Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Workbench, Welcome and reviving old projects

Hi All,

  I've been puttering around a bit the last week or so, but I just haven't had the blogging mojo. I meant to post to the Paint Table Staurday G+ group but decided that by Monday it was just too late. I'll try to post there this upcoming Saturday.

  On the workbench right now is this:

Terrible lighting, sorry. The Burnt Umber primed are 20mm Ratmen. The Black primed are (foreground) 20mm Bugbears, (next back) 20mm Ogres, (smack in the middle all the way back) 28mm Reaper Barbarian dude, (with skin painted) 28mm Gunthor from Black Scorpion (I think).

In the bucket for cleaning we have all my current Sci-Fi figures. These are the Colony 87 figures plus the Oldhammer 2015 special figure and a Judge Dredd Psi Judge. I'm waiting on those Foundry RT figures. I also supposedly have the Space Raiders Kickstarter coming at some point, but I forget what the hold up is.

Welcome to Suber of the very nice blog Oldschool Workshop. He's got some nicely painted figures and a great comic book project he's thinking about rebooting. Go check him out.

Speaking of reviving old projects, I dug out my old Mighty Empires campaign and retyped the journal so that I can sex it up into comic book or other presentable format.

  The thought is to try and recall what was going on and fast forward 20 some odd years in game time to be a source of scenarios for me and possibly others to play out in this alternate Warhammer world. I brought in a lot of AD&D Deities & Demigods fluff for the Orcs and had them be the main threat to humankind instead of Chaos. One thing I've noticed is that my 24 year old self seemed to like run on sentences, a lot.

Cheers everyone. Off to the gym tonight.


  1. Looking forward to seeing these painted Sean.

    1. Hi Fran, I'm trying to get going on them. I plan to do the Bugbears first.

  2. Lots of nice stuff here, but I agree with Francis. Go and get them painted :-) !

  3. I only ever got to play mighty empires once. Loved it. Though we didn't refight the battles using WHFB.

    1. Hi Roy, Mighty Empires had an interesting system for fighting out the battles. I may try it out as part of the reboot.



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