Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black Orcs - Addendum

So after opining on Black orcs and looking at the classic picture from Warhammer Armies, you all saw that I found two Marauder Giant Black Orcs.

For a lark, I went on solegends and found this picture.

So it looks like I have old B and C. I see that on ebay I can find the four of them plus Eeza Ugezod for $65 or even an in the box Mother Crushers for $75. Seems like a lot more than £2.99 for 2, even with inflation.

Aside from a missive against these robber barons of lead, it seems to show that people were painting Black orcs green even at the time.

Someone on facebook pointed out that they didn't understand the whole green skin for orcs and goblins. It just occured to me that maybe the Green Goblin from Spider Man was an influence.

But for me it was just the pictures in the White Dwarf, rulebook and Warhammer Armies that caught my imagination. If green was good enough for "The Goblinmaster" it's good enough for me.

Id also like to welcome:

Christopher Regan who doesn't appear to have a blog but is on facebook and was kind enough to send me some Dark Furture figures as part of some diabolical plan.

And Orlygg Jafnakol most famously of Realm of Chaos 80's. If you don't follow this blog I don't think you can call yourself an Oldhammerer ;). But seriously I feel honored to be on his radar. I truly admire the work he's done and the joy for the game his writings have rekindled in me.


  1. If you are patient the Marauder Black Orcs will come up on the trading page with some regularity....but they do disappear quite quickly. I just managed to get the last one I needed a bout 2 weeks ago. I will be mixing them in with the 4th ed Black Orcs...which I'm quite fond of.

    1. Hi Blue, I should really take a look at the trading page. Ebay bums me out most of the time. I need to look and see what 4th ed Black orcs look like. It's not bringing a picture to mind.



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