Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wet Palette 2.0, and I really am painting. Honest.

Pottering along in the challenge and what not, but it isn't at all apparent from my output. While others are painting up complete armies I have been lucky to eke out a figure or two just before the looming deadlines every two weeks. So I'll give a brief update on what I've got going and how far off my schedule I am, for those of you playing along at home.

Those 10 plastic orcs are about 80% completed, but I hit a snag with the wash and am waiting on some acrylic inks I ordered to make up some usable Orc Flesh wash.

The goblins and Half-Orc have not progressed since I put the slightest amount of paint on them over the holidays. So maybe 10% done.

The Gobbo Bows have not been touched. So 0%.

My Vehicle entry is about 70% complete. I'm just trying to decide what color to paint the windows and lights on it and muster up the courage to try some weathering techniques. I've also added a couple of small vehicles that I've been daubing paint on while things dry.

I've also set myself the task of painting the Stygustan and Treyine armies for the battle I should have fought. I have separated the figures into groups based on their compliance with the rules of the competition. I may submit some for partial credit. I have documented their state at the start and will submit that with my finished pictures. I trust that fellow competition members will trust Curt to judge them accordingly.

Wet Palette 2.0

I had read about anothr version of the wet palette over at Creative Twilight here. I needed to change mine for a couple of reasons. First, the tupperware i was using was too damn big. I just don't have the room on my cluttered painting desk for it any more. Second, I was having trouble getting the hydration level right. I apparently lucked into the first time and had some trouble repeating it.

Right off the bat I can see that I've got the hydration right again. So I'll give you an update how it weent after today's painting session.

Materials Used:

  • Plastic photo case 4" x 6"
  • Reusable foam kitchen towel, cut to size
  • parchment paper, cut to size
  • Distilled water, to thickness of sponge
I hope that's clear.

A hearty welcome to new follower head head, please let me know if you have a blog. I don't see one linked to you profile.

Happy painting everyone.



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