Wednesday, November 29, 2017

eBay mishaps - do your research

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  I can't remember why exactly, but I did a search for the Slann Mage Priest and found one that actually seemed like a good deal. So I put in a bid and won. As per usual, I didn't look carefully enough at the picture or do my research to see if it was complete. I never learn.

  What's wrong with this picture? Well, the banner poles and horns are missing from the palanquin, the metal arms for the Saurus bearers are missing and in their place are only two plastic arms. I would need four. To top it off, it's been slathered in epoxy, oh and the Stegadon skull backrest is on backwards. So yeah, not really a bargain.

  So I did what  should have done in the first place, and went to 

So here's all the stuff it should have. Armed with this information I went back to eBay.

Somehow I found this one I had not seen before. Appears complete and a much more reasonable price than the $80 I had been seeing it for. Free shipping too.

Anyway, I'm impulsive and dumb. Happy Holidays.


In my haste to publish I forgot to mention a link I found for making your own pseudo Slann Mage Priest. You can find it on Jon's Wargames Minis here. He used the Gaspez Arts Fantasy Football Slann coach and some TAG Aztecs as bearers. A quite convincing substitute in my opinion. That's all.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monolith Con 2017 - Heroquest

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This was the last game of the night, so we were all a little loopy. Blue is also apparently not the biggest fan of heroquest, but he took one for the team. Tom came up with a quick scenario and I got to play the Barbarian. There was some talk about how, as a noob, the Barbarian as the easiest to play. But I think everyone soon realized that I would be the most awesome Barbarian there ever was. ;)

So prepare to have your eyeballs assaulted with my musk of awesomeness!

So there you have it. Do you not feel your loin cloth tightening? Lopez played the wizard andBlue played the Elf and Dwarf. I honestly can't remember what the dwarf's name was, so I thought it would be funny to dis him throughout the report. All in good fun.

Welcome to Peps. If you have a hobby blog let me know and I'll link it. ***Edit: Peps' blog is Beers with Peps looks like a good mix of hobby and beer reviews. Slainte. /Edit***

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Monolithcon 2017 - Black Falcon Xray One

Hi All,

I think this was our last game. I took the Imperial Army against Grove and Blue in a quick game of Lopez's Rogue Trader, Black Ops mash up. Rogue Ops.

I got caught flat footed in shitty cover and didn't activate at the right time, except for the parting shot at the transport. The card activation adds a nice amount of friction.

Staff Sgt Olivia needs to weigh her options, what is the price of failure? I just got caught in the open during a string of Ork activations. Rogue Ops can be fickle like that.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kublacon 2017 - Big Necromunda game.

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Going all the way back to May and the huge game of Necromunda I played in. The game ran until 2AM. I played my Genestealer Cult and had a lot of fun. I held this one back because I was going to publish it in the Oldhammer in the New World Zine. Then I got distracted and never finished putting the zine together. I'm working on having it come out in December.

Here's the comic.

As you can see the terrain and figures were off the hook. I think we started with 8 players and whittled down to about four. It was hardcore. I had control of the Patriarch and Facehugger and I muffed their usage. The scenario had a lot of  shifting objectives and multiple hidden objectives based on which group you were. Still a blast though. Thanks to the guys for welcoming me and my son into the game. I intend to return in 2018.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 211 - Bretonnian Brigands

Hi All,

I know it's Monday, but I was busy with a roleplaying session and kind of in shock from some bad news I woke up to.

First the minis.

Did the base flesh while watching tv the other night and some base metal the other day on about half. I need to clean up my work space as I'm having trouble doing simple things because of all the clutter.

The bad news I woke up to was that Dr. Xiao Puquan, Master Xiao, had died. I used to train Taichi with him and a group in the local park and had been to his Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic a few times. He had been an honest to goodness Shaolin Monk and had come to the states, married and started his own business. I'm still fuzzy on the details, but he was apparently admitted to the hospital for pain and died 10 hours later. It didn't really hit me until some of our mutual friends started posting pictures of him on facebook. The one with his wife and kids devastated me. He was only about a year older than me.

Anyway. I'm had already been thinking about how I'd let my Taichi practice slip. I'm going to return to it and get back to what he taught me, as well as what I learned from my other teachers. I stopped because I got frustrated with my practice, I rationalized that I made no difference to the world if I practiced or not. But I want to honor the people that gave me their time and not throw that away. So I will do it for them and for me and not worry about anything else.

