Thursday, June 13, 2019

Our WFRP Campaign on Youtube.

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting in awhile, life has a way of getting in the way of hobby stuff. I've been meaning to share this list of youtube videos from our WFRP campaign. Michal has given me permission to post them here and I will set up a page to post the links for easy reference. I joined the group somewhere towards the end of the "Heralds of Woe" campaign. I'm not sure which session yet. The sessions are about 3 hours each. I've toyed with the idea of stripping the audio and editing them down to 1 hour chunks for a podcast format. But honestly I don't know if I have the stamina for that.

Any way, here's the list:

WFRP - "Pretty Things"
"Pretty Things" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Everybody's Talking at Me"
"Everybody's Talking at Me" Playlist:…
WFRP - "A Secret Inheritance"
"A Secret Inheritance" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Heralds of Woe"
"Heralds of Woe" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Haunting Horror"
"The Haunting Horror" Playlist:…
"The Mystery Adventure":
WFRP - "A Rough Night at the Three Feathers"
"A Rough Night at the Three Feathers" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Terror in Talabheim"
"Terror in Talabheim" Playlist:…
WFRP - "Chaos in the Rye"
"Chaos in the Rye" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Thousand Thrones"
"The Thousand Thrones" Playlist:…
WFRP - "The Lord of Lost Heart"
"The Lord of Lost Heart" Playlist:…
Session 03 (BOTCHED VOICE):
So there you have it. Let me know if you readers want the notes for any of these. I fell off giving recaps here somewhere in the "Terror in Talabheim" adventure. No artwork and not remembering everything to fix what appear to be errors in the notes.

Thanks for looking and tell me about your gaming if you're doing some.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My OWAC2 post for May

Hi All,

Just a quick post because I've been terrible about blogging this month.

I finished a couple of figures and posted them over at the Old World Army Challenge here. You should really take a look at all the entries, but if you only have time for one you owe it to yourself to take a look at Tom's Dwarves.

Anyway, here's my guys.

My leader, Zazad the Eternal (thanks random name generator), and the standard bearer for my skeleton troops.

Death, from Skull and Crown's Triumph of Death, came with two arm options.

I wasn't able to decide on the arm options so I tried magnetizing. It worked more or less. I also inadvertently changed the head position after breaking his head off before even prepping him.

I last minute decided to give him a sword after looking at the box art.

My posing has left him a tad unbalanced so he needs to be placed carefully to not fall forward and to the right.

June is going to be hectic, so we'll see if I can get the last two units done, in addition to my BOYL and local gaming projects.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Banners by numbers - The tutorial no one asked for

Hi All,

No rest for the wicked, so hobby time has had to take the back burner again this month. I did promise I'd share how I did my latest banner, so here goes.

If you are like me and have lots of ideas but not the talent to execute them, making banners can be a frustrating task. As I was learning to use GIMP I realized that I was pretty good at cutting and pasting in the software and that I could build my banners from the elements that Games Workshop gave us to make banners in the Army books or White Dwarf Articles.

So I picked a banner from the Undead Army book.

You probably recognize this as one of the Skeleton banners presented in the Undead Army book p32

I did a lot of this first in Photoshop, I couldn't get it to look right, so I returned to GIMP. Turns out it was the final stages printing it out that were the issue, not Photoshop. So the main thing I did was get rid of the design, I just wanted the banner shape. I made a copy of the banner then erased the design and then painted in white to get a blank canvas. You could probably just skip straight to painting over the design in white.

I added a banner scroll that I belive I got from, as its own layer.

Then I added a trace of some artwork for the main banner graphic. In both of these cases I could have used elements from the other line drawings from that banner page in the Undead army book. I just had other plans.

So here's where you may not want to copy me. I latched onto the idea of doing a "Tarman" inspired banner. If you haven't watched Return of the Living Dead, stop everything and do this immediatley. Anyway, I found a T-Shirt and ran a filter on it in Photoshop to alter and simplify it a bit.

This is the original image. I forget what the filter was, but I think it was watercolor.

