Thursday, December 31, 2020

The fabulous, amazing 2020 year end recap!

 Hi All,

Here is the obligatory year end recap post where I try to recall what all I did in the past year.

I realize that a lot of times my posts come across as a "What I did last Summer" essay so I'll try to be less dogmatic in my approach.

What I actually did

As per usual, we make plans we accomplish some and random things catch our attention.

3D Printed terrain

With the start of the pandemic I found myself the time to really start printing my 3D terrain. I apologize for no real glamor shots of this stuff, but another casualty of trying to contain my hobby so that my wife can use the home office, is that I have struggled to find a good place to set up for photography.

Fat Dragon Dungeon tiles.

Corvus Sector Corvus Prime War Layer style building.

Fat Dragon Village Streets tiles.

Corvus Isolation Protocol Building.

Bouncing back and forth between Fantasy and Sci Fi, I also have a few modern day things printed up for Zombie gaming, but nothing painted. The printer has been cold for the last few months as I got busy with other things. I hope to get back to it in the new year.

Scale Creep Group projects

To help each other with motivation, a bunch of us got together and did some projects on a theme. They were a lot of fun and a way to sort of plow ahead without having to thin to much.

The "Paint some kind of killer robot" challenge.

The "RTB01" challenge.

Whoops, not actually a Scale Creep Challenge, but I did challenge myself to get these painted so that we could have a dungeon crawl on my birthday. I did succeed at that.

The "Warzone" Challenge.

The "Mordheim" challenge.

The "Demon" challenge 1 of 2.

The "Demon" challenge 2 of 2.

The "Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice" challenge.

The "Spooky Halloween" challenge.

The "Chaos Champion" challenge.

So these were a lot of fun and got me to paint way more than I would have as the ups and downs of the pandemic really made it hard for me to focus.

Local Group Projects

We ended up actually gaming a few times here locally before and after the peaks in the pandemic. We tried our best to still follow safe practices and so far seem to have been ok.

Isenguard Uruk Hai Scouts

Isenguard Uruk Hai Warriors.

We've played a few different games, but the latest has been Middle Earth Strategy Battle: Battle Companies. I think I've worked out the recipe for painting these guys. I just need to be a little more precise in the application.

Digital Art

While I did keep up with some Comic book battle reports, I'm a little behind on writing up some of the games I played this year.

But I did do this image representing a battle we had in our WFRP game.

It's a composite of about 5 different images that I then turned into a comic. The scene was my character, an Amber Wizard, had turned into a Raven to follow some cultists that had stolen something from the party while the rest of the party was bogged down in a battle. He ended up being harassed by a flock of pigeons while being shot out of the sky by another pigeon that was the familiar of a vampire.

I'd like to do more of this in the coming year, but I don't always get such clear ideas.

What I didn't get to

This year was the year of the rat, so I had intended to paint up my Skaven. To be honest I just wasn't feeling it when I started with a unit of Skaven Slaves.

I also got part way into some 15mm WW2 Soviets, but didn't finish them and moved on to other things.

My zombie gaming and Gaslands stuff didn't get very far. Oh well.

Here's to 2021!


  1. Damn Sean,
    That's a pretty awesomely productive year!
    Hope you and yours had a good Christmas, and you got a lot of hobby goodness!

    1. Thank you Maj Guiscard. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well.

  2. Very nice summary of the year. You definitely had a good hobby year with many terrain projects done. Happy New Year 2021

    1. Thank you Cedric. Stay safe and Happy New Year to you as well.



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