Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prep for next Talomir Tales Battle

I've been busy this week during the kids spring break. I've fallen behind on Talomir Tales, but what else is new. The current campaign season is Autumn 997. You can read about Tropilium vs. Stygustan here, and Altengard vs. Stygustan here.

So with all the various chores and activities I've put off my battle, I'm hoping to get it in this weekend. My son just started track, so we'll see how much of Saturday is eaten up by his first meet.

Here is the figure I've been using for the Wind maiden. I'll try to get some more paint on her tonight before San Soo class. I think that trying to get the last of the figures painted/ finished for these two forces will give me a good focus for painting.

Here is the army of Treyine. As you can see, mostly painted back in the AHPCIV. But some Knights, Infantry, Archers and Arquebusiers still need painting.

Tereken is in a much sorrier state. Only the Dwarf artillery man, Fladnag and the one mounted huscarl are finished. Although everything but the canon has some paint on it.

Welcome to Martin Cooke. Martin does not appear to have a blog, but was one of the fellow challengers for Curt's AHPCV a list of participants and their blogs can be found here. I really enjoyed Martin's work during the challenge as he obviously broke out of his comfort zone and successfully added many new techniques to his painting style. He also came up with some incredibly creative figures and bases. Thanks for following, and if you do have a blog I would love to post a link to it and follow it as well.

Hopefully a report will be here soon.


  1. It's never a pleasure, I confess, to have a post without comment !
    You will have one !
    Not a lot of work to finish in the boxes ?

    1. Thanks for the comment Sam. Not too much work left, I just need to do it. I need to stop by your blog as well.



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