Saturday, October 10, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 101 - Still Zombies and Little Orcs

Hi All,

Not super productive this last week.

Asecond layer of grey on the zombie flesh and then I got out all the various 20mm greenskins in various levels of completeness.

Hoping to get at least one Zombie and or Orc done tomorrow; but I have a kid party, track practice and a lot of tidying to do to set up for my Talomir game.

Happy painting.


  1. That's a very nice clean painting table you've got there Sean. Wish mine was that tidy :-) Plenty on the go from the looks of things and those Gobbos look rather nice too.

    1. Thanks Blax. I think it looks tidy because I've pushed most of the junk to the sides so I'd have room to paint. I also, strategically, never show you the rest of the room. It looks like it should be on the tv show called hoarders.



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