Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Organizing Imperial Guard Regiments (Astra Militarum)

Hi All,

A you may recall, I've been struggling to finish this first squad of Imperial Guard (IG), now confusingly called Astra Militarum in the latest editions of 40K.

My corner of the Imperium is Borborygmus Prime, I have as yet not pinned it down in the 40K universe. My thoughts are to make a Traveller style subsector map that includes my buddies planets, but that is not the focus of this thought exercise.

The purpose, specifically, is how to mark the shoulder pads of this first squad and do it in such a way that I can add them to a unit.

So I did some research, asked around, totally confused myself and came to a decision.

This one, presumably from a White Dwarf article, gives a good overview of the Cadian 8th Regiment. It shows the overall breakdown so you can see where your smaller units would fit in the regiment.

This one gives the same info in tree format.

Here is the original marking guide for IG from the Rogue Trader rulebook p162. The older models in that era had the circular badges on their left breast and the regiment number was there and then they say there are some colored sections on some.

I have been scouring the web to find the origins of this picture, but am at a loss. It further shows the divisions of the circle and how they relate to the platoon. This seems to have skipped the company level and ignored the squad designation. Although perhaps that level of detail is too granular.

This seems o be he genesis of the decal period with the 2nd Edition Imperial Guard Codex. However the more recent plastics only have these two tone circle decals for Tanks, the infantry get three digit squad numbers that don't appear to mean anything in particular.

Here's the tank org chart.

So,armed with this, I'm coming to more of a system. Nevermess used the 2nd edition system on his plastic Cadians here. It looks pretty good but I didn't really see how the regiment was marked. Also I'm not totally sure about the use of bright color n an otherwise camouflaged person.

I had to go all the way back to 2012 for this interesting blog post by Suber here. He quickly adresses all the things I'm looking for and does the insignia in a neutral, combat, palette. I like it.

So I'll be riffing off of this, if I can get myself together.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Old World Army Challenge - Bretonnians

Hi All,

" My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." - Hedley Lamarr (Blazing Saddles)

I have been meaning to post on a variety of topics, but I keep on getting distracted be the next big thing.

The most recent "next big thing" is the Old World Army Challenge. This was dreamed up by Iannick of Marauders and Citadels and Blue of Blue's Marauding Miniatures. Isn't Vermont just New Hampshire for hipsters? ;)

Anyway. The challenge is to fashion an approximately 1000 point army according to 3rd or 4th Edition Warhammer and paint no less than 200 points a month between Nov and April, with one mulligan allowed.

Much like the Analogue Hobbies Challenge, in which Iannick is also a fellow challenger, participants will post their progress in a blog for the world to see and give first publication rights to the blog, ie not post it anywhere else for 24 hours.

Here's my list and figures:

No magic and the General is a Level 15 hero, but I got it to be a rules compliant army with only going over by 16 points. Not bad, but it took me three tries. I like Army Builder because it really lets you play around with things with out having to remember all the rules or do math. The only thing I would like to do is figure out how to make it a little more flexible. A version where you could just use the bestiary from the rule book would be awesome.

Now the figures (in list order):

The 3-man cannon. I will probably paint up the two laborers as well, just because.

The Feudal Levy. (You have the option of using the updated list from White Dwarf in Army Builder.) The 5 metal Bretonnian archers and two plastics I got from my brother. I think he said they came with the Shadow of the Horned Rat video game sequels. I ordered 8 more from Foundry, hence the unit of 15.

Retainers with Crossbows. You may recall that I painted the figure that says Ouch! on the tab a few years ago for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge here. These are the rest. I ordered 16 more from Foundry to make a second unit of 10 when I inevitably expand this army to 1500 points.

9 Retainers with Spears led by a Baron (5th Level hero). Ok, they don't all have spears. The primed and partially painted ones are my originals, the others are ones I purchased from Blue. I am going to paint over the original flesh and metal instead of stripping them. I don't have the citadel flesh any more.

9 Foot Knights led by another, more successful, Baron. I got all of these from Blue. One double had a hand bored out so I will have him hold a banner.

20 Brigands with Standard Bearer and Musician. I won these Conquest Normans an embarrassingly long time ago. I painted the casualties from the set here (same post as Ouch!). I have enough to make 40 but points and only allowing 20 Brigands in the army cut out the second unit. I will probably paint the second 20 as retainers in the future.

4 Noblesse d'Epee led by a Marquis (10th Level Hero). Obsessive hoarding pays off. I bought these sometime around 1990 or 1991. The Bretonnian lord is 1988 and the knights have 1990 on the plastic horses. I started having a panic attack when I couldn't find the knights. I had recently put all my figures in storage bins and thrown them in the garage when my in-laws visited. I searched high and low before finding them under some papers right next to my painting desk. Arrgh!

