Friday, June 26, 2020

Strange Ranges - Warzone Challenge

Hi All,

Well, we did it again. Challenged each other to paint some figures from the game Warzone. Now I've never played the game and the figures are over the top, but have a certain charm. It seems like a line designed to look like 40k cosplay.

Now despite what some eBay sellers might lead you to believe, you can still get many of these figures from Prince August, here.

I considered buying from them but found a reasonable deal on a bonkers mix of figures on eBay, so I punted and won them.

Once again, I highly recommend you go over to the Scale creep blog and read about all the other Warzone figures here.

This is what I ended up with.

This is what arrived in the mail.

Next were the id's

I keep on calling him Bubba, so Bubba he shall be. To me this figure epitomizes warzone.

Laura's spear was broken so I cut it off at the hand and rebuilt it from tubing, greenstuff and plasticard.

So the rebuild has some issues, but I think it gets the idea across. Perhaps painting the bottom as a gem was a mistake. I'm not sure.

I could not find the last figure in the catalog. These guys are the closest I could find for the third figure.

I'm calling him a demonic proctologist.

So, do you have any unusual ranges you like? Are there more gems that passed me by?

Thanks for looking, and give these figures a try. They are super fun.


  1. Great job on these. The daemon proctologist is a great figure, and with replaced hands could be an alien bystander too.

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker. The extended hand would be easy to replace, the other one would be more problematic.

  2. Daemon proctologist??? Lololol!!! Love it mate!

    Fun sculpts and glad folks don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get in on the challenge.

    Spear replacement works just fine too, getting more?

    1. Thanks Dai, I'm not sure if I will get more or not, but they are fun figures to populate a scifi scenario.



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