Monday, June 1, 2015

New GW toys

As a treat for keeping up his grades for the school year I took my son to our local GW store. He wanted a box of Chaos Terminators, which he has started building. Well cutting off the sprue really.

These are 100% his so I am only here in a support role. He has decided to paint them red. As you can see we're a ways away from that. The blue tack is supposed to be for him to fit them together. As you can see he wanted the tentacle mutation option.

While we were there I bought myself a new Orc Warboss.

I wanted it for the Army standard bearer figure. I think that the guy on the boar could be a general, although I do prefer the older metal boars. I also ordered Lokhir Fellheart, as Luke at the shop told me they don't carry metal figures. But no shipping if I order it through him, so I'm game. Honestly I just like the figure. He has a Kraken helmet for pete's sake.

I think that some of the new figures are pretty cool and thus far I haven't found enough reasonably priced lead out there. Granted I haven't fully explored the Oldhammer Trading company. I do know there are some nice guys selling some things for reasonable amounts there. I've just been spending money hand over fist lately and for some reason feel pangs of guilt alone at the keyboard. It makes no sense, it's just how it is.

Anyway, I'm about to go on a new purchase moratorium until I get the pile reduced somewhat. I'll pretend I'm firm on that.


  1. And I'll pretend I'll believe you on the spending cap...

    ''Oh look at that new shiny, how much?!'' heh

  2. A spot of retail therapy is good for the soul and a fitting reward for good grades too.

    1. Hi Michael, you're right, I just fear I'm over doing it.

  3. This is very familiar at the moment, as my 12-year old son has just started collecting GW's Tau. I'm trying to support his efforts whilst still allowing the models to be *his* constructions (and all the time wishing that he had gone for a cheaper manufacturer!).

    1. Hi Hugh, it's my own fault for taking him to the only GW store in town. Or at least the only one I'm aware of. It's also partly a project for me to let go a little and just let him have at it. Hopefully I can resist the "you're doing it all wrong" urge.



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