Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orgy of rules purchases

Hi all,

I have a back log on posts. I played an actual game of Zombies last weekend and will write up my AAR and review. I also still need to give my 2 cents on the paper figures and terrain I bought awhile back.

In the mean time I splurged on rule sets and purchased All Things Zombie (ATZ), NUTS!, Red Sand Blue Sky (RSBS) and Six Gun Sound (SGS) from Two Hour Wargames (THW). I am kicking myself for now for not also puchasing 5150: Star Army as I see now that I can get a whole bunch of 20mm sci -fi from RHModels and Reviresco and their Star Guard line.

The thought is ATZ will set up for the Post apocalypse, because of course society will collapse after the zombie plague. NUTS! will see the return of my Squad leader campaign character "Leonid Brezhnev" (or however you spell his name.) RSBS can tie in to RRtK Talomir campaign, Gladiators of the Topilium Imperium. And SGS can see the return of my only memorable Boot Hill character Whitey Jesus Ochoa Ford.

Sounds good on paper, we'll see if I can make it happen.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Ready Etc, Book Review

Now I must admit that this was a total impulse buy because of the cover and excerpts on the back. I was also, at the time, heavily into post apocalypse material.

I will say that I find Forrest funny and appreciate his quirkiness, but at times the book gets a bit much. Many dick jokes and overall locker room humor. While I have a high tolerance for this others may not be able to get past it. I would also say that the synopsis and pitch he gives to the publisher are probably more what I was looking for. Stretching it out into a book just made me want to put it down more than keep reading.

So from the back cover:

1. Have you dug up your wife's rose garden and built a fallout shelter, equipped with a prison where you can lock up annoying family members?

2. Have you mapped out an escape route to your safe zone?

3. Is there a vehicle of death siting in your garage?

4. Have you filled your go bag with all the needed instruments, including waterproof matches, postapocalyptic goggles, and at least one sexual party favor?

5. Have you learned how to milk various types of animals, including a giraffe?

You get the idea. So you have tips on how to survive, signs of a variety of coming apocalypti and tips for how to set up your own post A society (with you on top of course). There are also several side bars with interesting stores by Forrest and friends such as "Naked Etiquette" and my favorite "Ways to know if you are a F***ing fighter" especially #2 - You might be a fighter if you've ever given a stripper ringworm.

So in conclusion I would say this book is more like a limerick book. Better to pick and choose your way through than a straight sit down and read through.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1000 page views.

Well I'm up to 1000 page views, hopefully not too many of them are me checking in from my smart phone. Since I love maps I thought it would be fitting to have this image of Europe in 1000AD.

Welcome to Vladdd309 from Just too much free time, he has reviews and news about GW, Privateer Press and Osprey/Warlord Games stuff on his page.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Conan Skirmish Game?

I had this strange feeling of Veja Du, you know that feeling that I had never seen this before. I was looking at the blog roll for Tabletop Gaming News and stumbled upon this post so I looked around and realized that Matakishi had done it again and made up a Conan game. It looks like it could be fun and of course he has set it up in his inimitable style. I would also like to draw attention to the "Otherworld" idol.
This scenery is just fantastic. As a boy I spent countless hours looking at and through my AD&D books, but the Players Handbook was, to me, the most iconic.
Fantastic! Really takes me back.

Anyhow, welcome to R.gers and his Company of Heroes blog. I must profess that I am completely ignorant of this game but his blog looks like it has quite a bit of info on computer gaming.

Welcome Ambassador, I don't see a link to your blog but I see you also follow THW and Akula. Good stuff.

Welcome Scottsz, you seem to have several now defunct blogs about writing and developing adventure backgrounds. seems to still be up and looks interesting for D&D players. If you have a link to your webzine please let me know and I'll post it.

Welcome Big Lee of I am familiar with your work. Another top notch painter and member of the Posties Rejects.

And finally welcome Kriz of I have no idea what GUNPLA is but that damaged building diorama is quite impressive. Good luck with it.

I have to rush off and meet the kids at the bus stop. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post Apocalypse 28mm

Andrea posted something about a Ganesha Games Post Apocalypse rule set based on the figures from

This is like kryptonite to my stance against 28mm. I probably still won't cave, but these minis are definitely cool. What is particularly cool is the Matakishi mini:
So if you can't game with him in the flesh, you can game with him by proxy. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zombies Anyone?

I am on the Zombie bandwagon, watched "The Walking Dead" last season and the premier of Season 2 this past Sunday. Just did a search for Free Zombie Game Rules and came up with this post: and it looks like there may be something to work with there. At the bottom of the post they have a link back to a review of Zombie games you can buy. I've also been considering buying Two Hour Wargames title "All things zombie". The Angry Lurker also pointed out that in addition to WW2 and Samurai (you should check those out) he played some zombie stuff using rules from Akula. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but the game TAL had looked pretty cool and it made me wonder if Shelldrake isn't using these rules for his Play By Blog game as well. Mainly due to the reference to Zombie Spawn points.

I also did some searchifiying yesterday for 20mm (1/72) zombies and it looks like Elhiem has the best stuff (or the only really). It turns out that 20mm is a better search term for figures than 1/72 which tends to be broader. I also found Stan Johansen Minatures when doing this search. The Road warrior figures and Road Rage rules, as well as kits for turning Hotwheels cars into wasteland death mobiles, all look neat. For me Post -Apocalypse and Zombie Apocalypse go hand in hand.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

How could I resist?

Do not taunt Hemming! (Rolled it on the Age of Blood naming table). "I'll smash your face for you!"
I got it from Col Shofer.

Welcome to The Angry Lurker. A pal of Ray from Don't Throw a One. His site has great photos of his games with the Posties rejects as well as movie reviews and inspirational photos. Good stuff. The main thrust seems to be WW2, or at least the most labelled.

Welcome to Scotty. If you have a blog please let me know and I'll post a link.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Viking we shall go

I'm getting closer to some actual gaming. This weekend I downloaded some paper figs and terrain from RPG Now in a hope to jump start the gaming process. I'll give a review of the products when I have more time. Weekend Flag Football and landscaping (it's finally below 100F in Phoenix) took up all of my time this weekend, so I'll just have to push to get in a game this week. I may go with unpainted plastics and paper terrain, just to get the ball rolling.

Paul of the mancave has inspired me to make an Age of Blood cheat sheet and deck of fate cards. So Paul I may require a thumbs up or down on the design. Hopefully you will be able to use them for your games.

Welcome to Col Shofer of Colonel Schofer's Mild OCD Model Blog. Mild is putting it mildly. But all kidding aside it is a useful if not overwhelming repository of gaming goodness. I particularly liked the recent viking post here.

And lastly, although it has nothing to do with vikings I thought that Dale's post here required a plug. An interesting adaptation of Command and Colors (or colours) to miniature gaming.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blood Bowl 7s

As I was reading through my blog list I came upon this post from Paul of the mancave. Blood Bowl 7s seems to be a fast play variant with a smaller pitch and fewer players. Sounds perfect for my Quis Sanguinis idea. Also perhaps better suited to solo play THW style. The rules can be found here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boardgame resource

Hi All,

I forget what I was initially searching for but has a ton of game reviews and cheat sheets for various board/ big box games. I snagged the Man O' War stuff as I actually have that game.

Welcome to Alanus of Dux Homunculorum lots of good DBA stuff in 1/72. I like the dice blessing ceremony.

Welcome to Damon of Everything you Need looks like a good film review site, ones that could be turned into some good THW skirmish scenarios. I don't see you in the public followers list, but no worries. Thanks for stopping by.


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