Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Countdown to Armageddon.

Hi All,

If you don't recall, here's the classic Public Enemy track:

Anyway we're getting down to the wire for getting ready for this game.

Here are some resources and some of the things I am using or trying to bring to the game.

Warhammer Community has a bunch of Downloads for Shadow War: Armageddon here. There are errata scenarios, force lists, roster sheets and status counters to print out if you don't have any.

I've tried to order these counters from Litko but they haven't shown up yet and when I track my order on their site it says "in production." So maybe not getting here in time.

I also tried to order a bunch of sci-fi building sets from Pegasus Hobbies and have them shipped to my folks house because I knew time was short. No dice. They won't ship to other than the billing address. Maybe they'll get here Thursday.

So I've got to finish painting up the stealers, touch up Abdul and the chickens, and try to get the McGuffins painted.

But back to resources for the game. There's a neat online roster builder here. I also found a referennce card someone made here. Lastly I'm going to use the name generators from here and here. The second one is especially good because it has Hiver names.

Still way too much to do. Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Get a deal on Zombies of Karr-Keel

Hi All,

Sarah, from Upstream Games House, liked my blog post so much she offered a special deal of 10% off all purchases of $75 or more.

So if you haven't yet ordered any you could order the full set of zombies and the zombie cart, or three zombie carts, and get 10% off your order.

Just put SEANSDEAL10 in the coupon code thing, but don't take too long. The coupon is good until May 31st.

Do you like savings Billy?

Paint Table Saturday 185 - still working on those Genestealers

Hi All,

I'm in high frenzy mode right now. Lots left to paint before I leave for Kublacon.

Sorry, the lighting isn't the greatest. I see now that I've actually gotten more base coats on them since I took this picture.

(runs upstairs to take another, hopefully better, picture.)

So now we see how they look right now, the leader (on the right) still need his eyes painted and varnish but is otherwise done.

I'd also like to welcome Sarah Kirkell to the blog. She is Brian's wife and the person behind the Upstream Games House website and blog. If we're being honest she's probably also the main instigator in Brian realizing the dream of having his own minis produced. So double thanks to her.

Paint 'em if you got 'em.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Check out Upstream Games House

Hi All,

  Do you like cool zombies made from original art with their own unique backstory? Do you like Kev Adams sculpts that scale with your classic Oldhammer miniatures? Do you like supporting good people who are trying to make their own dreams come true and share that with the community? If so, look no further,

Screen Cap of the mobile website
As a reader of this blog you are probably peripherally aware of Brian, he is one of the regulars of the East Coast Oldhammerers and responsible for GMing many of the games at Oldhammer Weekend USA events. You may remember such scenarios as Frog Hunt, Remember the New Alamo, The Sword of Light and Good, Santa Orka 3 and Battle at the Farm.

So what I'm trying to say is this dude knows how to game.

Anyway check out the new website Upstream Games House and join the Facebook Group: Zombies of Karr-keel.

Do it!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Painting Notebook - Genestealer Kill Team Leader

Hi All,

I haven't done one of these notebook posts in awhile and I wanted to remember how I painted this little guy.

He's my Genestealer Cult Kill Team Leader for Shadow War : Armageddon. The leader can have a power pick or power maul, so there you have it. I still need to paint the eyes, but he'smore or less done.

My sci-fi ash waste color combo, I think. Actually the mid color is probably darker and the mid I used here may be the lightest instead of the drizzle. That's the problem with not writing things down.

Metallics. As usual probably way too many for one model, but why use one when you can use seven? I forgot to include the Walnut Brown for his gun stock. I may also add a highlight to it.

Clothing. The color scheme is supposed to conjure up the fiery comet of salvation streaking across the sky. So Yellow, Orange and Red but muted ones.

Lastly we have flesh and chitin. I sort of followed GW's video tutorial here in that I put a purple ink wash over the shadow tone of the skin triad and then tried to layer on the highlights. Still a little rough in my layering. Nothing painting a few hundred more models won't fix. I'm not sure that the Reaper Blue Triad I picked really matches the genestealer blue recipe from GW. I might try mixing a little whit into the Ashen Blue to lighten it up. The Sky Blue was a spot color on the wires of the Power Pick. Perhaps last time I painted wires I used Sapphire Blue.

I'm also thinking about ordering some game tokens from Litko. Need to do it soon. I also need to check to see if I have all the templates and dice I need. I suspect I do.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 184 - A little progress since last week

Hi All,

I got excited about my progress for last week, but I still have a lot to do.

So a little more done on the Knights for Breaking Lances. I feel like I may have skipped some important prep steps, the grain lifts a little when it gets wet. The Reaper paints also get absorbed into the wood more than the craft paint does. For some reason I'm having trouble finding my giant bottle of White craft paint.


Above is the product I'm intending to use to transfer my heraldic designs to the figures. I had a hell of a time finding it in my local Michael's. It's in the craft paint aisle with all the other Crafstmart branded stuff.

For the other stuff on the table, like primed Genestealers from Uscarl or the finished cow Betsy, I'll give you a link to the post rather than post the same pictures from a few days ago.

My copy of Shadow War: Armageddon finally arrived, so watch for updates on that.

As always, thanks for looking and commenting.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Painting mojo returning

Hi All,

I'm not really one for incessant WIP posts, but I feel the mojo returning and wanted to share what progress I've had.

Betsy is pretty much done. You can't tell from the picture but her udders are the same color as her snout.

I've started the hair color on young Curt and the ladies. I'm trying a recipe from one of the Reaper learn to paint kits. The base for the brown hair is Mahogony Brown and the base for the Blonde is a mix of Palomino Gold and Oiled Leather. I thought it would be interesting to try as I never thought of doing hair this way. I still need to do various highlights and touch ups.

Lastly the 54mm size wooden knights I think I've gotten over the color scheme and how to get the heraldry transferred to them. Now I'm just trying to figure out what areas are what for painting. The Skull and Crown blog and shop thankfully have lots of painted examples.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 183 - A Smorgasbord of miniatures

Hi All,

Life seems super busy lately as we get down to the last few weeks of school and track season. I've tried to push forward with multiple projects to get ready for our excursion to Kublacon and gaming with Dai and Lasgunpacker afterwards.

Here's what we've got on the table.

Curt's Milkmaids. I've been throwing on colors here and there while I wait for glue to dry on other things. I have an overall plan for them so at least that's not the stumbling block. The flesh didn't go quite how I envisioned it and I'll have to do a lot of touching up anyway as I've gotten quite a lot of overage in some areas. These figures have a few nooks and crannies that are hard to get to. Betsy, the cow, is going to be a Holstein. To me this is the iconic dairy cow. I'm realizing just now that I'm going to have to fix the pattern on her face. From the pictures I've pulled up they all seem to have black markings around the eyes and I've left one side of her face white. I'm also going to be slightly artistic and use a little flesh color on her udders and snout. Oh and Dave B's gretchin are still there. I'm having a little bit of a block on how I want to proceed with them but I'm probably going with a riff on the Goffs color scheme.

