Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Phone Camera - Same old models

Hi All,

What with track season coming to a head and allergy/ yard work season in full effect here, I've been limping along on projects.

The main news is I got a new(ish) cellphone with a much better camera than my last. I opted for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. I went to the store to compare the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 but decided that there were features on both that I didn't quite need or care for so I went with the older, and soon to be discontinued model. Since two years is an eternity in cellphone time this "older" new phone is a vast improvement on my last.

On to the pics. I have not edited these at all.

The table is a jumble of projects.

Sir Chicken. I didn't get the sides perfectly matched up and made the mistake of allowing the glue overage to fully harden. I got it mostly off by carving out with an X-acto knife. I'll hit it some sand paper to clean it up more. You can get these from Skull and Crown.

Here's the coat of arms I had forgotten that I made. I used Inkwell Ideas Coat of Arms Generator. (I should have cropped the exported file.)

Here is Sir Squires. Lazy internet searching says the Squires coat of arms is a squirrel.

The goat on the helm is a nod to my mom. She has goats.

I've been digging through my figures and located my Curt geld from last year. Not pictured are the gretchin I owe Dave B. One of these days I'll get these finished.

Since I had Friday off I went and collected Dormur from the game store. The guy, same one who was rude when I dropped him off, said they hadn't judged the figures yet. I said I was no longer interested in competing. So my foray into trying to be involved in a local game store has ended in failure. That's ok, I like playing with my Oldhammer bros better anyway.

Lastly, I pulled out my Bretonnians so I could do a deal with Blue for some retainers (pictured) and foot knights (not pictured). I need to find three more bowmen to make a unit of ten. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy some from Foundry or somewhere else.

I'm doing some research into bases as I've run out of 20mm slotted bases. I have an eBay supplier from Hong Kong. I'll share my findings with you in a future post.


  1. Lots of stuff and congrats on the new phone/camera/phone.

    Love seeing those old Bretonnians. Back when they were first released as a nation, I was "this" close to starting a force. Then I remembered that Nurgle and Undead were cooler and stuck with those instead. :)

    Well, bollocks to the LGS then. And a bag of male parts to suck on be upon them!

    (Waiting for this weekend to "pre-order" the Shadow War: Arma-whatsit rule book. Hope it's not yet another shitty "Limited release" crapfest.)

    1. Hi Dai, thanks. Yep, back in the old days I mostly wanted orcs but started collecting a little of everything when my friends decided they didn't want to buy and paint armies. I got an email from Lasgunpacker, he sounds keen to meet up. I'm thinking somewhere in the vicnity of June 2-4th. I'll be in touch.

  2. WOW that is a proper menagerie of projects!

  3. Those are some great looking projects, Sean. Good luck with them (and with allergy season!).



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