Lastly the 4 Chevalier d'Honneur led by a Viscomte (15th Level Hero). I can't remember when I picked these up, I think a more recent Ebay purchase. They are dated 1996 so I think may be 5th edition. I considered buying more Foundry Knights, but wanted to try and use as many old figures as possible. I have an Oldhammer buddy who is hooking me up with the three plastic Knights I need to round this force out.

Thanks for looking and I'll try not to wait so ling to post. I have lots of stuff to share, just not the discipline to sit down and write about it.

Before I sign off I'd like to welcome stewart to the blog. I think he has just recently started blogging but I'm not totally sure. Let me know your blog and I'll link it.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 204 - Ok I know it's Monday

Hi All,

I had this Dragon Forge resin piece finished earlier in the week, but was trying to get the squad of IG off the table this week as well.

Once I used a larger brush to drybrush the grey on it looked better. Then I used  a sponge to stipple on some greens to look like lichen on stone. Finally I picked out the small skulls with reaper bone triad (09058-09060) and slopped my grunge wash all over it. I'm reasonably happy.

The IG are proving fairly fiddly.

I always hate getting to the final touch up stage. It feels like you are just going back over the same colors in a circle as you try to fix the places where you slopped paint on an adjacent part. I thought I would be able to add these to the skull thing for BeerMaW 13, but then I dotted their eyes.

His look ok in this view, but if you zoom in it is a definite cat eye look. Some are much worse. I used  XS Pitt pen and am finding it more difficult. In the past it felt like you could easily dot the iris, now it feels like you need to move the tip to get the ink to come off. this gives more of a line than a circle or dot. I probably shouldn't do eyes last, but I always do.

I also have been trying to figure out how to do their shoulder markings. These are pretty new hammer. Do I go more old school? Do I use decals or free hand? I haven't decided yet.

Happy painting everyone.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Green Stuff World Discount from Black Magic Craft

Hi All,

Just a quick one for today. Sorry for not posting more. Jet lag is a bitch.

Just watch the video, or fast forward to the end. He gives a 5% discount code from Green Stuff World. The video is also interesting as he uses two different rollers to press patterns into insulation foam.

I've been meaning to get back to terrain building and buying some things from GSW.

Win, win!

I'll be back tomorrow with what I've painted this week.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Back from Cinque Terre

Hi All,

Just got back from a week in Italy to celebrate our 20th wedding Anniversary. So I thought you might enjoy a few shots from my cellphone.

When we went to Vernazza the sea was so rough that they had brought all the boats in from the harbor.

The next day we had a bike trip from Levanto to Corniglia, followed by a wine tasting on that terrace over the cliff in Riomaggiore.

Lopez reminded me I should look for Oldhammer in Europe. This game store in La Spezia. They had mostly current GW offerings and a lot of Kromlech and a few Rackham models. I later also went to an actual GW store in Genoa, but that was just because I walked right by it on the way to dinner.

The Via Garibaldi in Genoa was interesting, there are many narrow side streets off of it. We happened to pick one that was lined with prostitutes in the middle of the afternoon, it was surreal.

The Piazza de Ferrari in Genoa was interesting.

As was Christopher Columbus's house. It's tiny.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is another photogenic spot, but there's not a lot of room to get a picture.

Square across from the docks in Genoa.

The Galleon Neptune, one pier over from the aquarium. I don't know what the deal with it was, but it was interesting to look at. We didn't feel like paying 6 euros each to board it.

All in all a great trip. I highly recommend staying in La Spezia and day tripping by train into Cinque Terre. Super easy to do and La Spezia is an easy going smallish city. Genoa is a much larger city but you can see a lot by just walking around. In both cases we stayed at a Hotel that was about 10 minutes walk from the train station.

I hope to be back at my painting desk this week and getting myself organized for the upcoming things as we barrel towards the end of the year.

I'd also like to welcome Brett Besley and Mathia Gerner to the blog. As always, let me know if you have a hobby blog you would like me to link to.

Happy painting.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 201 - (On a Sunday)

Hi All,

Busy week this week as I had the in-laws in town for the holiday weekend and then spent Wednesday through Friday on Catalina with my son's 6th grade field trip.

The pier at Fox Landing at dawn.
We did snorkling, kayaking and marine science stuff. They kept us very busy. We spent about 8 hours at LAX as our flight home got delayed until midnight. It was very challenging wrangling all those kids in terminal for that length of time.

