Thursday, September 18, 2014

Too long without a post!


So many great plans and then I sort of got swallowed up by it all. Too many irons in the fire I guess.

So what am I actually doing?

I am painting and basing the few bits of Brethren and Treyine forces. As per my usual it starts of great and then I get bogged down. After reading Painting Matters: In Defense of Hobby Standards on Chicago Skirmish Wargames (I do actually read the blogs I follow, albeit a bit late). It may shock you to know that I had originally intended to never field incomplete troops. That quickly went out the window as I felt the pull to play games. I now see saw back and forth between trying to play and trying to paint and model. I'm trying, with varying degrees of success.

I also read about roads on Itinerant Hobbyist here who was place holding a post by Sound Officers Call here about how he made some roads out of cork ribbon. So I have duly bought a roll of 2.5" cork ribbon and 12" x 12" square of thin cork sheet. I intend to try my hand at roads and rivers with it. I had originally bought some thin craft foam, but this is thinner still.

Which brings me in a round about way to the next two things. My Photography guide and refurbishing and or making terrain. I don't want to let my shabby, unfinished stuff detract from what I'm trying to convey about photography so I've sort of paralyzed myself for the time being.

I already tried to write this post once and felt it was too much of a downer. Whiny, rambling etc. so I'll wrap this up.

I'll endeavor to use the draft and schedule feature to not go so long without another post. I'll try to keep to my usual style of what's on my mind, but try not to bore you with too many WIP, I still haven't finished, shots.

I hope to bring you some somewhat useful posts on pictures and video, as well as consult the hive mind on techniques for Chaos flesh Oldhammer style. Boyyy!

Here's another video by Rob Scallon. He makes me laugh.

And no Chico, I don't mean this:

One inappropriate place to find metal \m/


  1. Good luck with the roads, Sean. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

    1. Hi Steven, thanks. I'll be sure to post the results.

  2. Other than permanent road on terrain boards I've only had experience with home-made latex roads so I'm looking forward to seing how your cork roads turn out.
    I wouldn't worry about your apparent slump in enthusiasm, it happens to all of us from time to time I reckon.

    1. Hi Zabadak. I've always been intrigued by latex roads, but never sure how to DIY it. I feel like the cork may be a tad more forgiving of imprecise technique. I definitely go in cycles of productivity. I just wish my highs were a little higher.

    2. Hey Sean, maybe this can help:

    3. Hi Paradox0n, that's a useful link. I especially like the guidance on road width for different scales and eras.

    4. That shingle idea is awesome and frankly the best idea I've seen yet. I'm definitely going to try that for modern roads. Thanks for posting.



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