Thursday, November 21, 2013

Analogue Hobbies 4th Annual Painting Challenge

A few days behind, but yeah, I went for it.

I watched from the side lines last year and was particularly impressed by Tamsin's herculean output. So much so that I started a grandiose project, which I of course didn't complete.

When I saw that the rules were changed to include fantasy and sci-fi this year, I couldn't sit idly by and let this opportunity to get into high gear pass me by. So let the hand wringing commence. I have sorted all my 28mm today and found that I have quite  bit of stuff that is already primed. I also have several that have been started to some degree but I'm wondering if white primed figures with metal bits painted black count as started or not. Technically speaking one could consider it two undercoats, one white one black. I'll ask for clarification.

Add to this that I'm in the middle of crash painting 50 some odd figures for a battle I need to play out this month and I'm getting myself wound up.

I really like what Loki did on his page here and I will attempt to emulate that. I also like his painting page, but am ashamed that many of my figures were purchased in 1990 and are only primed or even still in the blister.

Here's my running 28mm list:

Figure Scale Material # Notes
Orc Sword 28mm plastic 10 primed on base
Gob wolf rider 28mm metal 19 8 mostly unprimed, 11 started
Gob foot 28mm metal 9 9 on base, 6 primed
Black Orc Foot 28mm metal 12 All primed and on base
Orc Shaman 28mm metal 2 On base, started
Gob foot 28mm metal 40 21 started, 18 bare, 1 primed
Gob bows 28mm metal 29 15 started, 14 primed, on base
Gob bows 28mm plastic 10 6 primed, 4 started, on base
War Wolf 28mm metal 1 bare, no base
orc foot 28mm metal 10 finished, rebase?
half orcs 28mm metal 2 color blocked, on base
orc bows 28mm metal 16 color blocked, on base
orc foot 28mm metal 24 finished, rebase?
orc foot 28mm metal 4 bare, on base
orc bows 28mm metal 3 color blocked, on base
human bows 28mm metal 5 started, on base
human foot 28mm metal 5 started, on base
human wizards 28mm metal 4 started, on base
gob fanatics 28mm metal 2 1 started, 1 primed on base
elf bows 28mm plastic 5 started, on base
trolls 28mm metal 2 finished, rebase?
Gob wolf rider 28mm metal 1 started, on base
orc foot sb 28mm metal 2 finished, need basing, broken.
orc chukkas 28mm metal 3 full sets, in box
skull crusher 28mm metal 2 full sets, in box
Man mangler 28mm metal 1 full sets, in box
Orc Boar riders 28mm metal 2 in box
Orc Archers 28mm metal 4 in box
Orc bosses 28mm metal 2 in box
Gob chariot 28mm metal 2 in box
Bret mtd lord 28mm metal 1 in box, plastic horse
Dwf Cannon 28mm metal 2 in box
Chaos Centaur 28mm metal 5 in box
Chaos Cav 28mm metal 6 in box
chaos steeds 28mm metal 2 loose
chaos knights 28mm metal 2.5 loose
bret knights 28mm metal 4 loose
Gob chariot 28mm metal 1 loose
orc Archers 28mm metal 3 loose
human cas 28mm metal 1 loose
human bows 28mm plastic 2 loose
chaos warrior 28mm metal 1 loose, broken, repaint
skaven foot 28mm plastic 10 loose,no head
dk elf xbow 28mm plastic 10 loose, no head
dk elf head 28mm plastic 18 9 helmet, 9 bare
dwarf head 28mm plastic 9 4 horned, 5 plain helm
gob head 28mm plastic 10 4 helmet, 6 bare
orc head 28mm plastic 10 5 helmet, 5 bare
xbow 28mm plastic 18 10 white, 8 black
cleaver 28mm plastic 6
hammer heads 28mm plastic 10
wagon wheel 28mm plastic 8
evil shield 28mm plastic 51 tab slot
elf shield 28mm plastic 5
fighter shield 28mm plastic 10 tab slot
generic shield 28mm plastic 27 hole slot
moon shield 28mm plastic 20 flat back
cap horse 28mm plastic 4 one miscast
horse 28mm plastic 4 missing one tail
human halberd 28mm plastic 20 color blocked, on base
elf spear 28mm plastic 5 color blocked, on base
dawrf axe 28mm plastic 10 color blocked, on base
orc art crew 28mm metal 10 bare, no base
human xbow 28mm metal 4 bare, no base
orc Archers 28mm metal 1 color blocked, on base
chaos ft knights 28mm metal 2.5 bare, no base
evil gen shield 28mm plastic 2 hole slot
slotta base 20 x 20 plastic 23
slotta base 25 x 25 plastic 27
slotta base 25 x 50 plastic 8
orc champ 28mm plastic 1 color blocked, on base
rat man 28mm metal 1 bare, no base
celtic warriors 28mm plastic 10
norman foot 28mm plastic 44

Wow, pasting that in was kind of a pain. I think I changed my terminology part way through so some of the ones early on that say started might be either color blocked or have the black accents.

Anyhow, I'm trying to resist just saying 500 points and then dealing with it later. I want to try and prep everything to start with.

I'm also having trouble looking for figures for the entry. I haven't seen The Wild Bunch or Cross of Iron in ages. Anyone have a line on a figure that looks like Kris Kristofferson?

And on a blog note, my views have gone through the roof over the last couple of days. Over 400. My usual is about 150 per day.

Apparently you all like tits.

Or maybe there are just a lot of Zardoz fans out there.


  1. Kris Kristofferson? It seems like you are thinking along similar lines to me. Spoooky!

    Good luck with the Challenge Sean, but please stop blaming me for your decision to join in *lol*

    1. Hi Tamsin, great minds think alike. No blame, just praise.

  2. +25 points for planning! You do have a nice lead mountain, and the competition should help you put a dent in it. Good luck, Sean!

    1. Hi Monty, I just read your post and I think I will adopt the FIFO (or my approximation there of) to thin down that lead. Out of the whole list the Celts, Normans and Ratman are from this year. Every thing else is circa 1990.

  3. look forward to seeing what you get completed
    Peace James

    1. Thanks James, I will be following your progress as well.

  4. Best of luck Sean! You'll be getting some good gaming in once all those are painted up.

    1. Thanks Prufrock, I'm hoping to show this long neglected stuff some love.

  5. That's a *huge* running list. Surely you don't expect to finish more than a fraction of it in the timescale of this challenge? I'll be mightily impressed if you do :-) !

    1. Hi Hugh, this is just the 28mm stuff. I still have to go through the 1/72 (20mm) stuff. Much of the 28mm is already partially painted, and so ineligible for the challenge.

  6. That's a long list... I'm looking forward to see your progress in the challenge.

    1. Thanks Monty, the list is about to get longer.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger, I need all the luck I can get.

  8. Good luck for the challenge, and thanks for these beautiful pics!

    1. Thanks Phil, I aim to please with my picture selection. Although sometimes I throw in a WTF picture for the hell of it.

  9. Welcome to the challenge...enjoy it!

  10. That's quite a list Sean, good luck in the Challenge!!!!

    1. Thanks Ray, the list is about to get bigger. I can't use all of what is listed above for the challenge. Unless I want to strip it.

  11. Hey those plants really need water! Don't you see it? :-D
    Good luck in the challenge!


    1. Hi Peter, yes that young lady should be ashamed of herself for letting those plants die. Thanks for wishing me luck, I'll need it.



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