Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check out this game table.

Hi All,

  I seem to have hit my yearly April lull. Just having trouble organizing my thoughts and my games. I decided that buying more figures might help. :p

 I just wanted to give some support to Alex from Realms of Miniatures and his Kickstarter Indiegogo for his Modular Gaming Table.

From the Indiegogo page for the table.

If you haven't seen it, check it out. I only wish I had the talent to build and or design something so cool.

I was trying to pace myself with posts and then my wife got sick late last week and kept me up all night with her fevered delirium. It basically knocked my even more on my butt and I started getting the "woe is me feeling. I'm hoping today to snap out of it and get on with my projects and chores. I'm even beginning to feel optimistic about being able to run in the race I signed up for this Saturday. Although I'm still a little worried that I'll over do it.

Anyhow, giveaway and pictures of recent largess will be forthcoming.

Welcome to three new followers:

Andrew Saunders of Loki's Great Hall, fantastic painter who is currently doing two giveaways. He has just added a whopping 60 followers to his blog. That's how it's done.

Jiaqi of Toy Construct and five other blogs I didn't know about. To be honest I haven't had a chance to really look around too carefully, sorry. But it looks like a good mix of topical stuff and general hobby info.

Tartar Sauce. Sorry I don't see a blog in your links, just sites you follow. I also don't recognize your avatar. So if you have a blog, just send me the link.

Off to wash dishes and do the shopping while I listen to the news of the day, screw assholes who bomb stuff. Not much else to say about that.


  1. Nonetheless, Thanks for the Mention Sean! For those who like modern military and fantasy wargaming, model kits and collectibles, You can check out my blog!

    As for the recent Boston tragedy, it really saddens me to see such horrors. I have a few friends in New York and they were pretty shocked by the event. However, I am so touched by the courage, bravery and unity of the Bostonians when faced with such a traumatizing event.

    Rock on!

    1. You're welcome Jiaqi.

      And let us all be thankful for what we have and that we are all safe.

      I still can't quite get my head around it and am trying not to give vent to the full extent of my bile over this.

  2. Thats a nice looking table Sean, thanks for the mention as well

    1. You're welcome Andrew. I forget where I learned this from but it's a blogging style I like to emulate. I feel it helps bring a sense of community.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed. My only hope is that the Euro will further devalue so that I can buy one. Not likely.

  4. Hi Sean, thank you for the support and kind words. Much appreciated.

    1. You're welcome. You've really made a fantastic table and storage system.

  5. A great looking table!!



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