I'd also like to welcome Mr Papafakis to the blog. Sorry to welcome you after the bummer part of this post. I know you have a blog, but I can't recall what it is right now.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Monolith Con 2017 - Ambulls on the Loose

Hi All,

Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend a small gathering of friends to totally geek out and play old, unsupported, games with a mix of new and oop models. It was glorious.

Because my order of plastic Umber Hulks didn't arrive from Miniature Market I had to play out a variant of my Ambull hunt scenario idea using my pair of Knightmare Games Ambulls.

Please to enjoy! (Remember you can right click on them and read them in Monolith size)

We just used regular Rogue Trader rules and rolled for initiative for the player squads each turn. The Ambulls went last and the random movement from the scatter dice was a little weird but worked out in the end. We agreed that having some civilians in the way would have made it more of a challenge. Next time I should have my Arbites painted up as well.

Before we started we had talked about playing on a 4'x4' table, but somehow ended up on a 6'x4'. One of the challenges of multiplayer, and especially 3 players, is making sure that everyone has an equal chance at the objective.

On a photography note, I spent the weekend playing with my ISO settings and not using flash. So most of these pictures were taken at around 5000, which to me is ridiculously high. I still have to figure out how to balance things, because the pictures were super contrasty and therefore difficult to tweak, even in Lightroom. It also contributed to the softness of the images in the comic. Higher ISO leads to greater noise in the image. So still some work but I know I can get pictures without flash if I have to.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 210 - Monsters and Monoliths

Hi All,

Had to get ready for a gaming weekend, so I pushed a bunch of stuff through.

Reaper giant worm and some monoliths I made out of styrofoam and foamcore.

I bowed to wanting to play with these and just redid the eyes and called them done.

More Reaper bones monsters. Two Mind Eaters and a sand creature (?). Once I decided on matching the Ankheg color scheme and adding the pink, things went pretty quickly.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, November 3, 2017

WFRP 2nd Ed - Terror in Talabheim (let's get caught up)

Hi All,

A lot has happened in the campaign and Jason has had a chance to draw some more pictures from scenes in our games. I'll just sort of do a text dump so that we can get caught up to the present. I believe all these notes are by A. Dyer and J. Brisken.

Fight in the Tunnels into Talabheim

Sally nurses Genaro at Daubler's shop

Deadeye breaks down his Crossbow while explaining the use of Dwarven "Grenades"

August 27th - Crossing the Barricades

The party sees barricades manned by soldier but the arrows are hitting the crowd of people.

Lukas begins to fight his way back to the fallen Vincent while Leopold to looks for a place to get cover. Sally produces his hand grenade. Lukas finds only barred windows, but realizes that he might be able to climb to the top of the buildings as they are not too tall. Vincent tries to get up, but is unable. Lukas manages to grab Vincent by the shirt and successfully yanks him. Sally lobs the bomb back towards the oncoming skaven horde, which is followed by a huge explosion sending bits of skaven and humans everywhere. The explosion caused a momentary lapse in movement from the horde. Lukas climbs to the top of the building and sees both the horde of skaven and the Talabheim soldiers killing anyone who approaches the barricades. Lukas and Vincent make their way to the sides of the crowd while moving in the direction of the barricades. Sally realizes he needs to either climb a building or drop into the sewers to escape the horde. Sally attempts to reach a nearby building and Genaro follows him. Sally manages to make it to the top of a building across the street from Leopold. Leopold looks down and notices that the bomb cleared the back of the crowd, leaving Lukas and Vincent exposed. Leopold hollers at Lukas and Vincent to get their attention. 

With a huge stroke of luck, Vincent and Lukas manage to climb up the building just as the horde is arriving to their position. However, Sally is unable to haul Genaro up and he is dragged down by a horde of rats. Sally manages to dodge a skaven just as it happens. Lukas, Leopold, and Vincent attempt to get behind the barricades over the roofs. Sally sees this and attempts to do the same. Looking around, most of the crowd has been massacred at this point. As Sally attempts to jump from one roof to another, he slips and falls and lands in an alley, taking damage (6). Lukas, Leopold, and Vincent see him fall. 