I then ran a greyscale filter on it because I was more interested in tones than actual color.

Then I selected areas with the magic wand and stroked the selection with a 1px black line on its own layer to give me my outline. I tried to figure out a simpler way to do this but ended up with this method. It just took a lot of time.

The final problem was that, no matter what I tried, the banner would print out in weird dimensions and very pixilated straight from either GIMP or Photoshop. So I pasted it into Open Office Writer, Set my ruler to mm, and scaled it there before printing out.

I then just painted in between the lines and used a tiny technical pen to write "more brains." As you can see the varnish smeared the lettering slightly.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My April Submission to the OWAC2.

Hi All,

Well I finally got my skeletons and Zombies finished.

Here they are.

10 Skeleton "archers" from Skull and Crown: Triumph of Death

And 20 of the plastic boxed set of Zombies from Games Workshop. Which they still sell here.

I thought I'd give you a close up of the banner as well. In the next few days I'll do a post on how I did it. I call it paint by numbers, as I can't draw very well. It involves stitching together various line art in GIMP or Photoshop and then printing it out on paper and coloring within the lines.

The skeletons were once again base coated white and then slathered in a mix of yellow and brown ink before being drybrushed with the Reaper Bone Triad. The zombies were base coated grey and painted with Reaper's Undead Skin Tone Triad. I tried to use some color desaturated with grey, it was so so in my opinion. I also painted some areas that were intended to be flesh as cloth, such as the banner bearers legs. The exposed muscles and guts got a wash of Purple and Red ink, with the guts getting an additional light highlight, I think of slate green.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the back of these. I will be working on the Plague Cart and Grim Reapers for May.

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Blogging and Banners

Hi All,

We seem to be at the time of year where I realize I've let things slip. It seems like usually in the hobby I get frustrated sometime around February or March and my productivity and posting go way down. This year appears to be no exception.

In the OWAC I had to declare a Mulligan for March as I just hadn't quite gotten the figures for that month finished. They were close, but I kept on seeing glaring errors that I just couldn't ignore that were fiddly and things that kept me from calling the figures finished.

I also just hit a mojo rut. I have a lot of varied things to paint but I just got stuck and stopped sitting at the painting desk. One of the things that is causing a mojo block is the banner for the Zombies. It's been awhile since I've made a banner one post is here. I did finish those banners and they are still on my Orcs. As you can see, I'm not a very good drawer, but I was fairly good at using GIMP to give me custom banners made from elements of the line drawings provided by GW.

Fast forward about three and half years. I'm using photoshop and I can't seem to do it. Frankly I'm baffled. The resolution is squirrely, the size seems to be way off when I eventually print it out. So I'm going back to GIMP to get things in shape.

I've been working on getting this month's OWAC submission finished and going back over the previous submissions and fixing a few errors and putting matte varnish and some flock on.

I'll also be working on some other upcoming projects, like my renegade warband and Rogue trader Imperial Army.

Welcome to donjondo, thanks for following.

Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, not much to show except piles of partially or completely unfinished stuff.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 278 - Completed Skeletons

Hi All,

Well, I'm sorry about the extra spotty posting of late. Track Season and being sick have effected hobby output across the board. Although I didn't finish the figures I had planned to do, I managed to fulfill my 200 point obligation to the Old World Army Challenge.

I am at that point of the year where I am frustrated with a lot in life. To use a cliche, I'm not sure I'm living my "best life." Anyway, I'm taking a break from social media etc for now to try and really accomplish my hobby goals. If you're curious about how I painted these I encourage you to read it on the Old World blog. It's very straight forward and easy.

I'd like to welcome Ed Gladdis to the blog, sorry to be a downer before welcoming you. Ed is a super talented painter and has his own blog The Work of Shaitan. You owe it to yourself to follow him.

Thanks for looking.

