Saturday, October 31, 2015

PTS 104 - The finale of Orctober 2015, Talomir Tales and Orktober?

Hi All,

Not super productive but finished of these 20mm(1/72) Orcs. Mostly from Caeser, but one from Dark Alliance.

The usual process for me. I'm going to start trying harder to blend my layers on 28mm figures, I don't think I'm ready to do it on 20mm. The hand motif on the banner was a real pain. The sculpted folds, as you may already know, make it hard to paint a defined shape.

I also wanted to draw your attention to a battle report I did for Talomir Tales here. My terrain and the photos are pretty crap but the battle went pretty well. My son helped me roll dice and push soldiers around, it was quite enjoyable. He still hasn't totally caught the bug, but he asked me when the next game was.

I'm running out of time for Orktober, barring a cheeky rephotographing of that fantasy Black Orc on a star field background. I've revised down and will try to bang out the Gretchin Army Standard bearer whose tab says Runty but I have seen called Makari.

Lastly I'd like to welcome 4Graffiti to the blog. They appear to have several sites about products for Graffiti artists. If you are looking for such things you can look up their profile in the followers section. If there is a wargame hobby blog link I missed from 4Graffiti, please let me know.

Happy Halloween everyone.