don't remember points values right now, but I think the cavalry and the engine with crew will get me to the 200 points I need for the OWAC this month.

Lastly I finished the base work on these gents. My intention is to prime them white and try the White Dwarf painting methods.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Happy painting.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Operation: Side Hustle (An Ambull Adventure)

Hi All,

This was actually my last game of 2018, but I've had a lot of fiddly things to do lately so it took me awhile to write it up. Once again I met up with Lasgunpacker and Dai. This time Dai brought an extra gang and his son along.

We played another Ambull hunt scenario using the new blind counters. I followed Airborne's suggestion and put the two higher value Ambulls in the middle of the table. For this game we used the Shadow War rules, which are essentially Necromunda, give or take.

I used my cellphone to take the pictures and then tweaked them only in Photoshop with the Poster edge filter and some minor exposure adjustments.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

All this fuss over Ambulls.

Hi All,

My phone has been blowing up all weekend with pictures of the new Ambull and Ambot models. All I can say is, you're welcome. I'd like to think that my Ambull obsession over the last couple of years has helped to fuel the resurgence of these models. I am anxiously awaiting my first royalty check.

Let's have a look at my Ambull related posts.

Paint Table Saturday 197 - Matthias Mulders, Merchant is where I threw out the idea for Ambull husbandry.

Ambull Farm where I looked at the references in Rogue Trader and talked about sourcing affordable Ambull figures.

More Ambulls where I introduced Matthias's Ambull whisperer, Felipe, and found some rules for Ambulls from WD99. Which I don't think I ever ended up using btw.

Monolith Con 2017 - Ambulls on the Loose is the first Battle Report using the Ambull capture idea.

Ambull Extraction the next scenario where I tried to add more critters to complement the Ambulls.

Monolith-Con III - Ambull Safari where there were more Ambulls than you could shake a stick at.

There is one more report from late December 2018 that I haven't finished writing yet, I'll probably get it up in the next few days.

Anyway this is my case for being, in some small way, an impetus for the new Ambull release. Any other good Ambull themed posts out there?


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