Happy painting.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Realm of Chaos Renegade Warband - rolling it up

Hi All,

So I started rolling up a Renegade Warband late last year with the intent of getting it ready for a game of Rogue Trader at Warhammer World this summer. After trying to roll up some fantasy bands, and having some issues, I tried to roll up this band with the help of some friends. I highly recommend going over to Axiom's blog on the subject here and reading about it. I am more or less following his lead.

While I was writing this post JB wrote about rolling up his warband here.

  1. Generate your Renegade
Start by rolling to see the race of your Renegade. The table is on p233 of Slaves to Darkness (StD), and is different from the Fantasy table on p40.

My roll 71, Human. Next we need to roll on the Human sub table. My roll 16, basic human. (Uh oh!)

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 7 7 7

The next thing we meed to do is determine the Power of Chaos we are dedicated to. You could just choose your favorite or make up your own Chaos god, I chose to make my own table and roll for it. (So Chaotic!) 1-2 Khorne, 3-4 Slaanesh, 5-6 Nurgle, 7-8 Tzeentch, 9-0 Undivided. My roll 2, Khorne.

So now we go on to generate the Chaos Rewards and attributes. So this is where the nomenclature gets tricky. In my reading of it for this post Chaos Rewards are divided into two sub categories, Gifts and Attributes. On p232StD we see it stated that the new Chaos renegade "receives two rewards from his chosen Power: a specific Chaos gift from the Power and a random Chaos attribute. On the Starting Profile table on p233StD it says that Khorne Renegades receive Chaos Armor, stats on p100StD or p252StD. So my Renegade gets a 5+ Save and +1 WP to Psychic/Magic saves.

Next is to roll up the renegade's attribute. Now this is where it starts to get weedy. In the third paragraph on p232StD it says "The Renegade then gains further rewards from his patron Chaos Power. Each of these is determined randomly using the Chaos Rewards Table p45StD and could be one of two types. ... another Chaos attribute ... determined randomly using the Personal Attributes Table p113StD ... Alternatively he could receive a Chaos Gift:" Confusing to be sure.

Since the ealier discussion had been one reward then one attribute I took it to mean that the Chaos Armor was Khorne's "Gift" and now I had to roll an attribute on p113StD. My roll 753 Quadriped?Biped, sucked. So I rolled again and got 626 Mechanoid, so +2 Fear Points (FP), d6 roll of 5 gives me partially mechanical, d10 roll of 6 gives me hands +2 S and +20 Dex if we're playing WFRP.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
4 3 3 5 3 1 3 1 7 7 7 7

What I missed was the rule about the further two attributes that we need to roll. Along with the 4 followers rolls to come this is meant to represent that our Renegades have been on the path of Chaos for awhile. This is to make the game a little more interesting and give everybody some figures to model and paint up. A worthy endeavor.

I noticed that Axiom rolled Khorne specific rewards table on p47StD to get his Face of a Bloodletter attribute. JB, since he didn't pick a specific power, rolled twice on the reward table on p45StD and then twice on the table on p113StD for his Renegade.

Upon consultation, the procedure should be two "Rewards" then two "Attributes" so I have one reward (Chaos Armor) and one Attribute (Mechanoid Hands)

So I now roll on p47StD. My roll 13, Face of a Flesh Hound, gain a poisonous bite attack (A +1). But this screws me up for the figure I was intending to use so second roll of 86, Aggression Bonus, +1 to WS, BS and S. On p113StD I roll a d1000, my roll 607, Manic Fighter, hates any enemy unit within 12" and never makes a rout test as a result of hand to hand combat.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
4 4 4 6 3 1 3 1 7 7 7 7