Lukas almost falls attempting to jump across two roofs, but at the last second catches himself. Leopold and Vincent managed to make the jump. Sally manages to climb back up to the top of a building. Lukas, Leopold, and Vincent approach the last jump to get behind the barricades, which they all make. Vincent withdraws the last grenade as Leopold and Lukas wait for Sally to catch up. Leopold checks out the chimney of the building they are on. Sally makes the last jump. Vincent sees Sally make the jump and shoves the grenade back in his bag. 

Vincent and Lukas drop to the ground silently. However, Leopold catches some of the defender’s attention, who fire some arrows towards. They all miss. Leopold, Lukas, and Vincent manage to get lost in the crowd and escape the archer’s notice. Sally makes his way down as well. 

Dawn begins to approach as Sally finds the rest of the party. The Skaven have managed to capture two areas of the city. The party runs into Corporal Kopinski, who updates them on the status of the city and takes them to the nearest barracks. The party was also issued new uniforms and weapons. 
After eating, the Party heads to Daubler’s home to rest for a few hours until their next shift. For several days, the party operates on patrol, with no major incidents. There is unrest in the city as many citizens attempt to storm the countess’s palace in anger. 

Various ideas are discussed in support of a counter attack, including blowing up the Tallows. The idea of a controlled fire starts to become popular. Many people, civilian and military alike, are also showing signs of the great Ague.

After finishing their shift, the party discusses how they should alert the countess to dead eye’s prediction of an assassination attempt on the countess. V fetches D to the room and Leopold explains to Daubler that prediction and asks if he knowns anyone that the information could be passed through in a reliable and secret manner. Daubler tells them that the grand manor is already under huge military protection to protect the countess’ life and that the countess is likely well aware that her life may be in danger. 

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, the party heads to the guard house for their shift. Vincent checks with Daubler to see if he needs anything to be picked up while they are out. While heading to the guard house, many people appear to be sick. 

Kopinski orders party to go to Swartzhold near the iron lands street and the Wernhauer stables and report anything suspicious. The noble houses have offered 2 gc/week salary to work in the patrols and guards. The patrol route is fairly large and the shift lasts about ten hours. As the set set, a horrible scream emits from a nearby alley. As the party reaches the alley, they see three naked men attacking a woman and a man. One is gnawing on the leg of the man. As two of the men turn to face the party, they are clearly zombies with freakish mutations. Lukas, Sally, and V are rooted to their spots in fear. Leopold aims his crossbow and hits a zombie in the arm with a quarrel but the zombie doesn’t appear to be bothered. The second zombie slowly shuffles towards Sally. 
Lukas and Sally cannot overcome their fear, while Leopold takes another shot at the zombie approaching him but shoots wildly. Vincent manages to overcome his fear.

The other zombie bites Sally’s leg with a loud snap, tearing away lots of flesh (10), who manages to stay conscious but blood is spraying everywhere. 
The first zombie attempts to attack Leopold but misses, while the third zombie is eating the young man behind them. From the attack, Sally and Lukas manages to overcome their fear. Vincent attacks the zombie attacking Sally, but misses as the zombie dodged faster than zombies should be able to move. This also caused the zombie to lunge at Vincent, but he steps back causing the zombie to trip, where Vincent decapitates the zombie quickly. 

Leopold doges the next attack from the zombie he is facing. Sally advances towards the same zombie and smashes the zombie’s arm with his club. 
Lukas charges the final zombie and severs the zombie in twain. Leopold twists his ankle attempting to attack the last surviving zombie, and Vincent charges in. Eventually the zombie is brought down. 

Lukas bandages the man’s wounds. When examining the body, the party notices that each zombie has a raised rune on their ankle, resembling a stylized “G.” Further, Leopold notices that the loincloths on the zombies are very high quality, suggesting nobility. Suddenly, the party hears an unprecedented number of screams throughout Talabheim. 

Lukas notices some bare foot prints leading east. The party follows the trail when a street urchin runs towards them. Eventually he’s able to shout “Zombies! Lots. Knoll of Doctrines.” And runs off. 

Oct. 1st - Zombies!!!

