Thursday, June 30, 2011

Must have!!!!

Seeing Paul from the Mancave's post about GB resin ships got me thinking I should do a search. This came up and I must have it.


  1. Hmm..

    Now that I look more carefully, some say 1/50 and some say 1/72 for the same model.

    Needs further investigation.

  2. At the local hobby store it is indeed a 1/50 scale model. For whatever reason many websites list it as 1/72, but then in the blurb talk about how it is 1/50. So I will refrain from purchasing it for now.

  3. Have a look at Herrodadog's use of this model - it works well with his 28mm Vikings:

    In the meantime its great to see your blog and you taking up the Viking gauntlet! Following!

  4. His photos look great, the only problem for me is that I want to use 1/72 figures and I think the ship would be too big.



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