Friday, December 15, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon - 3 Way Loot Battle

Hi All,

Just trying to clear the long overdue battle report back log. This was a battle that Lasgunpacker, Dai and I fought way back in June. I think I was still reeling from KublaCon a little bit and did an absolutely horrible job of documenting this game. I did an even worse job on the next game Dai and I played after Lasgunpacker had to leave.

You can read about Lasgunpacker's report here and more in depth about Kill Team Sakhalin here, here, here, here and here. Worth a read as his team was quite interesting and he had a lot of cool character cards and whatnot.

Dai had some great, wacky, chaos figures but I couldn't find any write up about the team specifically. I didn't look super hard, just the blog archive around the time we played.

My guys were the Children of the Comet, the Genestealer "Gang" I made and used in that huge Necromunda game at Kublacon, here. It looks like I never took studio shots of or did a write up on this team or Abdul Goldberg and Associates.

Anyway here are the blurry cellphone shots put together in as coherent a way as I could manage.

So there you have it. I think SW:A is a great way to play a lite Necromunda style game and be a bridge between older and newer players. Could we have played Rogue Trader, or Necromunda? Sure, but I think this worked in giving us a framework for our teams and keeping all the rules fairly simple. Dai didn't get a chance to finish his terrain, but it was effective and looked the part. I'm looking forward to building my own Pegasus Models Sci Fi sets.

The only picture I took of our second Battle. We both played as IG, he had actual Catachans and I had Abdul and the Chukk playing as Catachans. Fogh'Orn Legh'Orn managed to tear a few guys apart and there were some flamer shenanigans on the other side of the tower that were fun. But I did something dumb and either didn't take the photos or deleted them right after taking them.

Thanks for looking. More painting madness on it's way tomorrow.


  1. I had sort of expected that this write up was not to appear, so this is a nice treat! That was a great game, and your pictures captured the action pretty well. Three way games are pretty complicated, particularly when one of the gangs is pretty shooty (mine) and one has a storm bolter (Dai).

    1. Hi Lasgunpacker. Yeah I had meant to do this one and then forgot all about it. I thought I had more, and better pictures of the game but the jist of what happened comes across. Three way games always have one player not really getting into the game in some way. In this one it was me as my guys struggled to accomplish anything and got shot up.



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