Monday, October 10, 2011

A Viking we shall go

I'm getting closer to some actual gaming. This weekend I downloaded some paper figs and terrain from RPG Now in a hope to jump start the gaming process. I'll give a review of the products when I have more time. Weekend Flag Football and landscaping (it's finally below 100F in Phoenix) took up all of my time this weekend, so I'll just have to push to get in a game this week. I may go with unpainted plastics and paper terrain, just to get the ball rolling.

Paul of the mancave has inspired me to make an Age of Blood cheat sheet and deck of fate cards. So Paul I may require a thumbs up or down on the design. Hopefully you will be able to use them for your games.

Welcome to Col Shofer of Colonel Schofer's Mild OCD Model Blog. Mild is putting it mildly. But all kidding aside it is a useful if not overwhelming repository of gaming goodness. I particularly liked the recent viking post here.

And lastly, although it has nothing to do with vikings I thought that Dale's post here required a plug. An interesting adaptation of Command and Colors (or colours) to miniature gaming.


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures as well as the Age of Blood cheat sheet.

  2. Don't know anything about "Age of Blood" but I do like Vikings.

  3. Hi Rodger,

    I see your group used Strandhogg for your game. I wrote a post about Age of Blood at

    You can find the rules on freewargames, or I should say a link to them. You need version 1 for the Fate Cards.

  4. Been looking at Paul's stuff myself, welcome to the blogosphere.

  5. Overwhelming?

    I better had not shift up a gear then ;)

    Keep up the good work !!!




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