Although no one in the party has ever actually seen a zombie, these zombies are not what anyone would expect a zombie to look like. Eyes in the wrong places, extra fingers, etc. 
The party heads to the Knoll of Doctrines and can hear screams and scenes of battle as they approach. On the Knoll, the party can see an army of zombies, no two alike, fighting the bulldogs and priests. (See Zombie Fight Handout) There is one man, a priest of Morr, walking around and touching zombies, who instantly turn to dust. 

The zombies are defeated, leading to a round of cheers from the defenders. The priest of Morr begins to approach the party. Vincent salutes the priest, but no reaction occurs. Vincent recognizes the priest as Paul van Soleck He tells Vincent that the latest incursion is just a test and that someone took Van Hels too seriously, laughs like a madman, and walks off. Leopold asks a passing soldier if he saw where the zombies came from. The soldier says that no one is sure, but the highest concentration is in the north and east of the city.

The party finishes its patrol and returns to Daubler’s for rest. On the journey, many strange sounds can be heard through the city. Daubler heals Sally some, but decides to barricade his home for the night. Vincent has a nightmare about a monster peering over the walls of the crater causing him to wake up screaming, which, in turn, wakes up the rest of the group. 
The next morning, it is snowing lightly. Daubler also insists on daily baths. Lukas and Sally spend the morning securing the house for Daubler and then performing chores around his house, while Vincent and Leopold go to the Law District to search the mark on the zombies. While waiting in line, a few street urchins offer to hold their place in line for a pence each. Vincent hires the children while he and Leopold go investigate at the Temple of Morr.

Inside the temple, one of the priests asks Vincent about his dream and tells Vincent he is touched. Vincent asks the priest about Van Hels. The priest asks Vincent and Leopold to leave the building. Outside, he tells them than Van Hels was a line of nobles, the originator of which practiced necromancy. The priest further explained that there is a powerful spell named after him that allows for the creation of an army of undead. The priest continues to tell Vincent about how knowledge of Van Hels can drive people mad. Vincent leaves two pennies in the prayer box as they leave the temple.

Leopold and Vincent then head to the temple of Sigmar. At the temple, Leopold and Vincent kneel and perform the sign of the hammer. Then Leopold approaches a warrior priest and asks for information about the zombies. He gives them a small amulet for their fight against the zombies. The priests are aware of the mark, but do not appear to know to whom it belongs. The warrior priest repeats the same information regarding Van Hels. The warrior priest also tells them that the church is planning on mounting an attack on the skaven. Vincent leaves a shilling in the prayer box as they leave the temple.

Leopold and Vincent return to the central registry and are told to get a form signed by their commanding officer and get it stamped at the hall of records before returning with it. They return to Duabler’s to get Lucas and Sally. Vincent also asks Leopold to keep quiet about being touched by Morr. As they arrive, Sally, Lucas, and Daubler are eating lunch. Sally toasts in Tilean. After lunch, they all head to Kopinksi’s office and get his signature, for which he gives without asking any questions. The stamp at the hall of records is obtained. Then after another hour an half in line at the central registry, the party gives the form to the clerk. The clerk looks at the form and tells the party that it is the wrong form. The clerk gives the party a new form and kicks them out of the line. 
Outside, Leopold begins to look for a way to sneak in. At the base of a nearby statute, Leopold notices a stylized ‘G’ that is very similar to the mark on the zombies. Leopold asks a passerbyer about the statue and if he knows who the sculptor is. He replies “Dr. Gugula Skell, not her best work.” He further, tells Leopold that she lives in the manor district. 

The party decides to go to the manor district to scope out the area. The manor district is very opulent, showing that the nobles in Talabheim are less worried about their safety than in other areas. Sally puts on Vincent’s fine Araby clothing while Leopold and Vincent pretend to be his bodyguards and while Lucas pretends to be his translator. Lucas gets directions from a watch party. The head of the watch party tells them that Frau Skell has a skin condition that keeps her out of the sun light. Sally changes back into his normal clothes, but seems to have caught a cold. 

The party passes by Dr. Skell’s manor, it appears to be two story manor with several gates in the back. The garden isn’t as nice as most of the rest and there is a pungent smell. Vincent and Leopold recognize that it’s the smell of rotting lilacs. After a few circles around the manor, they head back to Daubler’s home. A few times, creepy noises were heard. After returning, Daubler is already asleep, but left food out, which they eat and the go to sleep. 

