Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Year End, Decade End, post for 2019

Hi All,

I've been laying low lately as things have been a little bit much for me the last month or so. I'm fine, just trying to work through the usual sources of frustration.

Let's talk hobby stuff!

If you really need to go back and read it, here is last years recap. I'll take my plans from the end of 2018 and see how I did.

  • Finish my Undead Army for OWAC2
           Accomplished. 1031 points of Undead painted. Post is here.
  • Paint my Renegade Warband that I've rolled up
          Accomplished. Somehow I got these guys, and others, painted. Post is here.
  • Paint a Slann Kill Team
          Didn't get around to this one. I misplaced the Diehard Eru-kin.
  • Build more Terrain (Especially finish that dang Coach House)
          Not successful at this one either. Not sure why I didn't make any terrain.
  • Paint up IG for a local (Phoenix) Rogue Trader Campaign
          Partially successful. I got some more stuff painted up and then got tabled. Post here.
  • Get back to cataloging stuff for the 100% painted challenge
          Fell off of doing this.
  • Go to BOYL2019
          Mission Accomlished!
  • Go to Monolithcon 2019
          Also mission accomplished!
  • Maybe some other Con
          Went to Rincon in October. Played WFRP and Ravenous.
  • Finish my expanded campaign map and play out more games in that world
          Still working on this. I keep getting bogged down in the minutiae.

Hmm, only 50% of my goals met. Although I think the ones I did accomplish were pretty big ones.

9 photos of stuff I painted this year

For painting totals I painted 103 models. How does this compare to other years? 2018 (100), 2017 (99), 2016 (50), 2015 (152), 2014 (105), 2013 (9), 2012 (4), 2011 (0). So for the decade that's 622 figures since I got back into the hobby or roughly 69 per year over the last nine years. Not a lot really. But I did notice that I seem to be averaging about 100 per year since 2014.

So, what's in store for 2020? A little hard to say for sure. This year was tough as I tried to move my hobby space and try to do it someplace where I could interact with the family better while painting. It didn't totally work and I managed to misplace a lot of stuff. So let's see what is on the table for 2020.

  • Clear out a dedicated hobby space
  • build more terrain (really do it this time)
  • play more games at home/ in town
  • Adopt more of a last in/first out painting regime. If I've had it for years and haven't painted it, don't kill mojo.
  • Paint Blood Bowl/ Blitz Bowl figures.
  • Advanced Heroquest
  • Gaslands
  • Zombie Gaming figures
So that's me for 2019 and into 2020.

Happy hobbying to you in the new year.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Warcry: Iron Golems vs Ironjawz

Hi All,

Well, it had to happen. We now come to the last report of the last game from an awesome weekend. Sorry if it's a little on the drab side. I didn't get as many pictures as I should have. I was too busy having my ass handed to me. Sort of the theme of this year's games for me.

Anyway, still tons of fun.


And there you have it. Hopefully I'll be getting back to some painting and building posts for you soon. Thanks for stopping by and reading my comics.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Warcry: Untamed Beasts vs Iron Golems

Hi All,

Warcry was all the rage at this year's gathering. The guys had already played several games before I got there. So I got stuck in, borrowing some figures and learning the mechanics.

The game is fairly easy to pick up for the basic mechanics. I felt like I had it down by the end of the game.


So, I'd recommend Warcry as a system. As you can see there is plenty of scope for personalizing your own force. I may go into detail on that as I move forward with mine.

Next up, the final battle report: "Warcry: Iron Golems vs Ironjawz!"

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Space Hulk: Exterminate

Hi All,

Next up was a tense game of Space Hulk. Airbornegrove played the stealers and Bulldog Lopez, Cheetor, Maj Guiscard and I played the Terminators.

As with all Space Hulk games it was utter carnage.

It really went down to the wire. I really regretted my decision to not blow myself up and take the Genestealer with me. Maj. Guiscard really saved our bacon.

Next up: "Warcry: Untamed Beasts vs. Iron Golems"

Friday, December 6, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Get to the Shuttle

Hi All,

Like all the best trilogies, this one had three parts. My squad proved to be inept yet again. I'm sensing a pattern.


I set myself up in cover and then the other side got all their activations first, so I was immediately suppressed and couldn't do anything. This essentially continued for the whole game. Oh well. Time to start working on another unit and come back to these guys later.

Next up: "Space Hulk: Exterminate"

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - There's Dung in them thar Hills

Hi All,

The next game in our trilogy was to locate the rare "Great White" Dunger and add to our supplementary income.

Let's get to the mayhem.

Once again the men of Borborygmus Prime get the short end of the stick. It may be time to make a new squad.

Up Next: "Get to the Shuttle!"

Monday, December 2, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - The Great Dunger Round Up

Hi All,

In our next series of games we focused on the great Dunger herds of New Texas. The first scenario was to follow the herd on their migration and try to catch as many as we could. Bulldog made special vehicle templates and the board scrolled as we chased them.

Cheetor and Airbornegrove supplied the Dunger herd, funky looking models from Ramshackle Miniatures.

Sorry about the double picture of the crashed vehicle. I didn't notice it until near the end of the process and didn't feel like reformatting the comic. I feel like this comic feels a little drier than the game actually was, I probably didn't take the right pictures.

Next up: "There's Dung in them thar hills!"

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Defense of the Orknodrome

Hi All,

Maj Guiscard told us that we needed to play at least two games to get the feel of Aeronautica Imperialis. Who were we to argue?

Since the Orks had lost the first game they would be defending the Orknodrome, their interplanetary attack vessel, from the Emperor's finest pilots.

I personally had a much harder time in this game getting the enemy in my sites.

It was still loads of fun. Enjoy!

Next up: "The Great Dunger Round Up!"

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Intergalactic Dog Fight

Hi All,

No dogs were harmed in the making of this scenario.

Maj Guiscard ran us through two scenarios to get a feel for the game. In his usual style he kicked things up a notch and converted everything to 28mm scale. As you can see, we had plenty of room to maneuver.


We of course made lots of engine noises as we pulled off trick flying.

Next up: "Defense of the Orknodrome!"

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Black Ork Down

Hi All,

Here's the first game I got to play in on the weekend. By the time I got there they had just wrapped up a Hardwired scenario. Airbornegrove came up with this scenario next and it was sort of loose with concepts from Hardwired borrowed.

We were divided into four teams and had to defend a downed chopper. I appeared to embark on a strategy that would hold for the weekend, "run around a lot and be generally ineffective."


All in all a fun game, I just didn't achieve much for our side.

Up next: "Intergalactic Dog Fight!"

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Monolith Con 2019 - Overview

Hi All,

I hadn't intended to be quiet for so long, but getting in a bit of a hobby funk and being busy with travel for gaming and Cross Country just took up all of my time and energy.

Here is a brief overview of what we did over Veteran's Day weekend. I've finally gotten all of the pictures I took processed, so I should be able to roll these out on a schedule over the holidays.


Next up, Black Ork Down!


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