This weeks big project has been cleaning and assembling these Genestealers for my Shadow War: Armageddon kill team. They are mostly Uscarl Miniatures with the two behind and to the left of the Magus being a special Bob Olley commission and the Hybork from Space Raiders, which I think was sculpted by Diego Serrate. The humanish stealers are Bob Olley sculpts and the Hybork is Kev Adams. I have some  Hybrid Gretchin from the same pack as the Hybork, but may not bother to paint them right now. I'm not sure if the Magus is really usable in game terms, but I figured he'd be fun to paint. I used a generator from Fantasy Name Generators to come up with the cult name, Children of the Comet. I'll try to come up with a background post.

Lastly, I finally got some paint on the wooden knights from Skull and Crown. I'mm going to get some graphite paper to help me trace heraldry onto them. My freehand is not good enough to do the Chicken and Squirrel designs. I need way more practice.

Well, I need to run. I think we're trying to fit in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before the neighbor kids birthday party. I also need to paint all this stuff and prep for Sunday's WFRP session.

Friday, April 28, 2017

WFRP 2nd Edition - A job at the Eel Inn (Terror in Talabheim)

Hi All,

The next installment in our adventures.

I was remiss in not attributing the write up to its rightful author, A. Dyer. Sorry about that, just laziness and forgetfulness on my part. He also wrote up the Dreams of Araby scenario. I can't recall if there has been another I've posted on the blog that was not written by me. I'll endeavor to do a better job of giving credit where it is due.

The group confronts the murder suspect and it's not long before his panic cries reveal his guilt to everyone! Looks like the group acquired some new gear. - J.Brisken

The party is sitting in 10 tailed cat, discussing how to handle the job search. Although a room is prepared, watches are taken, both for protection and to make sure everyone is up in time. And when the sun comes up, the party is ready to go. They get a quick breakfast before heading to the inn to meet the assessor at the Eel Inn. Along the way, there are lots of refugees heading in the same direction.

While walking, Vincent overhears some dockworkers talking about how the counsel in Talabheim want to remove the unskilled away from Talagaad. As the party is moving away, Vincent recognizes one final word, “plague.”Vincent shares this information with the party.

The Eel tavern is an unremarkable place other than ship parts on the wall, and there is already a small line extending out of the door. City guards are at the door and are letting people in slowly. While in line, several members of the party hear others whispering about the real reason why they want to remove people from Talagaad: there is a disease working its way through the shanty town. No one knows what it is but the symptoms include cough and shuttering. And many in the city blame the refugees.

After about 30 minutes, the party is finally let in to see the Assessor. He seems surprisingly old for someone in the old world. The Assessor has an impressive beard and a bit of a belly. The job is to deliver a group of refugees to the village of Breitblatt. It should take about 3 days there and 3 days back.

Sally asks if it would be quicker to go through the crater. The Assessor points out that there is only a single entrance to Talabheim so there would be no way out. The Assessor offers 2gc each now 8 gc more upon return. At this point, Vincent asks if the Assessor could expedite the party’s entrance to Talabheim upon completion. The Assessor says he can do that if we work quickly.

Vincent then asks if Yohann can help as well and reminded that it would be illegal to consider anyone for a job that is not present. As the Assessor goes to hand the party their money, he quickly pulls his hand back and reminds the party that if they swindle him, they will be skinned alive. The Assessor then hands the money over and tells the party they leave at dawn in 2 days.

In order to escape the risk of plague and to save some coin, the party decides to camp out in the forest just outside of Talagaad.

As the morning comes, the party heads to the Eel Inn and sees about 100 refugees including more than a dozen children and several carts full of furniture and other personal supplies. Although the Assessor did not say the size of the group of refugees, the size of the group is larger than expected. Additionally, a group of soldiers are present and controlling the situation. A man approaches saying he is a servant of the Assessor and hands Lukas a small package. Inside the package is a map and a letter stating that the holder of the letter are employees of the city and no one should interfere. Immediately after the servant leaves, a soldier walks up and informs Lukas that these are the refugees to be transferred to Breitblatt. He suggests the party keep to the north side of the old Dwarf Road because Orcs have been spotted near the village of Waldfardt.

Then the sergeant ushers the party towards the crowd. Vincent makes a speech about the journey and the importance of keeping on guard while we travel.

The party begins the journey with the refugees. The first day of the journey is rather unremarkable. The party notices several older people and children coughing really hard and that all the people coughing are Talabeclanders.

Leopold strikes up a conversation with a young man names Reinhart who turns out to be a blacksmith. He seems to be looking toward being moved into Breitblatt since they do not have a blacksmith. Reinhart is very friendly and in very good humor. Leopold asks if he is from Talabecland, but he is not. He however, points out many who are.

After the first day, the everyone makes camp. Vincent orders everyone to keep small fires and stay inside the carts. Leopold asks Reinhart to help with the watch and Vincent talks to the Kislevites, using the elven amulet and several of them agree and are surprised he can speak their language. Vincent sets up a small trap and catches a bird overnight. Nothing else of note happens during the night.

The next morning the sky is overcast and there is a chill in the air. The group gets the refugees packed for the night and heads along the road. As the refugees are traveling, three figures begin approaching down the road. And they are huge. It turns out that they are very colorfully dressed ogres. One is wearing a hat so large, several people could stand under it. And all have giant weapons larger than a man. The refugees are terrified with children crying and people generally wailing in fear.

The ogres begin talking to each other before one approaches the group. The ground shakes as the ogre approaches. When he arrives, the ogre tips his hat and bows slightly. He speaks with a very deep voice and asks if we fancy sharing a meal with them. Lukas asks what kind of meal. The ogre introduces himself as Thurgredd Heart-Wrencher and asks for several children to eat. Lukas tries to explain that several people in the party have the plague but Thurgredd doesn’t care. Then Lukas and Vincent show him the paper indicating the status of the group. This allows Vincent to convince him to not eat the children. However, the ogre demands a mule to eat, which the party gladly gives him.

After seeing this, the refuges are very grateful and many have admiration in their eyes. They are amazed that they were saved from the ogres. After this, nothing else of note happens during the day.

Upon making camp for the night, Vincent gives the bird he caught that morning to the parents to one of the coughing children. Again, the refugees are ordered to keep small fires and stay inside the wagon circle.

Early the next morning, the party is woken to screaming and shouting. A group of farmers are gathered around a tent and covered in blood. Between the rips in the fabric, the bodies of a family can be seen and they have been torn apart, as if by wild beasts.

Vincent and Lukas investigate and see wolf tracks heading south. However, Vincent notices that these tracks are a little too well imprinted, indicating that they are false prints. Sally and Leopold find a purse with 23 pennies and 20 shillings and a separate small, silver pendant of a twin tailed comet. In the tent, Lukas notices that there are no missing body parts, which is inconsistent with an animal attack. After asking the crowd, it is determined that his name was Klaus and he was a hunter. But the names of his wife and daughter are not known. Lukas and Sally notice that there are no hunting equipment in the tent, either. Leopold points out that he might not have actually been a hunter. Just in case, Sally looks for thief signs and finds nothing. Vincent talks with someone and finds out that Klaus had a very nice bow that he was bragging about. The party decides to announce that it was a wolf attack in hopes that someone might let their guard down.

