Monday, December 31, 2012

Projects for 2013

I always joke that my goal is to one day have goals, but I think that now is the time to really think about where I want to go in the coming year and develop an action plan to achieve that. So I think I need to break it down it to areas of focus.

Bloggery: I feel like I have made some inroads into having a successful blog, ie one that people actually want to read. I want to broaden its reach by joining more blog networks and posting to more forums. Of course it still has to be relevant content. The blog also needs a revamp to make it easier to look at posts. I will change the format to flip card as per Phil B at the Wargaming Site (here) and see if that improves page views. I will keep track of projects, unpainted figures and games played on their own pages.

Projects: Fantasy, which right now encompasses RRtK and WHAA. Finish painting Tereken (Saxon) and Mirholme (Viking) figures. Revisit and finish Naz-Goth (Orcs) and Treyine (HYW English) figures. Terrain refurbish. Water feature terrain. Heraldry and Banners. Card stock buildings and Dungeon?

Ancient/ Fantasy Naval. Play War Galley. Build Roman Seas Paper ships. Read & Play Roman Seas. Go through other Naval rule sets.

18th century Imagi-nation. Create map and back story. Read Muskets & Mohawks, Long Rifle. Assess terrain needs, paint up figures.

ACW. Paint up 10 each Confederate and Union figs. Continue working through Rifles & Rebels. Add figures and terrain as necessary.

Wild West. Finish reading Six Gun Sound (almost done). Build western card terrain. Paint up Cowboys and Indians.

Pulp. Continue researching Lovecraft and Cthulhu. Source more figures. Assess terrain and build.

WWII. Finish reading NUTS!, Paint up those Billy V Americans and Germans. Also look through Not Quite Mechanized for operational level. And revisit Squad Leader In Miniature (SLIM).

Sci-Fi. Read 5150. Source figures. Play the damn game!

When I write it all down it seems like an awful lot. Well, nothing for it but to start making that project page on the blog and get cracking. (I cheated and put up the project page yesterday.)

After reading Big Lee's broken promises post I realize that I need to add cleaning and temperature controlling the garage to turn it into a multipurpose game/ exercise area. This one has been plaguing me for years. We'll see if writing it here will spur me into action.

I've already welcomed Kris Marquardt to the blog, but I now have his blog address which is Wargames and Railroads. A lot of good stuff. Of late the posts are about laser cut mdf models. I have to say that ship looks pretty impressive.


  1. I thought about changing my blog to the flipcard format, it looked quite good, but decided against it in the end, but you never know i may surprise you all one day!

  2. Happy New Year Sean, see you next year!

  3. Happy New Year!!
    a lot of projects, you have! the force be with you, Sean!

  4. OMG! You have committed yourself to so much! Hope that 2013 works out just fine and I'll be there reading your exploits.



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