The next morning, they report to their patrol at 6 am. Col. Kopinski tells the party that today is the last day of patrols and that tomorrow, it will be barricade duty. The patrol occurs with nothing of note. Col. Kopinski tells them to report to duty at the barricades at 7 am. 

After the patrol, the party heads to the temple of Sigmar to talk to the priests. Leopold and Vincent approach the warrior priest they spoke with the day before. The priest gives Sally a wax seal charm as well. Leopold tells the priest that the party believes that Dr. Gugula Skell is behind the zombies. The priest gives the party a warrant and some blessed steaks. The warrant expires at midnight.
Leopold takes one stake and Vincent takes the other. It takes about an hour, but the party arrives at the gates of Dr. Gugula Skell. Sally picks the lock to the back gate. The party approaches the backdoor. The door is locked. Sally picks that lock, too, which opens with a load creak. The house is very dusty, but tastefully decorated. The house is organized as you would expect for a physician. After about thirty minutes, the party has not found anyone on the main floor. Lucas spots a false backed closet in the main hall. The door reveals a crudely hewn staircase that is pitch black. Leopold and Lucas grab lamps and the party descends at least 30 feet. The room appears to have been formed whole, unlike the stairs. It looks like dwarfs work. A single stone sits in the center and is covered with old blood stains. A chandelier is hanging above it. There are a series of tunnels of coming off of it. There are also a series of cabinets containing a large number of tools, saws, and twine. 

From behind them, the party hears “Have you gentleman found what you came for?” After turning around, a body in bone armor begins to approach. They realize that the bone is not armor, but part of him. He tells he party that they are too late and she has already met her master. He introduces himself as Christoph Baumer (See handout).

He tells him that he is bound to this place but he loves this place and asks the party to promise to release him if he tells the party what they want to know. Vincent promises to do so. However, he begins to shutter and his hand begins to reach for his sword. Sally asks where his master is, and he says that she has been summoned by her master. Vincent moves closes in as he begins to draw his sword. Sally then asks who her master is and he says Asorak Steel Eye, a powerful skaven sorcerer. He then says that he is fighting Nerik the Sepperator and that Steel eye wanted to countess to call in help, but he is not sure why. Then he charges into combat. 

Sally charges in but Baumer dodges his attack. Leopold darts in and smashes Baumer in the chest, but the club bounces off the armor. Baumer slices his sword at Leopold’s arm. Leopold slips while attempting to dodge and the blade goes straight into Leopold’s shoulder while simultaneously disarming Leopold. The touch of the blade is as cold as death. He then reverses the blade and swipes at Sally, who ducks. Lucas and Vincent manage to break out of their terrified state. 

Sally attempts a flurry of attacks, the second of which lands on Baumer’s arm. However, the blow chipped a bit of the bone on his arm, but doesn’t seem to notice. Leopold pulls the stake from his belt and lunges it towards Baumer. Baumer then swipes twice at Sally, but both miss.

Sally bashes Baumer’s leg, but Sally’s club bounces off. Lucas sets his lantern down and draws his dagger. Leopold lunges the stake at Baumer’s hand and removes a large portion of his boney armor and Bauman shudders although stays silent. Leopold jams the stake into Bauman’s chest, but does not appear to damage him. Vincent charges into the melee and deals a mighty blow, severing a large part of Bauman’s off arm. Bauman then slices at Leopold who dodges the blow. 

Sally brings his club down on Baumer’s head, but Baumer dodges. Lucas finally enters combat and strikes Baumer with his hatchet. Baumer starts to fall apart but the magic is clearly holding him together. Leopold waives the stake at Baumer, but misses. Vincent mutters a prayer to Morr and strikes Baumer’s helmet with his first blow, reverses the grip and smashes his axe into Baumer’s rib cage. The blue light in Baumer’s eyes goes out and he falls to the ground in a pile of bones. Vincent offers a final prayer to Morr over the pile. Leopold notices that his wound isn’t bleeding. 

The party checks the three tunnels, the first ends behind an iron door at a sewer. The second tunnel leads west and appears that several mutant like creatures have left tracks. The third tunnel is full of several slabs covered in stitched together corpses, some of which still move. On one slab, however, is Genero who is still alive but barely. His body is covered in wounds. “Who’s that?” he asks…

Oct. 15th - Our heroes fall?

