Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mordheim: 5 a side

Hi All,

Not exactly sure what the hold up has been on the blogging front, but I've been busy with real life and hobby projects. Although now that I think of it it could be the PS4 we bought.

Anyway after the Warzone "challenge" Cheetor suggested painting up a few fantasy figures that one could slot into Mordheim/Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadowdeep games with an emphasis on fitting the Mordheim warband guidelines.

So participants were encouraged to pick a faction and paint up a Leader, Hero and three henchmen. Sounds pretty straight forward. So I had big plans to do two warbands, but then procrastinated and only finished the one.

I encourage you to go over to Scale Creep here and read all of the entries. There are some excellent figures represented.

Here is mine.

A fun mix of figures. Three GW later edition Flagellants, Dragon Bait Cleric Adventurer and Reaper Bones Witch Hunter looking dude.

Jakob Knochengard 44013 is currently out of stock, but a fun little mini. The Bones Black material is better than the white bones material, but I still prefer metal miniatures. You can't beat the price though.

Joachim Pumpernickel is a Dragon Bait Cleric. A fun model with a lot of  stuff on him. I have a bunch of figures from this range that I need to paint.




Not much to say about these guys, they are kooky. I used a LePen 0.05 marker to write on the sandwich boards.

Thanks for looking. I should have something else up soon.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Strange Ranges - Warzone Challenge

Hi All,

Well, we did it again. Challenged each other to paint some figures from the game Warzone. Now I've never played the game and the figures are over the top, but have a certain charm. It seems like a line designed to look like 40k cosplay.

Now despite what some eBay sellers might lead you to believe, you can still get many of these figures from Prince August, here.

I considered buying from them but found a reasonable deal on a bonkers mix of figures on eBay, so I punted and won them.

Once again, I highly recommend you go over to the Scale creep blog and read about all the other Warzone figures here.

This is what I ended up with.

This is what arrived in the mail.

Next were the id's

I keep on calling him Bubba, so Bubba he shall be. To me this figure epitomizes warzone.

Laura's spear was broken so I cut it off at the hand and rebuilt it from tubing, greenstuff and plasticard.

So the rebuild has some issues, but I think it gets the idea across. Perhaps painting the bottom as a gem was a mistake. I'm not sure.

I could not find the last figure in the catalog. These guys are the closest I could find for the third figure.

I'm calling him a demonic proctologist.

So, do you have any unusual ranges you like? Are there more gems that passed me by?

Thanks for looking, and give these figures a try. They are super fun.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Advanced Heroquest - First Quest

Hi All,

Well, after painting those figures in near record time, we had our first game of Advanced Heroquest (AHQ).

I had no idea of what I was doing and had read the rules through about 5 or 6 months ago so it wasn't super streamlined. Having been derailed by too much searching through the rules before during games, I just went with it as best I could and relied on Google to help me through not being prepared.

This is what transpired.

So I started by deciding that 4 wall/corridor sections were the equivalent of one AHQ dungeon section. For future games I will have sections preassembled to go. I also learned I need to print way more clips, I ran out pretty fast.

The dungeon was bare of monsters or rooms for that matter. I know I forgot to roll for encounter chits or whatever it is after turn 3. Something about the Game Master rolling a die on their turn and taking a chit on a 1 or a 12. Honestly I was foggy on that. I also thought that there were premade monster matrices in the rule book. It seems I was wrong. So I went to the internet and found a table to roll on. That gave me the Quest room behind the door which contained 6 orcs and 3 orc champions plus 120 gold and something about 12 PV I found it here on Yumpu. I didn't read it, just quickly used the Quest room table.

All in all successful, but I'll have to go in and really have a look at the rules to be more comfortable with the game.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Advanced Heroquest - First Questers

Hi All,

Last week I set myself the challenge of painting up some figures for the family to play Advanced Heroquest with me on my birthday, or there abouts.

Once I finally got stuck in it didn't really take that long. I gave my wife and daughter a choice of figures so they cold be more invested, but I tried to stick with the basic tropes of Human, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard.

As you can see I painted two of the original figures and two Reaper figures that my wife and daughter each picked from my collection of unpainted figures.

I tried to keep the color palettes simple and use a lot of the same colors across the four figures to not have to think about things too much. I'm not super happy with everybody's eyes, but I think it is better to try and paint them.

This shield is a lot like the one from the plastic Bretonnian Knights of the Realm.