Everyone travels fine for the day, but stops early. As the refugees make camp, an old woman calls Sally and brings him to a fire where a family has a small boy who is clearly very sick and has marks on his chest. Sally attempts to get the family to let him get help, but they refuse.

Meanwhile, Lukas and Vincent gets a group of men to go hunting, although none of the men show up with a fancy bow. During this time, Leopold and Sally begin investigating, using the ruse of checking for taxable products. Leopold finds the bow while searching a tent and asks the neighbors. The tent belongs to Regimius Janicke, a hunter from Talabecland. The neighbors say he is an odd man who seems to hate all non-Talabeclanders.

The hunting party returns with plenty of game. Leopold and Sally have Regimius identified. After gathering the rest of the party, they follow Regimius back to his tent. He enters, but shortly after comes out and is acting very nervous. As if this is the signal, the party jumps him. Regimius goes crazy and essentially admits to the crime and is tied up and his hatred of non-Talabeclanders. However, the crowd seems unruly. Vincent is able to calm the crowd with his oratory skills.

If Jason comes up with any art I'll update the post.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 181 - Pretty little maids

Hi All,

Still all over the place, but I'll show you the most recent thing.

Taken with the new phone on "pro" settings. I played with the aperture and ISO to get better exposure on the figures. In auto it was compensating for the pure white elements in the shot and darkening things down too much. You can see the white bottles in the back are blowing out.

***EDIT*** These figures are from the Eureka (100WFR905) Milkmaid Set. I can only ever find it by typing it in the search bar. ***/EDIT***

I used Reaper Rosy Skin and Rosy Shadow on these with a little drying retarder mixed in. The hope was to wet blend. My paint still dried pretty rapidly and I couldn't blend. I may have put the paint on too thin or not enough retarder.

I sanded the wooden knights and glued them to their bases.

We have another WFRP session tomorrow and I just found out I have another Rally Round the King battle to fight out for the Talomir Tales blog.

I also went ahead and preordered Shadow War:Armageddon. I didn't think it was fair to let Dai have to carry the load of knowing all the rules for our game.

Well, I had better get on it.


Friday, April 21, 2017

WFRP 2nd Ed - Shopping in Talagaad

Hi All,

Busy jumping around from topic to topic, what else is new? I've failed to finish my research into basing and have been messing around with world and language building software. More on that later, much later.

Two weeks ago we had a WFRP session scheduled, but Andrew and I couldn't make it so Jason and Bryan boldly ventured forth to get the lay of the land and try and convert some of their cash into useful items.

We'll start with a scene from Dreams of Araby, where the group figures out who can play which instrument.

Shopping in Talagaad

It was a warm early Autumn day, Vincent was half asleep on the roof of the coach as the rest of the party dozed in and out of slumber inside. The effects of the black lotus seem to be slowly fading away. The coach started to slow to a trot and a familiar knock came from the front. “We have arrived.” Alysia called from the front of the coach. Sally hopped out of the coach to get a look at the surroundings.

The sight was depressing. Not a half kilometer away sat the over populated slums of Talagaad. The breeze carried a foul stench of squalor. “I turn around here.” Alysia said again as she dismounted and started with unloading the baggage. “You should change your clothing. Looking as you do might not be a good thing, no. I have change of clothing for you all.”

Lukas and Leopold dismounted and began gathered there gear as Vincent handed down what was on the roof of the coach before climbing down himself. “So where are we meeting this contact.” Vincent said to no one in particular.

“He will find you.” Alysia replied. Everyone changed over to common empire clothing and the party made their way towards Talagaad. The impressive sight of the Talabheim wall and fortress atop the mighty crater was somewhat lessened by the mood of the town outside. Refugees from Kislev and what we would soon find out to be Hockland filled the streets. We made our way through the crowd nearing the center.

“I need to exchange some of these crowns for something a bit more useful.” Vincent said. “Perhaps we should ask for directions to a merchant.” Up until this time there was little in the way of markets that one would expect from a town this side. Just rows of hovels and shady buildings. The flow of people lead the party to a toll bridge. It seemed to be the only bridge that crossed the river that split Talagaad in two. The crowd was not particularly helpful when it came to asking for directions. Failing to get information the first time Vincent tried a different approach and confronted a man who did not have enough coin to cross the bridge. “Excuse me sir. Are you familiar with the other side of the river? We aren’t from around here and it seems we might be able to help each other out.”

The man’s name was Johan Stilts’ish (I’m not good at spelling or remembering names…) and he was indeed familiar with Talagaad and seemed a talkative and respectable man. Through some idle conversation and his willingness to share what he knew, the party mutually agreed to hire Johan as a guide. In return we will cover Johan’s tolls as well as a significant bonus after we concluded our day’s business.

The bridge was guarded by men tailored in red and white uniforms representing the colors of Talabheim. They were armored as one would expect a guardsman would be and they were decently armed with spear in hand and an axe at their hip. “Halt.” Cried the guard. “The toll for crossing the bridge will be 10 pence a person.” The party would soon find out that unique variables to ‘person’ that effected the price. In short… Halflings, being short as they are, only paid 5 pence. and “cripples” as the guard address Genaro must pay 15 pence to cross the bridge. This seems to have been the party’s first taste of Talabheim long list of laws.

Once crossed the river all eyes were on a large wall littered with papers and request for possible work. Every so often a crier would be calling out what was written on the papers. Work was scarce in Talagaad as so there was a large crowd surrounding the wall. One boisterous reader cried out that there was to be lucrative work coming tomorrow and that all interested members should meet at the Eel Tavern early tomorrow morning. Johan seemed interested in the job as well as Sally. Perhaps this would be that party’s way into Talabheim?

As Johan explained getting into Talabheim is an expensive and time consuming effort. Waiting lists and customs and yadda-yadda making it likely that the process could take a couple days before one begins there journey up the “Wizards Way”, the path that leads up the crater wall, if they are even allowed to.

The grouped made their way to the market district. Fortunately there was a large selections of shops. We were lucky according to Johan for apparently the market district opens its doors only a few days a week. Whether this is a the law of the land or just a circumstance to the impoverished state of Talagaad was never found out. The group went forth and made their trades. Vincent notably spent nearly all his coin on some maile completing his set as well as smaller items. The prices seemed rather fair for the most part.

The sun was setting and the shadows were getting long. “I must be getting back now,” Johan said after our time at the market. “Perhaps we see each other tomorrow at the Eel Tavern?” Sally gave Johan a generous wage for his time leading the party through Talagaad before making there to the 10 Tailed Cats Inn. The Inn was welcoming and had an interesting feature where if a storyteller was entertaining enough they would earn a free drink. There was a single patron that attempted this but the story of self pity did not seem to go over well enough for a free drink. After an evening the group turned in to get an early start so that they could be at the Eel Inn before the job is presented.

