Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boobs Aftermath - an independent peer review

The question on everyone's minds is does putting the word BOOBS liberally throughout your post increase traffic?

Here is the Data:

A breast like uptick in page views.
 From the first picture you can see a pretty big bump. Yesterdays page views 211, today's already at 487. I'll have to investigate the TMP link as I don't normally notice a lot of traffic from there. Probably one reason my site languishes around the low page view numbers it normally has.

A decided uptick.
After crunching the numbers in a spread sheet I see that for the month of November I was averaging 39.75 views per day. Of course I neglected to establish a baseline but I suppose I could do that from the monthly totals. (Der!?)

After crunching the numbers I see that I was climbing from 14 hits per day at the beginning of the year to stabilizing at about 40 hits per day in July with an uptick to 50 in October. So thus far for the year I'm averaging 32 hits per day.

Onward and upward.
November was down slightly, but I think that was mostly due to not posting very much. Illness and Holiday travel I didn't have much to say.

So after all that I think I can say that 211 views yesterday and 487 views thus far today qualifies as a success in increasing traffic.


Good Taste is Timeless indeed. I think I first heard this when it came out.

Welcome to:

Kris Marquardt, no blog listed in you Google friend profile. Let me know if you have one and I'll post a link.

Whisperin' Al. Same, I'll post a link if you've got one.

Thanks to all for viewing and I hope that actually having BOOBS in the post made it feel like less of a trick.


  1. Hi, thanks for the welcome. My blog is:

    Interesting experiment!

  2. Interesting results Sean. I once did a post on "Artillery Girls"
    This produced 748 pages views on the day, still more than double my normal number for any other post.

  3. Boobs always win, there's even no need for the dice gods!

  4. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Awards. Strange subject to be posting the notice to, however! :^)

  5. Thanks Sean! Now I know what I have to paint to get more views! :-D


  6. My blog is



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