Friday, June 6, 2014

I've been Liebstered Pt. 2 - (I'm a stubborn SOB)

Well, I've finally slogged through all 309 blogs that I follow in preparation for nominating some for this award. I used getting this award myself to finally knuckle down and do this as the list is getting unwieldy and I have many that now appear to be defunct.

As you may recall I was awarded the latest iteration of the award here. If I recall correctly the main criteria is for blogs that are under 200 followers. Many of the blogs I follow either don't include the follower widget or are WordPress blogs which also don't count followers. So I excluded those. I also wanted to be a little more restrictive and give some more love to those blogs that were under 100 followers, but with the stipulation that they had to have posted at least once in the last couple of months. Sadly I've noticed many of the blogs I follow not updating for 5 months or more.

So here are my nominations: (Please feel free to just accept it and not go through the hassle of answering the questions and nominating other blogs, I'm totally fine with that).

Avid Wargamer's House - A THW and Ganesha games player and battle reporter.

Steveo's Mini Soldiers - Warhammer, a guy having fun with miniatures. He's a new blogger so show him some love.

Luke: hoti to kratistos - Very interesting 1/300 modern and Dark Age gaming. Interesting way of making battle mats.

Amateur Hour - Great character development, figures and art. I also may have seen someone else nominate him but I can't see where right now.

Ancient Miniatures - 1/72 Ancients, nicely painted and a wide variety of ranges.

Oldhammer in the New World - Oldhammer USA style!

Cluck Amok - 54mm FIW with beautiful figures and Terrain.

The Inward Curving Isentropic Endoscope of Dr Cornelius - 15mm, RRtK and hexographer. Nuff said.

Brigantes Studio - Loki and Kev's painting service.

Toy Construct - Reviews of Cool toys and games.

Pushing Tin - Interesting looking games and the Valeur et Discipline Rules

So those are my 11, I don't think it specified how many. There were of course many more blogs, all deserving in their own right, but I've spent way to long on this as it is. I also wanted to give a boost to those blogs that are out there but not getting the exposure they deserve.

Have a good one all. An RRtK battle report is coming soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil, and thanks for taking a look at the nominees.

  2. Congratulations. And thank you for the praise from Stevo'sminisoldiers!
    And thank you for the advice on blogging, really appreciated your help!

    1. No worries Steve. I like your blog and I think it's what it's all about. Putting together armies and having fun with friends. I enjoy your work.

  3. Thanks for the mention Sean and Kev will be doing any replies etc ;)

    1. Your welcome Loki, those knights are something else too.

  4. Congratulations. And wow, I thought that I followed a fair number of blogs, but compared to your 309 I'm just a rank amateur!

    1. Hi Hugh, Thanks. Following is pretty loose, probably one of the reasons I haven't checked in with you as frequently as I would like. 309 is a lot, perhaps too much for my style of blogging, but I like to follow people back and try to remember where I see interesting things.

  5. Replies
    1. Thabks Cluck, and you're welcome. Your stuff is really deserving of a wider audience.



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