Thursday, August 23, 2018

Realm of Chaos - goodies in White Dwarf

Hi All,

This excellent post by Whiskey Priest got me thinking about a lot of things, so I went ahead and started looking at the White Dwarf issues around WD 107 which he mentions.

After his post on Renegade Orks I had been starting to think about making my own Renegade war band. Off to the tomes (Slaves to Darkness, The Lost an the Damned) to go back over rolling a war band. I was able to complete my book collection (at stupid prices) a few years ago but the bug to actually do stuff with them had never firmly taken hold. I blame my usual gamer ADD.

So, which issues have Relam of Chaos articles in them? Lets see.

The first set of articles I found was in WD104

The introduction of Slaves to Darkness, the color painted figure gallery that was in the book, and an article showing the process of converting Chaos mutations on your figures, complete with stat blocks of the finished example figures.

Then WD106

An exposition of Beastmen. I haven't read it through carefully, but I think it is more or less the same as what is in The Lost and the Damned section of the same name.


Another article showing the Rewards of Chaos table. Again I haven't checked to see if it differs from what's in the book.

The Chaos Renegades article is different to what made it to press in the book. I refer you to Whiskey Priest's excellent article linked at the top of this post.


Now this one is interesting. I was chatting with Airbornegrove about a Warhammer Tabletop RPG light idea and he said I should take a look at the "Survival of the Fittest" article. Apparently Orlygg wrote about it quite some time ago here. (Apparently a little over 5 years ago.) He has the full article embedded in his post, but no indication of what issue it is from. It's WD108. This article is essentially the casualty recovery section from The Lost and the Damned, but it is slightly different. What strikes me is it is also similar to the Casualty Recovery from both Mordheim and Necromunda. Not that that is a bad thing, just an observation. I may delve into that in the future.


Didn't read the article and only checked a few more issues out. Looks like the same section as in LatD.

So there may be more articles before WD104 and after WD109 but I did not find them in my recent searches. Also I have no idea which numbering system is being used here. I have heard that the numbering for US and UK editions are different, all of the ones I'm referencing appear to have been printed in the UK.

Thoughts? I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, like the errata article for StD. I remember now I was also going to do a post about the terrain articles. I will try to get back to that.

In the future I will delve into how I will make my Chaos Renegade war band and that RPG Lite idea I have had.

Thanks for looking and commenting.


  1. Great start to a reviewing the teases. There are loads more Sean. I'll send you a link.

    1. Thanks Whiskey Priest! We'll see if I can stay focused to get through them.

  2.'ll be good having these compiled somewhere. I didnt realize it but your right...some of those spoken of previously dont tell you what issues to search.

    1. Hi Airborne, yeah thanks for drawing my attention to survival of the fittest. It could be that a lot of these articles were scanned and uploaded individually and so over time people forgot what issue they were from. I started compiling terrain articles too, but it looks like I never posted my findings.

  3. Love the chaos material and this era of White Dwarf and always enjoy seeing it a topic of conversation.

    1. Thanks Ryder. I'm trying to delve into it a little more, but other things are getting in the way.



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