Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Battle Report and Welcome!

Hi All, finally got the game played and report written for Talomir tales here.

I also whipped up a little banner for Talomir Tales using some techniques that I had forgotten how to do precisely. But I got it sorted.

Welcome to new followers:

David Billinghurst, who you may remember from his blog I Liebstered; The Inward-curving Isentropic Endoscope of Dr Cornelius or his other blog Waystar High Port which I am not yet familiar with.

Doc Grognard, who has no less than five blogs. The Book of Going Forth with DiceMartin's HundredHereiswhereMaking Friends with Big DataCrawdads and Dragons. When I get a chance I will take a look and follow one or more.

Cluck Amok, whose blog Cluck Amok I also Liebstered.

The birthday swag is rolling in, so I will share that with you as well as my up coming Junetacular Bloggiversary giveaway!


  1. The Talomir games look very reminiscent of the DBM style games, but do sound like a lot of fun and of course are even more so when put in a campaign setting.

    1. Hi Zabadak, I think that DBA/ DBM was definitely something they had in mind when making this rule set. You essentially have pips to activate bodies of troops and they move inexorably toward their target unless stopped by fire or a leader in the body. The fact that they don't always charge home or you have to spend limited resources to get them to go after the enemy again makes it interesting. I also tend to use tables for as much as possible, so deployment and spells are all diced for.



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