Thursday, December 14, 2017

Monolithcon 2017 - High Value Target Part 2

Hi All,

The first Black Ops scenario was so much fun we played a second one. This one follows on the heels of the daring capture of the Mayor of Hellsreach by the Orks and Abdul. The Dwarf Operators have tracked them to their encampment and try to execute a night attack.

Killing the objective early in the game sort of set the tone for this one. By the time we got enough forces to bear on the enemy, they bugged out. Still a fun game and it was interesting to try the guard and noise mechanics from Black Ops.

Bretonnians are slowly coming along. The one knight I'm putting together is being difficult.


  1. LMAO I had 1 in 3 chances of hitting the mayor in the right hut, don't take me to Vegas folks. LMAO That was a fun one.

    1. Hi Airborne, yeah what're the odds? 33.3%. Still, it kept with the weekends theme of building abuse.

  2. At least the dwarves seem to have caused carnage and then retired successfully (without loss?). They should be reasonably happy with that, I think.

    1. Hi Hugh, yeah it definitely felt like a Dwarf victory. We couldn't really bring any fire to bear on him.



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