Monday, August 31, 2015

Half Price Books Score!

Hi All,

Although the Warhammer selection at my local Half Price Books is starting to get a little picked over, I came away with what I thought was a pretty big score on Sunday afternoon.

Ancient battles seemed like too good a deal to pass up. As you know I like the "Midhammer" army books for fluff and painting ideas. The Bretonnia book was a little worse for wear. I almost passed up the figures, a cursory look at ebay on my phone couldn't find these particular models, but $25 and $17 respectively didn't seem too bad. I bought them because I have passed things up too many times. Who knows, it's easy to have regrets either way.

I've been buying up a bunch of stuff and looking at ways to get into 4DKay, or should that be 4Decay? I found this list of non GW figure suppliers on Dakka Dakka. The Warzone Plastics at Prince August here look like a good way to get a lot of troops on the table. The Mad Puppet Scavengers here are a tad pricey, but look like they'd mesh well with the Oldhammer 2015 figure. And I got lost on the Pig Iron site. That's not including Reaper and Hassle Free. I think my head is going to explode.

I've been cleaning up and basing a  bunch of 20mm and few 28mm stuff. I'll try to put up some progress pics in the next few days, but may save it for Paint Table Saturday.

A quick look at the stats before writing showed a big spike in page views from Ukraine. Seems odd with the news coming from there today. Maybe people are trying to distract themselves with pictures of Princess Leia.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger, I guess it pays to look sometimes.

  2. Very cool! The one here had a few boxes of Da Vinci model kits, including an organ gun. I hesitated as wasn't sure of the scale - looked larger than 28mm from the box.

    1. Hi Dean. Yeah it's always tough when you can't actually see the models and are not familiar with them.

  3. Nice pickup matey - glad for you!

  4. I'm always pleased to see other people's bargains - nice finds!

    The spike in views from Ukraine could be a rogue search engine or some other form of automated visits rather than anything with a human behind it, perhaps?

    1. Thanks Hugh, I find that usually I'm paying top dollar for things. The hits I get from Russia and the Ukraine are almost certainly bots of some kind. They're always huge spikes and come at random.



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