Ok, so now we need some gear. Looking at what Axiom did, he keyed in on the phrase "according to his starting profile" which for him was a Champion. Mine is just a bog standard Human, so my stats would align with Administratum, Adeptus Astronomica, or Adeptus Mechanicus. On the fly table 1-4 Administratum, 5 Ad. Astronomica, 6 Ad. Mechanicus. My roll 5. So my guy was a budding young Navigator who gazed too deeply into the warp. The Navigator equipment chart is on p151 of Rogue Trader (RT). Pistols, my roll 21 Hand Flamer, 50% chance of a second (my roll 100, nope). 25% chance of Jokaero digital weapons (43, nope). 75% chance close combat weapon (34, yes), (92, sword). 25% chance of armor (44, nope). 25% chance Armor energy field (22,yes), 67 Distort. Additional equipment: Bio-scanner 50% chance (73,nope), Breathing Apparatus 50% Chance (13, yes) 46 filters, Cameleoline 10% chance (100, nope), Communicator, Energy Scanner 50% chance (13, yes), Eye Proteection 50% Chance (81,nope), Flight Pack 10% chance (95, nope), Immune 75% chance (68, yes) d6: 2 doses, Infravision 50% chance (84, nope), Rad Counter 90% chance (73, yes), Rad Suit 90% chance (32, yes), Sealed Suit, Suspensors 25% chance (30, nope), Teleport Homer (?), Web Solvent 90% chance (26, yes) d6: 1 use.

Well there you have it.

2. Generate your Followers

For this warband we were instructed to make 4 rolls on the followers table p236-7StD. My rolls were 08 2d6: 7 Beastmen, 12 2d6: 6 Beastmen, 64 2d6: 9 Humans, 08 01 1 Assassin. I re-rolled the 3rd Beastman unit and decided to swap out Orks for the first unit of 7 Beastmen as I had some figures in mind.

So now onto gearing up the followers and giving them some kind of Chaos attributes. We received instruction that all followers receive either Flak or Mesh armor and then roll for a Standard weapon and a Close Combat Weapon that everyone in the unit will have. For every 5 members of the squad, one can be armed with a Heavy Weapon. All character followers, ie my Assassin, also make 1 roll on the grenades table and d6-3 rolls on the Equipment/Bionics table on p255. There were also some instructions about rolling a d4 for psychic level, if you have a Psyker. Ignore results of 4, Khorne gets -1 to the die roll. II haven't rolled for it yet, but I think Assassins have a chance to have psychic abilities.

7 Orks

I rolled 94 Plasma Gun, 60 Bolt Pistol, 18 Heavy Bolter. This seems weird so I thought I'd take a look at the equipment table from p190RT the 94 would give me Bolt Gun, 60 just a knife, 18 Grenade Launcher. When I get to modelling these I'll see how I feel. I may perhaps give one guy a plasma gun. Attribute? p138StD 199 Extra Joints (increase move and initiative by 1). I'm not sure how I'll model that yet, if at all.

6 Beastmen

p255StD 37 Lasgun, 68 Chainsword, 34 Missile Launcer with Crack and 2 Random. Imperial Army table on p164RT 37 still Lasgun, 68 would be Laspistol for a Sgt, Chainsword if they hit the 25% chance of secondary weapon, 34 Heavy Plasma  gun. Again, we'll see what I have lying around and make it work somehow. Attribute? 385 Irrational fear. (87 Items/creatures of a particular color. GM's choice)

9 Humans

93 Plasma gun, 80 Web gun, 17 Heavy Bolter. In RT that would be Lasgun, Laspistol for Sgt and Chainsword if he made the 25%, D-Canon (whatever that is) for the Heavy Weapon. Attributes? 571 Multiple Arms (additional weapon attack for every 2 models, shooting or hand to hand.)


56 Boltgun, 38 Laspistol, 30 Anti Plant grenades, d6-3: (4) 1: 61 Conversion Field. Just for fun lets see what the Assassin table on p171RT. Well the first thing I noticed is that there is no standard weapon category and way more gear than what we've been doing. I also have the Vindicare body 1 model with Exitus Rifle, so I'll have to figure out what that means. *Oops, I forgot to roll an attribute. 527 Irrational Hatred (make sure you do it on the personal chart for single figures). He hates d6:(2) 1 thing. 40 Elves/Eldar. Now we're done for real*

So there you have it, a wall of text to make your eyes fall out. In future posts about this I'll be posting the figures I'll be using. I've sort of shown them lying about on the table.


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