So it looks like we're in good shape for starting the adventure this weekend. The picture above blew me away. I'm really glad Jason is doing these.

Thanks for looking.

Of course I forgot to mention followers. Every time, geez!

Phil Otep reminded me of his blog Philotep's 1/72 Minis Kingdom. He also pointed me to Sprinks' blog Wronghammer, love the name and my original intention was to play Oldhammer in 1/72. I told myself I would never buy another 28mm figure. Whoops. Lastly welcome to Ryder Strickland of Belched from the Depths. Dude is an awesome painter and you should follow his blog!

Ok, now I'm done. For real.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Phone Camera - Same old models

Hi All,

What with track season coming to a head and allergy/ yard work season in full effect here, I've been limping along on projects.

The main news is I got a new(ish) cellphone with a much better camera than my last. I opted for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. I went to the store to compare the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 but decided that there were features on both that I didn't quite need or care for so I went with the older, and soon to be discontinued model. Since two years is an eternity in cellphone time this "older" new phone is a vast improvement on my last.

On to the pics. I have not edited these at all.

The table is a jumble of projects.

Sir Chicken. I didn't get the sides perfectly matched up and made the mistake of allowing the glue overage to fully harden. I got it mostly off by carving out with an X-acto knife. I'll hit it some sand paper to clean it up more. You can get these from Skull and Crown.

Here's the coat of arms I had forgotten that I made. I used Inkwell Ideas Coat of Arms Generator. (I should have cropped the exported file.)

Here is Sir Squires. Lazy internet searching says the Squires coat of arms is a squirrel.

The goat on the helm is a nod to my mom. She has goats.

I've been digging through my figures and located my Curt geld from last year. Not pictured are the gretchin I owe Dave B. One of these days I'll get these finished.

Since I had Friday off I went and collected Dormur from the game store. The guy, same one who was rude when I dropped him off, said they hadn't judged the figures yet. I said I was no longer interested in competing. So my foray into trying to be involved in a local game store has ended in failure. That's ok, I like playing with my Oldhammer bros better anyway.

Lastly, I pulled out my Bretonnians so I could do a deal with Blue for some retainers (pictured) and foot knights (not pictured). I need to find three more bowmen to make a unit of ten. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy some from Foundry or somewhere else.

I'm doing some research into bases as I've run out of 20mm slotted bases. I have an eBay supplier from Hong Kong. I'll share my findings with you in a future post.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 179 - Arrgh!

Hi All,

Not much going on with the hobby, I've been busy with family activities and Taxes. Finally got those done. I haven't done any in many years so I'm glad to see the back of them.

Here's the state of the Paint Desk:

A lot of projects. I started going through my lead pile to look for large creatures for Zerotwentythree's Big April. The most obvious example is the box of Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres, but I also have various giant and trolls, including Drew Williams bog trolls.

I also started looking for my Bretonnian's and found a few, along with some High Elves. The Goblins are some that I'm trying to trade with another Oldhammerer and then I had out my Boar Boyz, and the Chaos Centaurs are still out, one of the double archers may be involved in the same trade.

So there you have it. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

C-o-o-o-o-o-n! (pronounced Khan)

Hi All,

Just sharing my excitement! It's official, I've booked tickets for the boy and I to Kublacon 2017.

It will be the first honest to goodness convention for the both of us, we even got the wife and daughter to sign on, but they're going to meet up with family and do stuff in San Francisco.

My main purpose is to scope out what's going on out West and see about potential for future Oldhammer in the New World (Western States Chapter) events. Secondarily it is to introduce my son to more gaming and both of us to meet and play with Thomas Foss of Skull an Crown. I've been an admirer/lurker of his large wooden figure stuff for a long time. I like how kid friendly his stuff is and am especially looking forward to trying out his new jousting game.

We'll be on the lookout for other interesting games and will have last years Oldhammer T-shirt on for at least one of the days.

Now just to figure out what other stuff I need to bring for a pick up game with Dai and maybe Lasgunpacker when I get up by Sacramento.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Dormur finished

Hi All,

I finished the Reaper 25th Anniversary figure from February, 01601 sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The photos are more quick snaps with my cellphone. The lighting was not great. I need to tidy me hobby area so that I can set up for more studio quality shots. The list of figures that need a re-shoot is growing.

Here he is finished, except for adding the pupils.

I mostly don't do pupils, but when I do I use this XS Faber-Castell PITT artist pen. I believe the tip is 0.2mm. I bought mine at the JoAnn's craft store.

Trying to show you the eyes.

A grainy close up, but you can see the eyes. Argh, I see paint overage and missed spots I didn't catch.

This was my entry for the March painting competition at the LGS, I'm leaving out the F for friendly because I'm not really getting the feels from this competition. I was just trying to get more involved in the game store and using the comp as a means to do so. When I dropped off my figure I asked the guy if the next figure was available and what it was.  wanted to know because I'm trying to collect all the 25th Anniversary figures and I only have a week lefft to purchase the next one if I want it. The guy was gruff and said no it's not available and I wouldn't tell you what it was if I knew. I said I wasn't trying to gain an unfair advantage, but didn't elaborate on why I wanted to know.

Honestly I've tried to be happy go lucky about this competition and step up to painting outside my comfort zone, be it choice of subject or rules for how to paint the figure. But if you're going to treat me like I'm an asshole I can save myself the 40-50 minute round trip to your store and just buy everything I need online. Have a nice day.

The rules, which I found out on a spur of the moment trip to the store and by coming across a random comment in my facebook feed, were no basing and only 8 colors. Some people did a really interesting job with that. I probably should have taken a picture but I forgot to.

These were my 8 colors, the illegible one is Reaper Walnut Brown 09136. The purple was craft paint. I used one metallic (Tarnished Brass) and ended up using the intense brown because I just couldn't get a different brown I liked from the three I was already using.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about upcoming plans in my next post.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 177 - Not finished, but close

Hi All,

Making progress on Dormur, I've gotten up to 7 colors, trying to decide how I can get the leather color I want without going to an 8th color to achieve that.

I can't tell if the strange texture in the cloak is my paint or the sculptors finger prints.

I've helped my son clean up and glue together two of his Chaos Space Marine Terminators. He's too nervous he's going to stab himself with an xacto knife.

We've got a band performance and then Dragon Boat racing later today so I'm hoping to push and finish Dormur tonight and tomorrow. I need to start moving forward.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Emporium of Rogue Dreams - The Abdul Goldberg Challenge

Hi All,

Approximately a year ago the Facebook group, The Emporium of Rogue Dreams, ran a little competition to come up with your own Abdul Goldberg miniature. For those who don't recall, Abdul is mentioned several times in the scenario generator in the back of the book.

This was the genesis of the zine article I compiled, but I felt that I needed to do justice to all the entries, not just the ones from North America.

