Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crashing and Burning during the AHPC VI and moving forward.

Hi All,

  Well that was bad. I'm not sure exactly what happened this year, but a confluence of events had me completely check out of the competition this year. I just kept missing my submission window and couldn't muster the effort to sit at the desk and even half ass a few submissions.

  We're about to be on break so having anything else before the end of the challenge is out the window.

  The plan now is to finish painting the Boar boy unit for Don and then paint my Sci-Fi challenge loss figures and Curt Geld before I go on to wrapping up what's on the painting desk and tackling the Adbul Goldberg challenge.

  I've also been researching Warhammer Ahoy! rules for the next Oldhammer USA weekend and will be reading those at various down times over the next week or so. I've found a few links with ship builds and discussions.

Guy builds a High Elf Catamaran:

Some more schematics and builds of Elf ships:

Build log of this bitchin' Dark Elf Ship:

Oldhammer Ahoy! BOYL 15 thread:

Oldhammer Ahoy! Rules discussion thread:

So there you have it. Doubt I'll be posting for awhile, hopefully I'll have something to show you when I come out the other side.



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