Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vacation Painting Progress

Hi All,

Not a lot to share but I thought I'd show you what I have fit in while on vacation.

The command for my gobbo unit. Bar Varnish and basing they are pretty much done. I see I need to touch up the Half Orc's (on the right) eye, and realized that I didn't bring any Reaper Rosy Flesh to do the moles/ pustules. I'm also not sure if I need to re-highlight his teeth, they look a little dark after the grunge wash.

Speaking of the Grunge Wash, this is the first time I made a purpose built wash for it. Previously I had been mixing 4 drops Raw Umber, 2 drops Burnt Umber and 1 drop of Black Ink wash ala Les Bursley's recipes. If we recall, my riff on it is 5mL Matte Medium, 5mL 20:1 Flow Aid and 15 drops of Ink. So the Grunge wash is the Matte Medium, Flow Aid and 14 drops Raw Umber, 7 drops Burnt Umber and 3 drops Black to get the 4:2:1 ratio in the bottle. In practice this wash seems a little too brown. I don't have any ink with me so I may need to mix some black paint into it. In the future I'll try 4 or more drops of black ink.

A close up shot of the Standard Bearer. I decided to try and riff off of Orlygg's Tiger Face shield tutorial. I had done a test on paper first to work it out in my head. Doing it on the sculpted banner was much harder. It was smaller and I couldn't make the nose at all. I'll accept it for a first attempt.

I was successfully able to transport my paints in my carry on luggage. The TSA Officers didn't bat an eye, but I had an email from TSA and the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) just in case. I also nly brought decanted craft paint, so I wasn't going to loose any expensive hobby paint. Bear in mind that the TSA Officer at the scene has discretion, so what they say goes.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a picture from yesterday's hike. My son and I climbed Becker Peak, overlooking Echo Lake. He is about the same age as I was the last time I climbed it, about 10 years old.

Echo Lake in the fore ground and Lake Tahoe near the horizon. I may paint some more after a short hike today.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Lovely goblins and who could fan to be inspired by that scenery - absolutely breathtaking.

    1. Of course that should have read fail, quite apt given my fat fingers!

  2. Thanks Michael. Yes it is really beautiful up here. I'm glad my son enjoys it, because my daughter is a self avowed city girl. Auto correct is the bane of my existence.



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