So here are JPGs of the pages I put together. All of the pictures and text are the property of their owners. Special thanks to Rick Priestly for taking the time to comment on each submission.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A slight complication with Dormur

Hi All,

So a little wrinkle in my plans to paint the Reaper 25th Anniversary figure of Dormur for the Imperial Outpost painting competition.

I found out yesterday that we were only allowed to use 8 colors. At first I freaked out. I had already put three base colors on and had about 20 colors out on the table. I've been using the Reaper Triad system more and more and even using craft paint shades as triads. This approach obviously wasn't going to work.

At first I though about not bothering to enter the figure. I don't expect to win, but if my primary objective of getting more involved in the local store leaves me without key information as to the rules of the contest, there seems to be little point in participating.

Somebody from the store (the owner?) replied to my question about the rules and apologized. There was some talk of getting my entry fee back, but I have the figure and the cost wasn't exorbitant. He mentioned going oldschool and using black and white to mix up shades and highlight. I was already considering grayscale and other options so I decided to have a think and a google search about it.

So I found this thread on the Reaper forums. Guy painted a whole figure with 3 colors, looks pretty good. I also re-found this PDF from yaktribe of using washes to paint figures. I think he used about 7 washes and one paint.

So here's Dormur. Flesh is Bronzed Shadow 09259, Cloak is Uniform Brown 09127, Ghostly Apparitions is Sky Blue 09018. The Sky Blue is the only one that is a highlight of the triad, the rest are the shades of their triad. So I did a test in my notebook of mixing Walnut Brown 09136 and Pure White09039 to get he shades and highlights. This would give me three more colors to work with.

Repeat of the picture from last post, showing colors used.

Sorry for the lighting, just a quick snap at the breakfast table. The center (more square) patch is the base color and then sloppy blends with Walnut to the left and White to the Right. I'll have to break out the wet palette to even attempt to do this right, but I'm feeling more positive about challenging myself to do this.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 176 - On a Sunday again.

Hi All,

The last few days have been busy with a quick trip up to Northern Arizona and a track meet yesterday out in Buckeye.

So in other words, I did not maximize hobby time this week.

Here's what's on the table:

I've gotten some new paint organizers, so I took the nail polish racks off the back of my desk. I'll show those some other time.

In preparation to play Brutality with my son we dusted off his plastic Chaos Space Marines. Sorry Blue, they're Newhammer. The kid picked them on his own.

The Imperial Outpost store painting competition figure. It's the Reaper 25th Anniversary figure of Dormur. My plan is to try my hand at OSL. I've done it once before on those Rat Ogres, but it was too subtle. I may try JB's glowing eye tutorial or at least take inspiration for the colors from it.

Lastly we have those Gretchin I owe Dave B from last year. The get a few licks of color every now and then. I also need to dig out last years Curt Geld, if you recall I skipped this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting challenge as I had no mojo.

I hope to show you some progress this week.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, March 17, 2017

WFRP 2nd Ed - Dreams of Araby

Hi All,

We just had a quick trip up to Northern Arizona and saw Rattlesnake and Upper Antelope Canyons, Horseshoe Bend and the Dinosaur Tracks. A fun little trip around Page Arizona.

I've got a lot of hobby in the pipeline, but for now I'll leave you with the brief episode we had for WFRP after our session got screwed up by Daylight Savings time.

The following was written by our current note taker, Andrew, fellow Oldhammerer and author of the blog Acceptable Radiation.

Dreams of Araby

The whole trip was supposed to take only a few days, yet about two weeks north of the Three Feathers, the coach was still trudging on to Talabheim. The coach slowly comes to a stop and Alysia knocks on the coach door. “There is a tree in the road. I am going to attempt to take a path around it. Have your weapons ready,” she says in her gruff Kislevite accent. Vincent decides to ride atop the coach in case of trouble. As the coach rolls along the path, a field of black flowers appear. Suddenly, Alysia shouts “Black Lotus, cover your mouths!” She quickly wraps her face in cloth soaked with Kislivite Vodka. The party, however, is not so fast and quickly falls into a gentle slumber.

When the party awakes, it is oppressively hot. They are in a home, but everything seems foreign. The smell of spices is in the air and voices can be heard outside, but not in any language familiar to them. Alysia is not present, either. Vincent pulls back the sheet covering the window and is hit by even more heat. Everything outside is exotic. The people have an olive complexion, their clothing is bright and colorful but also long and loose, and in the distance was a giant dome of, what appeared to be, solid gold. 

Lukas, being the least used to dealing with heat, begins to drink water from the pitchers laid out on the room’s small table. He immediately feels refreshed. The rest of the party follows suit. Sally notices the smell of salt in the air, indicating that they may be near the sea. It is agreed that they will search for a merchant that may speak Reikspiel, when Leopold remarks that such “would be the best course of action if this is real.” 

From behind them, they hear “It is not real.” When they turn around, they see an elf. He is dressed almost as colorful as the locals. The elf explains to the party that this is a dream and he was consumed by it as well. The elf explains that we are currently in Lashiek, the capital of Araby and warns the party that “if anyone dies, we might all die.” He also notes, in a surprisingly causal manner, that if he could find the dream, demons from the warp may also be able to find the dream. 
Upon hearing this, Vincent immediately leaves house in search of a solution. To everyone’s surprise, as he leaves, he simultaneously enters the home in a single, fluid motion. This appears to interest the elf, who announces that it must be a time loop. Without a clear direction the dream will not let anyone do anything. At this point, Lukas suggests that the giant dome of gold must be the key as it is too conspicuously large to be anything else. This time, when the party leaves, it works. The elf gives each member of the party a talisman that, he says, will allow them to communicate with the Arabians.
As they approach the dome, the party is approached by a group of men that are clearly palace guards. The guard with the finest clothing and most impressive mustache approaches the party and exclaims that they have been looking all over for them, but inquires as to the location of their instruments. Upon seeing blank looks in response, he remarks something about northerners always drinking too much. The elf is nowhere to be seen.

The guards escort the party to their room and tell them that they will be expected to perform in one hour and they should clean up. He also makes it clear that if they fail to entertain the Sultan Jafar, it would be hazardous to their health. When the party enters the room, the elf is already there. He states that it appears that no one can see him. 

Lukas sees the instruments and picks up a harp. Knowing that it is a dream, he concentrates on believing he can play. Sadly, he fails miserably. At this point, Lukas decides that if he’s going to die, he’s going to die clean and bathes with the provided cleaning supplies. The rest of the party also bathes. When finished, they dress themselves in sets of fine Arabian clothing that was provided. After cleaning himself Lukas tries to play the harp again, and again, fails. Suddenly, Leopold suggests that everyone should try every instrument. This works, everyone seems to find an instrument they can play. 
However, the party still cannot play well. The elf suggests that maybe the party should choose a song to play together. Vincent sees a chest and Leopold opens it. Inside, they find some imperial clothing, bottles of wine, and, most importantly, sheet music. Vincent concentrates on the paper and realizes he can read it. Eventually the rest of the party is able to do the same. They pick a song dedicated to Manann. After three or four tries, the party is playing pretty well.

Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door. The guards inform them it is time to perform. After being led through the palace, the party enters a grand hall. Inside are people from all over the known world, not just Araby. However, the party notices that the imperial clothing is a bit outdated, and the elf realizes that we are not in the present time. One of the guards informs the party that if they perform well, this could help with relations between the two nations as they are led onto the stage.

A man walks out to introduce the party after spending many minutes pontificating on the perfection of Sultan Jafar. Afterwards, the party begins to play, to the delight of everyone. After their performance, the Sultan is clearly pleased. Servants bring two chests full of gold as payment. However, just as the party bows in thanks to the Sultan, they wake up in the coach. However, they find they are wearing fine Arabian clothes and have a talisman in their pockets…

XP Awards

Sally = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +10 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 0 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 5 (race)
Lukas = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +15 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 10 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers)
Vincent = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 20 (religion) +10 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 5 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 5 (arm wrestling)
Leopold = 140 + 20 (characters) + 20 (province) + 15 (religion) +15 (star sign) + 10 (doom) + 5 (ideas) +50 (3 feathers) + 30 (record keeping)

So hopefully I'll have my trip pictures processed soon and maybe a snap shot of the table for Paint Table Saturday 176 (?) tomorrow.

Monday, March 13, 2017

WFRP 2nd Ed - Rough Night at the Three Feathers (part 2)

Hi All,

Next installment, the conclusion of the scenario.

First, here's a picture of Lukas and Leopold preparing to righteously murder some cultists. "For Sigmar!"

Rough Night at the Three Feathers (part 2)

The situation is dire, it is half an hour after midnight and Vincent is in serious trouble. His knife has been found stuck in the back of Bruno Franke, champion of the Countess Marie Ulrich Von Liebowitz. She is cousin to the Countess Emmanuelle Von Liebowitz, Elector of Wissenland.

Lukas has been locked in Bruno's room and the rest of the group are returned to Vincent and Leopold's room and placed under guard. Sally, Vincent and Leopold try to formulate some kind of story that will save Vincent's life and who could have possibly taken Vincent's dagger. We all decide that it must have been stolen from his room during the brawl when everyone was occupied elsewhere. The plan is to tell the countess that the scribe had hired us to investigate the nature of the gentlemen following the Countesses' caravan. We discovered they were cultists, and brought them to the Emperor's justice without hesitation.

At 1AM a servant comes and takes us, under guard, back to the Countess' room. Her room is luxurious, soft bed, over stuffed chairs, wine and dresses hang all around. She invites the group to make themselves comfortable. Lukas is there. She apologizes for having to lock us up but says she had to make it look like we were being held responsible for the death of Bruno. She acknowledges that no one would be stupid enough to leave their own dagger at the scene of a murder. She feels that it is all the work of Dammenblatz. She is on her way to Kemperbad to have her champion fight to prove her innocence in the death of Dammenblatz's father. The father drowned in a bowl of punch at her party, but Dammenblatz has accused her of witchcraft, a very serious offense. She believes that Dammenblatz's agent will now try to assassinate her new champion, Lukas. “You will spend the night in Bruno's room to lure out the murderer,” says the Countess. Vincent asks “Do you think the people who did this are members of a cult?” She thinks not.

Each member of the group is allowed one weapon and one other item, the weapons must be small and able to be used in the confines of the room. Lukas and Vincent take their daggers and armor. Leopold takes his trusty club and armor, while Sally takes his skillet and shot sword. Genaro takes his club. The plan is for Lukas to pretend to seep in bed while the rest of the group hide around the darkened room and wait for the assassin. Lukas is in bed, Sally is underneath the bed, Genaro hides near the fire place while Vincent and Leopold hide on either side of the door.

The waiting seems eternal. The stress of the long day and night starts to wear on our adventurers and Lukas and Genaro fall asleep. After about 20 minutes Lukas and Leopold hear a strange sound. It seems to be coming from the walls. We then pinpoint it. It is the fire place! Lukas, Leopold, Vincent and Sally then see a dark figure emerge from the fireplace and move effortlessly through the room in the darkness. They obviously know the layout of the room.

The group springs into action, Lukas starts to get up and Sally crawls from under the bed. Leopold raises his club overhead and shouts “In the name of Sigmar and the Countess!” As the person turns and tries to run back to the fireplace, Vincent opens the door and lets in light from the hall. The assassin is dressed as a servant of the Three Feathers! Genaro awakens and tries to tackle the murderer. He has a loose grip on him but the assassin is pulling away. Leopold attempts to help Genaro but trips over an ottoman. The assassin shakes Genaro off and narrowly escapes a blow as Sally's skillet clangs of the fireplace masonry. Lukas untangles himself from the bed sheets and flies head long into the attacker. He is knocked down but begins scrabbling up the chimney. With one last gasp Lukas makes a final lunge, grasping the assassin by the leg and wrenching him back into the room. The perpetrator has been caught and the guards rush in and restrain him. We are allowed to go back to our rooms and rest.
At 4:30AM we are all gathered into the great room by the Countess. The assassin is bound and gagged and everyone except for the Priests of Morr and the bounty hunter woman are there. The innkeeper looks angry and in disbelief. There is a cry from upstairs and the servant rushes back down. The Priests of Morr are all dead and there is a headless corpse in the coffin in their room. It is noted that the woman was seen riding away at speed about a half an hour ago.

The Countess says “The assassin was hired by Dammenblatz, and he will hang for this murder! Hand him over to the Road Warden. You may all return to your rooms. I will continue on my way to Kemperbad.” She offers Lukas the job of being her champion, but he respectfully declines. Vincent goes up to the room where the Priests of Morr were staying to help clean up and administer last rights. The Carnage in the room is terrible, the bodies appear to have been rent by some kind of beast. The bodies are buried correctly.

We have an early breakfast and all our possessions are returned to us. In addition to the money we earned from the scribe, the Countess gives us each 50 gold crowns. She says to look her up if we are ever in Nuln. Vincent tells her his real name, hoping that she will speak on his behalf should the unpleasantness in Nuln ever catch up with him.

Olesia greets us at the carraige. “Ready to continue? It is only a few days to Talabheim.” It is a beautiful day, but we are all tired from our long night. Before the rocking of the carriage lulls us to sleep, Vincent recalls that Talabheim has many laws, tolls and taxes. He hopes that the Countess' gift will be enough to get us around the city.

We will always remember our night at the Three Feathers!

(Thus ends my stint as note taker.)

I also keep on forgetting to welcome new followers. Michał Górzański is our GM for these sessions and runs the blog It Always Rains in Nuln. I don't know who sprinks is and I believe I know Phil Otep from the G+ group 1/72-20mm fantasy minis for rpg. If you have a blog or website please let me know and I'll link to it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WFRP 2nd Ed - Rough Night at the Three Feathers

Hi All,

Here's the latest installment in our WFRP 2nd Ed. game.

