Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eorund's Saga

For my first foray back into gaming I thought a good old Dark Age skirmish campaign would be in order. I was inspired mainly by the posts over at the Man Cave ( and totally sold when The Command Tent ( talked about making the plunge.

As per the suggestions on the Man Cave I look up the Age of Blood rules. You can find a link to Versions 1 and two at ( You need V1 for the fate cards.

Now there are two immediate problems. I don't have any figs painted up, and I am intending to play solo. I purchased the IMEX Vikings and Saxons, Pegasus farm animals and Russian farm houses for starters. I need to get started painting and figure out if my old 28mm terrain will work for 1/72 scale. To get started sooner I thought I might use a Virtual Table Top (VTT) like maptool ( Of course I need to figure out how to set that up as well. For the solo aspect I am thinking of incorporating Warrior Heroes Armies & Adventures (WHAA) from Two Hour Wargames to help with the NPC (Saxon) mechanics. My thought was to stick with the d10 and use what ever stat seems applicable for “passing dice” in lieu of REP.

I have prepared a 25 man raiding party lead by the Hersar Eorund. I'll detail that, and my thoughts on naming people and places in a later post.


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  1. So yeah sorry about the whole scale switching thing :)



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