Friday, July 6, 2012

Where some men have gone before.

And no it is not a setup for "your mother" jokes.

I read this over at the Axis of Naughtiness here. And it looks totally awesome. If I only had some super geek friends to play with. Many of us of a certain age **cough 40+ cough** probably fantasized about being on the bridge of the Enterprise, I know I did.

This would be cool to play, but I find that I need a pause button as real time strategy generally sends me into rage that can be harmful to electronic devices and drywall. I've gotten fairly proficient at repairing drywall, computers, not as much.

I can also see a skype or VOIP session ending up like the infamous DOTS game.

This guy uses normal gamespeak (ie he curses a lot!)

And this remix:

At 16sec sounds like me. Okay the 2nd one is funnier but more explicit.

And welcome to Simon (sorry to welcome you after all the cursing) who is a very talented sculptor. He has several blogs but the most recently active is My Wargaming Corner.



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