First let me leave you with some more scenes drawn by J. Brisken from our last session.

Lukas and Genaro being questioned by the Ironsides.

Sally fishing Vincent and Leopold out of the Reik.

Rough Night at the Three Feathers:

Our heroes have been traveling North East toward Talabheim for two weeks now. Olesia's carriage is very comfortable and well stocked, but the supplies are running out. This necessitates more frequent stopping at Inns for meals and lodging.

A couple of days out from Talabheim and Olesia says “The dusk is coming fast, we need to stay at the Inn. I hope you are okay with that?” The “I hope you are okay with that?” appears to be a Kislevite colloquial expression. It doesn't matter if you are okay with that, that is what you are doing.

Before arriving at the Inn the group discusses an alias for Vincent, just in case Jubal Falk has sent people out from Nuln looking for “The Accursed Deriosh.” Vincent is now Walter, pronounced Valter, Listermann.

As we pull up to the two story Inn, we see a luxurious carriage being unloaded by servants in an unfamiliar livery. Outside the Innkeeper; a stocky, bald man with an impressive beard; is directing the men where to take the crates. The sign above the door has an image of three feathers. Olesia tells the group she knows the Inn well. “Good food and drink. Don't worry about the money, it's all paid for.”

Olesia drops the group in front and heads for the stables, she always sleeps with the coach. As they pass inside the group sees the Innkeeper speaking with a scribe, whose most notable feature is his large, fat, purse. Sally and Leopold quickly glance at one another, Leopold licks his lips. Once inside the group has to wait ten minutes before the Innkeeper gets to them, the place is bustling with activity.

He tells them that the Countess of Amberstein, Marie Ulrich von Liebowitz, is staying at the inn and it's going to be a busy night. He points the group to an empty table in the main room and tells us the cost of lodging. Because the Inn is so full we get two doubles and a single. 50 shillings per double, 10 shillings for the single. The group orders Brandy, beers and sausage. For some reason they all pass on the house broth.

The room is bustling, servants run around with platters of food and pitchers of drink. At ome of the tables a huge, muscular, man arm wrestles one of the coach guards. He reminds the group of the judicial champion they crossed paths with in Nuln, he is well armed and armored. He slams the guards arm down on the table and looks around the room for his next opponent.

Sally asks Genaro if he thinks he can take the big man. Genaro thinks so. Sally goes to the table and strikes up a conversation, offering the big man a swig from his bottle of Brettonian brandy. The man's name is Bruno Franke, the Countess' personal champion. Genaro “The Tilean Stallion” beats Bruno handily and earns his respect. Each member of the group had bet one crown each. Bruno makes some small talk, asking where the group is going. He says Talabheim is nice. He says the Countess is on her way to Kemperbad, where he will fight for her in holy judgement. Lukas tries to gossip more but gets no further information.

“Walter” decides to try his luck against the champion next. Only Lukas is brave enough to bet on his traveling companion. “Walter”wins and Bruno is now no longer interested in talking with the group. At a nearby table the group notices a Halfling, shuffling cards. The groups food is up, so they return to their table.

While the group stuffs themselves on sausage and beer the notice three men come into the Inn. They are soaked with rain. After about 10 minutes a servant comes down from upstairs and tells Bruno that the Countess wants him to stop arm wrestling. He berates the servant and tells him to “get lost!”

After eating, Sally decides to head over to the Halfling's table and introduce himself. Sally introduces himself as “Odo Rumpins” and learns that the Halfling is called Glimbrin Weirdfoot. He wears a leather jerkin, two daggers and carries a large purse. Glimbrin states that he's been waiting for a worthy opponent. Sally tells Glimbrin that the group are merchants, Glimbrin is skeptical.”Walter” comes over to see what's going on and join the game. Sally says he wants a clean game and they begin. Glimbrin wins the first hand.

Meanwhile the Countess herself comes downstairs to reprimand Bruno. She orders him upstairs, he follows orders. It appears that most of her soldiers and staff are staying in the common room, but she has one wing of the Inn to herself.

Leopold tries to chat up the three men who entered earlier. He is told to bugger off in no uncertain terms. He sheepishly goes back to the table with Lukas and Genaro. Meanwhile, Sally and “Walter” play another round of cards with Glimbrin. Sally slips and uses Vincent's real name, it doesn't appear to be a big deal, Vincent wins the hand. As they talk with Glimbrin they learn he is traveling to Nuln, or maybe Altdorf. He relays that there are many refugees in Talabheim and it is getting harder and harder to get into.

At that moment the door opens again and four more rain soaked people enter. A well dressed man and woman, and two boatmen. The couple are obviously love birds and can be heard telling the Innkeeper they need a room for Mr and Mrs Schmidt. They quickly go upstairs. The boatmen grab a table and order food and drink.

Determined to talk to someboby, Leopold makes his way over to the Boatmen and introduces himself as “Albrecht.” They are from Grisenwald and sail their boat up and down the river transporting people and goods. They relate that Talabheim is a mess, there is fighting between refugees from Hochland and Kislev in Talagaad. As they jovially chat, three more people enter from the rain. They are Priests of Morr in full robes, faces covered. The Innkeeper comes to them immediately. Words and gold are exchanged, but the group can see that he is unhappy. Two servants in another unknown livery come in bearing a body. The priests and body head upstairs to their room. As the hour gets later, Genaro gets more morose. His mood has improved somewhat as he has become more comfortable on his prosthetic foot. However the evenings are still difficult for him, perhaps he is still affected by the ordeal of their escape from Nuln.

Sally and Vincent are still playing cards with Glimbrin. Sally inquires about traveling alone, Glimbrin says it is easier to evade people you don't want to meet when traveling alone. As they play a woman enters the Inn. She is in full leather armor with a crossbow, sword, net, rope and manacles. She looks like she means business. She talks to the Innkeeper briefly and silver exchanges hands. She sits at an empty table and waits for her food and drink.

Vincent makes eye contact with her to see if there is any hint of recognition, there is none. He comments on the number of late travelers and is met with agreement. The chit chat turns to that of the danger on the roads. Glimbrin says he isn't too worried, when Sally brings up rumors of Beastmen Glimbrin says they are further North. Sally asks”Do you have any friends where you're headed?” To which Glimbrin replies “None in Nuln, but I do have a few in Altdorf.” A conversation about opening up a bakery and selling cookies ensues. Sally isn't sure if it is Thieves Cant for some enterprise, or if Glimbrin really wants to start a bakery. Sally tells Glimbrin he should try the dumplings at the Gallows Humor if he goes to Nuln. Vincent ends up winning the hand.

Leopold goes back to sit with Lukas and Genaro, they are both buzz kills. Leopold looks at the lady sitting alone, but is too apprehensive to chat her up, she looks like a bounty hunter. At 10pm one of the Countess' servants comes downstairs and rounds up all the servants and guards in the common room. The young lover, Schmidt comes down to order some red wine. As they pass, one of the Countess' servants says something to Schmidt, he looks mad while the servant looks smug. At this point the group decides to retire upstairs.

