Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Orcs & Chaos Terminator (progress report)

The weekend was pretty busy. The boy ran three events but only PRed in the 800m. I think the heat may have been a factor. Although he never ran in the hottest part of the day the highs were 101 and 108 respectively and he may not have been hydrated adequately. He said his throat hurt during the 1500m and that was about 7:30AM on the Saturday.

I also had a chance to go to the driving range and hit a few golf balls for the first time in probably 13 years. What surprised me was that I actually hit a few shots that resembled real life golf shots. We may do that again.

Anyway on to the meat of the post: Old and New Hammer! The pictures aren't the greatest, but I just wanted to get them out there.

First unit of Arrer Boyz, red and black. All blocked in around 1990. The ground work was started in dribs and drabs last week.

Finished the ground work yesterday and finished painting it, along with a couple of trees, after track practice.

Second unit of Arrer Boyz, yellow and black. 1990 lives again.

Two Orc Shamen, the one on the left may or may not be named Oddgit Stinkeye. I haven't fully decided.

The boy's handywork. He stuck it together with blue tack to get an idea of how it goes together. Now we just need to clean it up a bit and glue it together.

He's bored right now and wants to play a game so more progress later.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Good progress (what, a mere 25 years on the orcs :-) ? ).

    Don't let the boy play games with blue-tacked, unpainted models! If this happens, you'll end up in an insanity vortex and all will be lost!

    1. Hi Hugh, yeah I don't know if I can keep up this pace ;). We are trying to avoid the unfinished model syndrome for 40K. As a joke, I was thinking of putting some unopened blisters on a movement tray and calling them done.

  2. Oddgit Stinkeye is a great name mate. You should stick with it. Good to see you are letting the paint dry properly before moving on. :-)

    1. Thanks Millsy, I'll consider him duly named. I find you need to make sure the primer adheres sufficiently. 25 years is about perfect.



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