Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Champion of the Lists of Tereken - Round One

In order to pick a champion to send to the Jousting tournament in Treyine, hosted by Ruarigh of Talomir Tales, I decided to run a few rounds to learn the Joust: Heroes of the Lists by THW.

Since I am ostensibly the Saxon player, I defeated myself as the Vikings, I needed to come up with some Saxon Knights. So I went with Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the Not Quite So Brave as Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad the Pure, The Black Knight, Sir Not Appearing in this Film, The Knight who says Ni, and Sir Reynard of Caerbannog.

My idea was to have a single elimination tournament and then whittle down the brackets, giving Fame Points after each round and allowing the Knights to increase abilities. For the Talomir joust we will be using National level Knights with 15 attribute points. So I decided to start them up as Fair and Market level jousters and rolled them up on that table. This gives a range of 6 - 12 point Knights.

On to the Lists.

So we begin at the market in Æscesdun with the Joust sponsored by Pantsygawn-Caerphilly, cheese merchants. The Number following the Knights name is his total attribute points.

Sir Bedevere the Wise 7 vs. Sir Lancelot the Brave 8

Paper figures from Alex on the THW yahoo group, field from Joust rule book.

Sir Bedevere had the signature "Joyous Knight" which gave him an automatic recovery of one bonus die per pass. In this first joust I really bunged up the rules so it was very slow going. I think I ended up with the right result but I had to go back and change some things. In the first pass both Knights very conservatively trotted out. Sir Bedevere leveled his lance and made a straight attack delivering a solid blow to Sir Lancelot's shield, shattering his Lance and battering Sir Lancelot. 1 point to Bedevere.

In the second pass Sir Bedevere came out at a gallop, Sir Lancelot at a run. They both scored hits, Sir Bedevere was hit in the helmet, Sir Lancelot in the shield. Both Knights broke lances. Bedevere 2 pts, Lancelot 1 pt.

In the third pass both Knights came out at a gallop. Sir Bedevere struck Lancelot in the helm and recieved a blow to the shield for his trouble. Both Knights broke their lances and Lancelot returned the favor by battering Sir Bedevere. But it was too little too late, Bedevere won 3pts to 2pts and received 800 Talos and 8 Fame points. He suffered some lingering effects from his injuries and sustained -1 to his Prowess.

Sir Robin the Not Quite So Brave as Sir Lancelot 10 vs. Sir Galahad the Pure 10

In the first pass Sir Robin opens at a gallop while Sir Galahad breaks into a run. Both Knights succeed in hitting each other, but only shatter lances. Robin 1pt, Galahad 1pt.

The second pass sees Sir Robin break into a run while Sir Galahad gets conservative and trots into the engagement. Sir Robin hits Galahad in the right arm, shattering his lance. Robin 2pts, Galahad 1pt.

The third pass sees both knights urging their horses to run but something startles Galahad's horse and he can only manage a gallop. In the charge Sir Galahad steadied his lance for a straight attack and managed a solid blow to Sir Robin's shield, breaking his lance for another point. Robin 2pts, Galahad 2pts.

As of this writing I see now that I added the point totals wrong and gave the match to Sir Robin 2pts to 1pt.

Messieurs Pantysgawn and Caerphilly, drunk on mulled wine and distracted by serving wenches, award the match to Sir Robin. He receives 1000 Talos and 10 Fame Points.

The Black Night 8 vs. Sir Not Appearing in this Film 9

In the first pass both knights came out very aggressively, the Black Knight at a run and Sir NA at a sprint. The Black Knight lined up a sweeping attack, but both knights failed to couch their lances. No points were scored.

In the second pass they both came out aggressively again but Sir NA had difficulty controlling his mount and his intended sprint was only a run. Both knights managed a hit, The Black Knight breaking his lance on Sir NA's right arm while receiving a broken lance to the helm which left him battered and -1 each from martial skill and prowess. Black Knight 0pts, Sir NA 1pt.

In the third pass an addled Black Knight came out at a trot while Sir NA, smelling blood, came out at a sprint. The Black Knight was able to line up his lance at a good angle, but then failed to hit. Sir NA managed to break his lance with a solid blow on his opponents shield, battering him again and further reducing his prowess by 1. Black Knight 0pts, Sir NA 2pts for the win. He received 800 Talos and 8 Fame points. I had forgotten that the Black Knight had the signature of "Born Lancer". I did, however, use at least 1 bonus die in the Clash phase in every pass except the third. This was also the first match where the Non Player Knight (NPK) had won.

The Knight Who Says Ni 10 vs. Sir Reynard of Caerbannog 8

I had totally forgotten that Ni had a signature of "Unsteady" which should have given him -1d6 in the charge. Oh well.

Both Knights came out at a gallop. Ni scored a hit to Sir Reynard's shield, breaking his lance and battering Reynard, reducing his prowess by 1. Ni 1pt, Reynard 0pts.

In the second pass Ni came out at a gallop, while Reynard desperately came out at a run. Ni's superior skill came to bear as he leveled his lance at a good angle and achieved a solid blow to Reynard's shield, Breaking his lance and battering him again. Ni 2pts, Reynard 0pts.

In the third pass Ni came out at a gallop while Reynard, trying to ensure a hit, came out at a trot. Reynard successfully set up a sweeping attack with his lance and both knights managed to hit breaking their lances. However Ni's hit was to the helm of Reynard who received a further battering and 1 point losses to both martial skill and prowess. Ni 3pts, Reynard 1pt. Ni received 800 Talos and 4 fame points fro defeating a less skilled opponent.

In the interim Sir Bedevere used his fame points to increase his martial skill and prowess while Sir NA raised his horsemanship. Sir Robin and Ni did not have enough Fame Points to raise any attributes.

So that was the first round, played out yesterday. I also played the the next round and started the final yesterday as well, but I'll detail them in a separate post. Joust is a fun little game and I found myself not really using the figures to play as it seemed fiddly in a solo setting.

Merry Christmas!


  1. This sounds like a quietly fun way of spending a grey afternoon...

    Not quite on topic, but when I see film of jousting, the knights are shown with the lances angled across the body. I've never been able to understand this. It seems obvious to me that even when things go right the potential to get yourself in an almighty tangle would prohibit this method.

    Holding the lance straight ahead does make it difficult to see how a shield would be deployed, but on the other hand, you could easily drop the lance without inconvenience if it broke or otherwise became a nuisance.

    Just thought I'd mention it and see whether you had any thoughts on the question.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Jousting, much like cricket, is a sport I may never well understand. I see what you are saying about the lance. I think it has everything to do with the shield. Also remember that, like other combat arts turned to sport, things are modified to bring structure and rules to the contest.

    Lastly, in game terms, dropping the lance scores points for your opponent. So one doesn't want to do that.



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