Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New Oldhammer T-shirt from Spevna Studio

Hi All,

One of my internet buddies has dabbled in putting his art on a t-shirt. If you buy one in the next couple of days you can get a little price break.

It is on Tee Public here. (For some reason I cannot seem to get results when I type Spevna in their search bar, it might just be me.)

Very cool design, not bad price, and you get to support an artist in the hobby. So I encourage you to buy one so that he will make more cool shirts.

This also leads me to a question.

Would members of the Oldhammer USA community, and perhaps the Worldwide community prefer to get their event t-shirts in this manner.

As you know, I have made a few shirts but have done it in such a way that I have to manage all the orders and shipping myself. I have always made them available at cost and tried to keep them as inexpensive as possible.

The plus side to Print on Demand t-shirts is that they are always available, can easily be shipped directly to the individual and you will know exactly what the price is at time of ordering.

The down side is that I don't think there is a bulk discount, the price is the price, and it would make it harder to use the shirts as a fund raiser. (I don't want to be taxed on income that I am just giving away).

Just some thoughts for you guys to ponder.

You can also support Spevna Studios by following him on Facebook: , Wordpress: , Twitter: , and Instagram:

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