Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas, pre New Year update

Hi All,

Well the year is winding down and so is my holiday trip. In anticipation of being on the move again I've curtailed painting for now and chosen to do some long overdue page updates.

You can see what may be my final entry of 2015 on the Painting Challenge blog here. I'll probably post the pictures here as well tomorrow.

I've also updated the Figures/Models completed page and the Painting Challenge page. I realized while doing this that I neglected to take glamour shots of the stuff I was working on during the Summer for Oldhammer Weekend USA. When I get a minute to breath and can get my photo stuff set up at home I'll rectify that.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to change that page to a photo gallery or just link to the appropriate post. Any thoughts from followers?

The games played page need to get sorted, and lets not mention the projects page. It's in need of a complete overhaul.

We did manage to bodge together a gladiator game using Munera Sine Missione, Exagoni Libero, which is actually an older version of Munera Sine Missione. I totally misinterpreted quite a bit of the rules. A combination of careless reading and scrolling back and forth on the computer. But we had a back and forth bash up and the boy had fun. So mission accomplished.

I'll try and do a re-enactment photo session and perhaps we'll get in another game.

Thanks for looking.

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