I almost forgot. For the two AHQ figures,  I cut them of their bases and then used a "brick" roller from Grenstuff World over a thin layer of DAS. That suggestion was given to me by Asslessman of Leadplague quite some time ago.  I like the look for a dungeon crawl.

And the back. 

Rawr! I chose to do the dwarf in White and Blue as a nod to Wayne England. He's nowhere as good as those figures, but I'm happy with how he turned out.

Not much to see here.

Or here.

Here you can see the work I put into the hammer and shield a little better.

This is Anduriel from Reaper miniatures. I thought it was a female figure. My wife doesn't think so, but she picked it anyway to be the Elf.

I bought this figure as part of the Reaper Learn to Paint kit: Non Metallic Metal.

You may have noticed that I ended up using metallic paints.

I started the turtorial, and learned a couple of cool things, but I mostly learned that I suck and NMM and don't understand how light reflects off of objects. Painter, know thyself!

This is the 25th Anniversary Lysette. I have very few female figures in general and even fewer female wizards, so I was happy to paint this one for my daughter.

She is a super busy sculpt and I probably had the hardest time with her out of the bunch in just figuring out what colors to use and where.

I kind of rushed her hair, I could do better, but I wanted to get the game started before it got too late.

I don't know if the yellow flower clashes with the rest of the model, I just wanted it to stand out. I had a hell of a time distinguishing between the flower and her ear on that side.  I think i got it in the end.

I hope you are getting to your backlog of hobby stuff. I have another project I'll be finishing up over the next couple of days and then I hope to have a comic report of our dungeon delve.

Happy painting!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Classic Plastic - RTB01 Space Marine

Hi All,

Well, I let peer pressure get the best of me again. This time a bunch of us agreed to paint a Plastic Space Marine from the RTB01 box. I suggest you read about it here. There are some truly fantastic submissions once again.

I won't totally bore you by rehashing what I wrote over there, but I will repost the pictures here.

I give you a Medic/Apothecary from the Space Ghost chapter of Marines.

My inspiration image.

I neglected to mention that I followed one of Curis Ninjabread's tutorials for painting the white armor. I used similar techniques on the rest of the colors. My black, especially, needs more work. You can find him on Patreon here for tutorials if you are so inclined. This is the first time that I followed all the way through and got a result that looks like what was intended.

Anyway, thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Editing STL files - Necromunda

Hi All,

So you may or may not have seen these great Sci Fi buildings that Bulldoglopez and Axiom have been building out of old Necromunda bulkhead sections.

Now I had thought that Bulldoglopez had blogged about it, I was wrong. Axiom, however, has here. In fact, he is such a consummate gentleman he has blogged Bulldog's as well at the end. I'll wait while you read it. When you do you'll realize why I got excited about hab building.

My first issue was that I didn't have any of the old Necromunda tiles. What's a guy locked in his house with a 3d printer to do? 

First, search the term "Necromunda Bulkhead" on Thingiverse. I tried several and they had real problems with ovehangs straight out of the box. I had to figure out how to get usable prints. After failing with the split, flat on the build plate, files I figured I could cut the vertical files in Meshmixer. 

I still had to print with supports, but  it seemed to print fairly well.

Not too bad, but those supports are a pain to get out.

So back to the drawing board and fix those parallel to the build plate files. That handle had to go. it started on the third layer and just made it a nightmare to print.

It's hard to get perfect in Tinkercad but it prints flat.

Seven and a half-ish hours, not too bad. This particular print made me realize I had some more tweaking to go as the top right door piece had a void around the sides and the top on the back. Why the OP did that baffles me.

But they did print. Just a little bit of lifting on a few corners.

I also realized after this that the fill in the bottom pair was too thin. So I thickened it up a little.

Now I had been super resistant to Tinkercad because I like to have software on my computer so I can work on things offline. After a couple of friends showed me what they were doing with Tinkercad, I got over myself. Now I'm addicted to adding stuff to the bulkheads.

Then I remembered there were some bulkhead frames. I had to cut off the top handle on the right and some connectors between the two halves.

But I wanted to rotate the halves so that they sat on the plate like the other models, but I didn't know how to separate the parts. As you can see here, I figured it out.

A little verbose GoogleFu later.

Here's this guys video. Thanks Chaos Core Tech.

He's using an older version of Tinkercad, but you can still do what he says.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to have some habs to show you soon.


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