Vincent and Leopold leave to get the Sigmarite authorities while Sally and Lukas stay around to guard the evidence. Lukas also applied bandages and salves to Leopold’s wounds. Vincent wraps the cursed sword in a curtain before leaving to bring as further proof. The two head straight to Gods’ Row. The streets are cold and dark. Even the Grand Manor has very few lights in the window. More than once Leopold and Vincent hear wailing and screams. They first go to the Temple of Morr and tell them what happened. After telling their story, the priest tells them that Christoph Baumer was once a great hero of the Empire and it was a good job to set him free. The priest also says that the sword does not emanate a malign force. He offers to consecrate the sword for Vincent to use. But his actions will be what cleanses the weapon completely and that it must be used only in the service of Morr. When he returns, the sword smells of powerful scents and asks Vincent to name the sword because names are powerful. Vincent names the sword “harvester of the dead.” They then go the Sigmarite temple, and after telling their story, they return to the house with about 10 warrior priests. Along the way, they come across and defeat several zombies. 

Sally feeds Genaro with some fruit and dwarven cheese, which he devours. After they look for anything particularly valuable but find nothing.

When the priests arrive, the head priest blesses the party for their service. After that, the party returns to rest as they have to be up early for watch duty. Daubler welcomes them and feeds the party when they arrive. While sleeping everyone, except Vincent that is, had nightmares of walking skeletons. 

Before dawn’s first light, everyone rises and eats breakfast and makes their way to the gatehouse. On the walk, the tension is palpable. Rumors are swirling that the great ogg is everywhere and that city services are breaking down. And a whole unit has been lost. 

Kopinski greats the party as they arrive, coughing heavily. He then sends the party back home as he needs them for barricade duty that evening, at 8 PM. Vincent heads to the temple of Morr to pay his respects. Everyone else heads back to Daubler’s to prepare their gear and rest. 

Everyone is woken up at about 6 PM for supper before their shift. Upon arriving, Kopinski looks a little better. Morrslieb is bathing the whole city in an eerie green glow. The party heads to a barricade in near the edge of the merchant district. The barricade is largely made of wood, mostly debris or old carts, barrels, etc. There are already soldiers manning the barricade team, which is a mix of bulldogs and militiamen, along with a lone soldier with a handgun. Quite a few of them have the great ogg. 

Everyone, except Sally, is issued a spear. Lukas takes a crossbow with five bolts as well. The watch is unpleasant. After several hours, a boredom sets in, combined with a damp coldness that goes straight to the bone. No one talks to each other, largely just watching with grim faces. 
Suddenly there is strange smell on the wind, that clings to the back of your throat. Those without the great ogg begin coughing. Suddenly, the ground begins rumbling and a cloud of dust sets. All of a sudden a screeching cry is heard. Kopinski calls everyone to ready. 

For long moments, nothing happens. Suddenly, a wave of ratmen appear charging blindly towards the barricades. No one even has to try to kill them, the ratmen throw themselves onto the spears. Out of nowhere, a shot rings out and Kopinski’s head turns into red mist. Then a large unit of ratmen appear marching in formation with ratmen flanking them holding guns. Then another ratmen wearing goggles and carrying a wicked looking spear steps forward. A bolt of lighting shoots from it, blasting a hole in the barricade. Then the ratmen charge!

Everyone in the party takes off running. The sounds of chaos are everywhere. This is the full skaven invasion. Genaro and Daubler are on the front step when the party arrives. Daubler has his backpack on. Then everyone heads to Gods’ Row. Along the way, many others are doing the same thing. Heralds are even telling people to regroup at the Gods’ Row. Upon arrival, the soldiers begin to reform and the priests are prepared to fight for their deities. Additionally, there are several sorcerers present. Daubler, with the other civilians are sent further back so that they do not get in the way. Soon, the skaven arrive and the battle commences. 

During the battle, a giant bear points to the manor district and grunts. Suddenly he is swarmed and killed. The party takes its advice and heads to the manor district. One their way a huge behemoth of twisted muscle roars and charges them. Lukas charges the rat ogre, spear forward and runs it through the thing’s open maw. As it falls to the ground, its tumbling body yanks the spear out of Lukas’ hand. A cheer rises from the surrounding people. For a few seconds, the tide of ratmen falls back at the sight. The pushback does not last long though. 