But on to the table.

Nothing much has changed. I did drybrush a few shades of grey on the skull altar, but it needs more. The IG are pretty much the same as before.

I received my Undead Landsknechts from The Assault Group Kickstarter,

and my Triumph of Death skeletons from the Skull and Crown Kickstarter. So my plan now is to organize and prime all my undead for the upcoming Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I think this year will be number 8.

I also used my 20% off coupon from Mario to essentially get free shipping on these from Mini Monsters. Ork/Orc totem at top. Large barrels, small barrels, crushed barrels and objective markers. The prices and shipping are very reasonable and they have some cool stuff. I'm looking forward to painting these up.

Finally a welcome to new follower Dave Bone. I don't see a link to your blog, if you have one I'll link to it. Thanks for following.

My schedule will not permit much painting for the next few weeks so we'll see what happens with things.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Ethos of Oldhammer

Hi All,

A discussion over on the Oldhammer in the New World Facebook group got me thinking again about what exactly Oldhammer is and why is there even an argument about it. Obviously there are many flavors of appreciation for the games and figures of the past, but let's revisit some commentary from the past on the subject.

Now the source for most is Zhu's Oldhammer Contract and I think it succinctly gets at what Oldhammer should be about. Let me pull some quotes from this that highlight what I feel Oldhammer is.

Games should have a referee

"In Oldhammer Fantasy Battle there is a person who is in charge of the game. It's their job to check your armies are correct and everyone plays fairly. It's the Referee's job to remind everyone to take a Fear test when appropriate, and make the decisions on rulings where you've probably been used to 'dicing off'. The Referee never take sides, is totally impartial and his decision is final."

"The referee will probably set up the scenario, placing terrain and describing what the objectives of each army are, sometimes in secret. Sometimes it's just to wipe each other out, and sometimes its to capture and hold a specific location, or sometimes more complex - not all sides will have the same objectives," ... "neither knows what each others objective is, but the Referee throws them into this situation and the inevitable chaos that will ensue." ... "non-player forces are controlled by the Referee, often a threat to both sides, and their actions changing the goals of the scenario as the narrative progresses."

So to summarize, it is Oldhammer to have a referee who helps players muddle through the rules and adds friction to the game by introducing hidden objectives and random elements. This can also be achieved by agreeable players who can dice for such things without the assistance of a ref.

Don't be a slave to Army lists or manufacturer

"Go and burn your Army Books, you don't need them any more. We're going back to basics."

He goes on to say that you should use the points as described in the rules book to construct your forces however you like and not be constrained to Warhammer Old World Fluff. I think in the Oldhammer in the New World we have fallen around the convention of using the Warhammer Armies book as a basis, but no one has been overly fussed about it.

"You can use Old School Fantasy Battle to recreate epic battles from fantasy films and novels, from Moorcock to Tolkien, you're not tied to one particular gaming world, and if you want to just grab whatever minis you have and have a bash, that's good too." ... "you're not limited to the miniatures of one manufacturer."

So it's stated right there. YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE FIGURES FROM CITADEL FROM 1986 - 1992! Or whatever the arbitrary "not Oldhammer anymore" designation is. It's not expressly about the figures. Sorry collectors. That being said, just posting random figures of any old description is probably just going to start a flame war. I'm guilty of doing it on occasion, but I try to say how I'm going to use it in a totally Oldhammer way.

Is there a point to points?

Zhu talks about this in sections #3 and #4.

"You do not need a 2000 point army to play the game properly." ... "Stop worrying about game balance" ... "As the Spartans will tell you, warfare has never been about perfectly matched armies squaring off at each other, and fantasy warfare even less so."

In the New World we have also established a convention of 1500pts for your army, but people always bring some cool and crazy stuff, so more often than not we just play with what people bring. Last year Tom Rabbits used 7 Giants in a battle against Airbornegrove's Chaos. It was epic. I am currently working on a Tzeentch force led by a Lord of Change as my general. Because why not? Oldhammer is not about being totally inflexible, it's about doing cool shit with cool models. Period!

And lastly

"Tournaments - Just Say "No"." ... "Oldhammer is not a sport. It's a game."

That being said, if tournaments really float your boat, go for it. You will get push back in an Oldhammer group though.

So I hope that clears it up a little. Oldhammer is pretty subjective, but you can't throw out every single aspect of the aforementioned contract and still call it Oldhammer.

Feel free to disagree. Honestly I'd like to hear how you Oldhammer. Maybe we should have a feature in the Zine along the lines of "Ask an Oldhammerer" of "Dear Oldhammy".

Rant Over.


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