The group has three adjacent rooms, in the North wing. They decide to set a watch schedule. Lukas, in the single, will take first watch. In the double next door will be Sally and Genaro, with Vincent and Leopold sharing the room at the corner near the hall with the stairs. Most of Lukas' shift goes by uneventfully until about 10 minutes before midnight. A knock on Vincent and Leopold's door wakes them up. Lukas accosts the knocker before they can open the door. He startles one of the Countess' servants who has a parchment for Vincent and Leopold. Lukas takes it and sends the servant away. Leopold and Vincent open the door and let Lukas in. They read the letter, it is a request to meet Rechthander in his room.

Leopold and Vincent resolve to see what this is about. Vincent hangs back around the corner while Leopold is let past the guards to see Rechthander in the Countess' wing. Leopold knocks on the door and is let in by the man he recognizes as the scribe with the large purse they saw when they arrived. The purse is now nowhere in sight.

Gustaf Rechthander, lawyer for the Countess Amberstein, is visibly distraught. He is in his night shirt and explains how some men are threatening to expose him. He relates the story of how he joined a secret society while at university, Ordo Ultima. He originally thought it was a science fraternity, but it turned out they dabbled in the occult. After seeing their books and rituals he fled, but the have tracked him down and are blackmailing him. Gustaf says he has killed one already and dumped his body in the river. Leopold is skeptical but sees there is blood in the room. Rechthnder says he will pay the group 250 crowns if they dispose of the other two cultists. Leopold wants the money, but after the horrors of Nuln, he also wants to kill cultists. He agrees to do the job and heads back to the room.

Genaro refuses to wake up; Sally, Lukas, Vincent and Leopold discuss the turn of events. Sally and Lukas, in particular, are very suspicious that this is a set up. Sally goes downstairs and out the back to the outhouse to do a little reconnaissance. Only Glimbrin and the Boatmen remain in the main room, the lady is gone. Outside there is no visible exit from upstairs. Sally returns soaked from the rain. The group questions Rechthander's story, but he was slightly wet.

The group still can't decide what to do, but armor is donned and weapons readied. Sally and Vincent go back downstairs to look for more ways in and out of the Inn. As they come into the main room, four men burst in through the door. It is one obviously drunk noble and three goons. The noble loudly slurs “I'm looking for Friedrich von Friedhoffer, where is he?” The commotion rouses the Innkeeper and a few servants, who come out into the room. The Innkeeper tells the noble to stop making such a rukus. “I don't take orders from common swine!”, says the noble as he starts trying to push past and go upstairs. As the Innkeeper and his staff try to prevent the drunk from going up stairs and disturbing the guests the noble bellows “Out of my way you son of a swine!” Apparently he has something against pigs. A brawl ensues, catching Sally and Vincent in it's midst.

Hearing the commotion downstairs from their vantage point in the hall upstairs, Lukas says “Now's the time!” He and Leopold swing into action. Leopold goes to pick the lock, but it is open. He pushes open the door and Leopold crashes in, hatchet and dagger in hand. The two men inside are caught completely unawares as Lukas buries his hatchet into ones leg. Leopold rushes in, pulling out his club, to confront the second man. A grim dance ensues. Lukas is able to kill his opponent with a clean blow to the head. Leopold has more difficulty with his but dispatches him with heavy blows that make an audible cracking sound. (Actually the battle was quite a few misses on both sides and the use of a luck point each, this way sounds better.) Lukas and Leopold quickly turn over the room finding nothing but 10 silver and that the men each have the symbol O surrounded by a U tattooed on their left breast. They wipe as much gore as they can off themselves on the sheets and then close the door and head downstairs, hoping to get out in the rain.

Sally tries to stay out of the fight but is knocked down by one of the goons. Vincent manages to get himself between the brawlers and the stairs, but is first pushed up and then falls down them. At that moment the bounty hunter woman bursts in. She drops one goon with a single punch and then pulls another of Vincent. The drunk noble is still scrabbling on top of him and is summarily kicked in the head and tied up by her. Lukas and Leopold make their way downstairs to see the noble and his goons tied up and sitting at the table by the stairs while Sally, Vincent and the Innkeeper and his staff all look scratched and bruised. Lukas and Leopold don't pause and head outside to get washed off by the rain.

While the downstairs is quiet, a commotion starts upstairs. Sally and Vincent go to investigate. They can hear screams coming from a room near the top of the stairs. They knock on the door, a priest of Morr answers. They see two robed priests holding another man down on the floor while he screams. The priest at the door says, “One of the brothers has received a holy vision. He screams when he has them.” Vincent says “May Morr watch over you.” to which he replies, “And you as well.” As they walk away Sally and Vincent realize there are too many priests in the room. When they came in earlier there were only three. Sally knocks on the door again, this time weapons out. The priest opens the door again, very irritated. Sally accuses him of lying about the visions, now only three priests can be seen. They all are dressed in the robes of Morr and look legit. “Go away! You are interrupting our rituals!” shouts the priest as he shuts the door in Sally's face.

Not knowing what else to do Sally and Vincent return downstairs. Everyone else has gone back to the common room to sleep. Lukas and Leopold come back inside, soaked but clean of battle evidence. They are puzzled to see Vincent downstairs with his spear. They all head back to Leopold and Vincent's room. “It's done.” says Leopold. He takes off his armor and dries off. Leopold and Sally head off to see Rechthander and collect payment. Sally brings a dagger, Leopold is unarmed.

They are let past the guards again and into Gustaf's room. After confirming the deed is done he looks visibly relieved. He hands over the large purse, as advertised it is filled with 250 gold crowns. We part from him and divide the loot five ways, less 10% for the war chest, to try and disguise our payment. The group does not have much time to revel in their riches, however, as another scream rings out. Loud enough to wake Genaro.

All of the Countess' guards are out in the hall now and are rousting people out of their rooms. The group has been taken to the Countess' wing where the room across from Rechthander's is open. Inside, Bruno, lies dead with Vincent's dagger between his shoulder blades. As the guardsmen lock down the Inn and search all the rooms, the two dead cultists are found plus a third body in a small room near the stairs. One of the inn servants and the bounty hunter woman are missing. Vincent exclaims “My dagger must have been stolen during the brawl!” But no one believes him. The crowd wants to string him up.
The Countess Marie Ulrich von Liebowitz of Amberstein takes command. “I am the victim! I shall execute the Law!' she commands. “You shall be my champion!” she says pointing at Lukas. “You four will be stripped of your possessions and detained while evidence is collected.” she decreed, pointing at Leopold, Vincent, Sally and Genaro. Lukas is locked in Bruno's room and the other four members of the group are locked in Leopold and Vincent's room with two armed guards outside the door.

Will Vincent be able to exonerate himself? Are the missing woman and servant to blame? Are the priests of Morr more than what they seem? Has the party been double crossed by Gustaf Rechthander? Find out this and more, next time on WFRP 2nd edition A Rough Night at the Three Feathers!


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