Saturday, February 16, 2019

Paint Table Saturday 276 - Cultists, Orks and Beastmen join the Undead

Hi All,

With Track Season in full swing I seem to have less time to actually blog. Last Saturday my son ran a 5K and this Sunday he will be running a 3K.

So I've been plugging away at the plastic zombies

and skeletons.

I should have been prepping the Skull and Crown "archers" but I took the path of least resistance and kept on working on things that were primed/started.

I also started digging through the collection to look for the bits I need for this summer's Realm of Chaos renegade game at Warhammer World. A couple of Orks

and some plastic Cultists made it onto the table, [In both cases they came with paint jobs that will need to be stripped.]

as well as a box of Gors I purchased to convert into "Beastmen in Spaaaaace!"

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow, you’ve got lots of projects on the go. I may need to start doing that- getting a little tired of just painting greenskins

    1. Hi Anthony, perhaps too many projects. This time round I'm trying to beat the drudgery of batch painting with dabbling in other projects. We'll see if it's genius or stupid.

  2. Always nice to see what you have on the workbench, and I see the theme of the day is grime! Those cultists look particularly bespattered.

    1. Thanks Ryder, I wish I could have more finished stuff on display, but the act of putting it on the blog helps me focus. Although it sometimes doesn't seem like it. One thing to clarify, the paint job currently on the cultists is how I bought them. The previous owner certainly liked blood splatter. The main problem with the figures at present is that the push fit plastics aren't totally fit together. So I will strip them and re-glue them.



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