Friday, October 9, 2015

Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter is LIVE!!!

Hi All,

I just finished my pledge for this Kickstarter, Diehard Miniatures: Oldhammmer Fantasy Miniatures

I am super excited about this project. The sculpts look amazing and I didn't want to have the same kinds of regrets about this that I have about not buying certain things from a certain company before they shit canned the whole thing.

I've got to get my rear in gear to play out the next Talomir battle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Orctober - First Orc - Plastic Black Orc

Hi All,

Here's my first entry for Orctober 2015:

You may all remember this figure, I want to say my brother gave it to me, but I'm not sure why he had it. It came out okay but the way I color blocked it originally may have obscured the detail. That baby skull on his belt was particularly problematic. After looking at some pictures of real horns I'm glad I tried grey colors for the horns this go round.

This is what he looked like before I started him this go round:

Scary! Again reminds me why I hate white undercoat.

Hopefully I'll have more soon. I want to finish those half done 20mm (1/72) Orcs now.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zombtober - First Survivor - Madonna with Knife

Hi All,

I finished this earlier today, but we had a shake out workout and then I was too busy watching Fear the Walking Dead to post.

She turned out alright. The Grunge wash is not quite where I want it to be. Somehow I didn't get the black portion of it right. But it still does the trick of softening my heavy handed highlights.

Showing you the back is mostly an exercise in self flagellation. I struggled with painting texture into the back of the jacket. The detail is pretty soft. I do like the detail I painted in her hair, the top and back of her head are smooth, only the curls are sculpted.

I have and Orc on the table as well, but couldn't get him finished for Orctober.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 100 and Zombtober 2015

Hi All,

Just a quick one before Cross Country.

These are the last of the 40mm Zombies and Survivor that weren't qualified for Curt's challenge because they had already been started. The survivor I call "Madonna with Knife". She looks like the Virgin Mary to me.

She was done using the sloppy drybrush in successive layers that I decided I didn't like. The Zombies look like they got the first layer of grey.

So in addition to Orktober, I'm trying to participate in Zombtober (I may be the only person who includes the b). I think you just need to post a finished Zombie/Survivor every Sunday in October.

I also plan to do Orctober, but forget what the rules are.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some used book finds and Orktober.

Hi All,

  This week has been kicking my butt. The running program started at my son's school and participation has been very heavy. The kids are trying to win an extra P.E. session for their class.

  Not much on the hobby front since I finished those Bugbears, but I wanted to show you some more books I found up in Flagstaff last week.

I'm back again to buying things as I see them, the pendulum has swung away from shunning everything I see. The Army books are obviously Mid - New Hammer. I wasn't sure what was going on with the 40K stuff, there's only so much research you can do on the phone in the store, but I gather that the Battle Manual was a bridge between RT and full on 2nd Ed. 40K. So 40K 1.5 I guess. Dark Millenium was a separate box expansion. I'm not sure how useful the book is without all the spell cards etc. I see one can buy some of the parts on ebay though.

I haven't had a chance to read through these. They join the pile of shame for now.

Orktober! WAAAGH!

Over at the Emporium of Rogue Dreams. It's where all the cool kids hang out and talk Rogue Trader smack.

I just happened to buy these bad boys off of Blue the other day, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I think I got a line on the missing back banner for the Runt Herder, only just realized that Gazghkull himself should have one too. I'm going to try and see what I can scrounge up on the Oldhammer Trading Company. I also need some bits for a couple of other projects.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 99 (on a Sunday, again)

Hi All,

Just finished those Bugbears I've been taking way to long to complete.

I'm mostly happy with how they turned out. A few things here and there I'm not completely jazzed about, but they look pretty good. I'll work on a better photo shoot for the various poses tomorrow, when I have time.

We're getting ready to go to track practice this evening. The boy came in second in his division at the 3K he ran yesterday.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Travel log - Northern Arizona Road Trip

Hi All,

Back to the hobby tomorrow. Today I wanted to share the highlights of the two days we spent taking the kids to see the sites in Northern Arizona. We felt that, since they are native Arizonans, they should experience these things at least once in their lives.

Before I get to the pictures, I just want to let you all know about a new program from the National parks system. It's called Every Kid in a Park and it's for all fourth graders. It's good at any National Park, so we couldn't use it at Meteor Crater, and can get all kids (I think) and up to three adults in for free. We had planned the trip before we remembered this program. It saved us $60 in fees over the two days. I think we spent that on food (or perhaps the used Warhammer books I bought in Flagstaff).

Anyway, here's my report. Comic style.

Thanks for looking. I hope to have those pesky Bugbears completed tomorrow.


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