Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Thought I'd just take a minute to do a roundup of what's going on around here. I seem to be doing my usual project floundering.


I blocked in come more color for the Tereken Levies. Right now I'm trying to fix all of the chipped paint and come up with a color scheme. I fear I am relying on gray to much to get that peasant look. I cut out all the figures for their Capalan opponents from sprues, using some from the Treyine project where applicable. And I got about 4 of them trimmed of mould lines.

I also decided on the area for play testing the Land Battle rules. These are some mods from Mike S on the yahoo group to dice for battle results when you don't have the time or inclination to play them out on the table top. I'm going to do what has been referred to as the Loa peninsula and environs, the area South of Valkae. You may need to look at Talomir Tales to get an idea of where these places are. If I make a map it will be a very rough one. The countries are (alphabetically) Barylistan - Persian, Demeskeen - Saracen, Eskelin - Medieval Portugese, Kurinthia - West African, Malohades - Berbers, Riata - Celts, Sortium - Byzantine, Zamba - Blemy.

Now although I am simulating these battles I am also thinking of figures for them, for the future. Persians, no problem. Saracen and Berber seem pretty similar so the HaT El Cid stuff and Italeri Saracen or Arab by others should fit. For Med. Portugese I already tapped the HaT El Cid Christians. Celts are easy. Byzantine can be done with various Late Roman offerings I think. That just leaves West African and Blemy.

There seems to be a dearth of West African figures in 1/72 especially of the tribal/ ancient variety. I have repeatedly thought of just buying Zulus and only painting up the spear armed ones, but it seems a little lame to do that, although the Zulus could double as natives for Pulp as well. (I'll have to look at some Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies for inspiration.) So I'm leaning towards Mayans, it is fantasy after all. As for the Blemy, I had no idea. So off to Wikipedia for Blemmyes. So the headless people of myth, but an actual kingdom in the Sudan-ish region. Sounds like Nubians to me.

The 9Q's:

Over at Solo Nexus JF invited readers to try out some modifications to his 9Q's to make a story arc for solo rpg play. I had already downloaded the original 9Q's but had not played them yet. I took the plunge and have been re-reading Top Secret as my rpg setting. I don't appear to have the stamina for reading rules that I had as a teen and am slogging through them right now. I did, however, find some interesting links Mad Irishman's Top Secret Stuff and Modus Operandi which has tons of spy gaming stuff. I have a few more days to wrap this up so I will be focusing on that.


Still reading Lovecraft. I just finished "Shaow over Innsmouth today. Still trying to figure out how to combine these elements with Larger Than Life (LTL) from THW. Perhaps adding a Sanity Attribute. I have found many resources some of them weird to me (ie sites for practicing Cthulhu worship) so, in order of how I bookmarked them:

HP - Lovecraftian Web Pages

Netherreal - I particularly like the Library especially "The Cthulhu Lexicon" and "When the Stars are Right" timeline.

And of course the Wikipedia entry Cthulhu Mythos, I like the biographies and elements sections too.

Well, gotta go I have to take this call.

Perhaps I should let this go to voice mail.


  1. I am looking at building my RRtK armies in 10mm Pendraken and Magister Militum miniatures. They work for Warmaster, at that scale too.

    1. I agree that is a good way to go. A few in the Talomir Tales campaign do 6mm. I mainly freaked out at going smaller than 1/72 because I couldn't imagine painting that small.

  2. I was lamenting the lack of suitable West African figures recently as well, especially after seeing these guys:

    Maybe some of the random Airfix/HaT Tarzan/Jungle Adventure spearmen for the foot?

  3. Hi Norman,

    Thanks for the link. Another blog that I had come across but not followed for some obscure reason. I've now remedied that. I play Rally Round the King (RRtK) by Two Hour Wargames and am sometimes at a loss for finding representational armies in 1/72. There are lots of figures for playing Arab, Bedouin, Berber or Sudan but for the rest of Africa not so much. I have considered using Zulus as a sort of Pulp era "African Tribesman" which is what the Airfix Tarzan appear to look like. My reservation about the set is the 22mm height listing. I try to stick with figures that are listed at 24mm in the reviews.



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