The imperial defenders are being swamped by the never-ending tide of ratmen. The party attempts to call the other defenders back to the temple of Sigmar to rally, but no one seems to hear them. Further, many seem intent on dying for their faith. However, some people had the same idea and some soldiers, clergy, and civilians are also fleeing into the template. The temple seems to have been designed just for the purpose of defending an attack. Vincent begins to order the soldiers to defensive positions. 

Everyone exceot Vincent heads to the top floor of the temple. Sally throws his bomb at the horde below and kills many skaven, including the skaven holding a battering ram. But to his dismay, more skaven pick up the battering ram. From the top, the party notices that some skaven appear to be flanking the temple. They are climbing the wall! Fortunately, these are lightly armored skaven. Sally charges the first group of ratmen that reach the top, and strikes one in the leg with his club. Lukas charges another group with his spear, but it is blocked by a shield. Leopold charges into combat as well, severing an artery on one of the vile skaven, who falls to the ground convulsing with blood spraying wildly. Two more skaven attack Leopold, one misses, but Leopold is forced to dodge the other’s attack. Three skaven each swing wildly at Sally, two miss, but one sneaks around but Sally catches the blow in his sword breaker. Lukas is also forced to dodge blows from two skaven but in doing so is hit in the leg by a third skaven. Genaro is charged by more hideous rat things, but manages to fight of his attackers.

Meanwhile, Vincent gives a rousing speech about the strength of the men of the Empire and inspires those holding the door to stand their grand. Back on the battlements, Sally swings his club at a skaven and misses, but again catches a sword in his sword breaker. The skaven manages to slide his sword out of the breaker before Sally can break it though. Lukas slides his hatchet into his off hand and stabs his spear into the skaven surrounding him. However, the skaven again blocks the spear with its shield. Leopold attempts to stab each of the skaven fighting him, but misses both. As a ratman attacks Leopold, he hits the stone floor shattering his rusty blade. Sally is forced to dodge a blow to his leg. Lukas parries an attack at his abdomen. The next skaven opened up his guard in a foolish attack and was eviscerated in his attempt. Lukas is forced to dodge a third attempt at his abdomen. Genaro smashes a ratman with a colossal swing of his club.

Suddenly, a storm of bullets erupts through the door killing several of the people holding the door. Vincent is able dodge out of the way just in time. Up top, more and more skaven are climbing to the battlements. The fight turns into a slog. Sally smashes a ratman with his club in the leg, causing a howl in pain. The ratman with the broken sword begins to retreat from combat. One of the ratmen lands a blow onto Sally’s arm, cutting it deep, while Genaro screams in pain as two skaven strike him successively. 

Vincent realizes what is occurring upstairs and takes a group of men to counter the skaven attack. However, skaven with strange guns fire into the defenders, killing many of them. Sally strikes a ratman in the arm, but does not seem to affect him. Leopold stabs one of the skaven, while the other fully retreats. Sally is slashed deeply by one of the ratmen in the arm and he’s in horrible pain. 
In his last gasp, Sally clubs one of the skaven in the chest killing it. One of the ratmen slices Lukas’ leg open and it is bleeding profusely. Sally is also sliced in the arm and can barely hold his club. Though heavily wounded, Sally manages to strike a rat but it bounces off the armor. Lukas takes another slice to the leg while Genaro is hit in the temple and crumples like a rag doll. In his grief, Sally launches an all-out attack, but it dings off the shield of his blasphemous opponent. The move opened Sally’s defenses, causing him to be struck so hard, he went flying off the balcony. It all happened so fast, none of his compatriots even saw it. Vincent is running up the battlements to provide support, but is struck in the leg with a salvo of bullets. Several other men were also killed. Lukas is then knocked unconscious. Leopold is distracted as more skaven charge him, and knocked unconscious as well. 

Someone shouts “Look!” and Vincent sees the same skaven that destroyed the barricade step forward and blows open the door. The horde screeches in unison and rushes toward the temple of Sigmar. 

Thanks for reading. We've had a couple more sessions since these, but the notes aren't up yet.


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